10 Creative Product Photography Ideas At Home [+Examples]

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10 Creative Product Photography Ideas At Home [+Examples]

If you look around, inspirations and ideas are everywhere.

Now, if we talk about creative product photography ideas at home, all it takes is a new way of looking at things to find something creative and practical. It could be something as simple as a baking tray or empty bottle.

Here I will be sharing the top 10 creative product photography ideas and tips you can try at home.

The more challenging the subjects you choose, the more creative ideas you come up with.

Top 10 Creative Product Photography Ideas at Home

These creative product photography ideas at home are easy and unique to help you capture images that stand out. These tips will help you capture product photos like a pro, even if you’re a beginner.

1. Show the product in action

Product Photography Ideas

If you want your viewers to connect with your product photography, placing the product where it is generally used is among the best creative product photography ideas at home. It is necessary because when you use the product in its actual life setting, the viewers can relate better to how the product will look in their home too.

Another product photography tip is to ask your friends or family members to use the product in its usual course while taking a photo. As I said, this allows the viewers to better connect with the situation. They can imagine themselves using or holding the product.

Product photography ideas - Show the product in action

Brand brands like Nike and Coca Coal are the best examples that always show their product in action.

If you are capturing shoes – show them in action; if you are catching a chair – show people sitting on it, and the list goes on for every product.

However, it is necessary to ensure that the product remains focused and that the other elements do not distract the viewers. This is one of the best ways to attract customers and influence their buying decisions.

2. Repurpose the old boxes and utensils

Product Photography Ideas

When looking for creative product photography ideas at home, it is best to reuse everything you are using and not using. These things could be old, rusted baking pans, cardboard boxes from amazon deliveries, etc.

You should be using them because these things work best as photography backgrounds at home. The boxes and high edges trays can also create a setting for small products like toys and jewelry. You do not need to leave home to look for background inspiration.

Product photography ideas - Repurpose the old boxes and utensilsthe product in action

This is one of the most creative product photography ideas at home if you’re a beginner. You can use the old cardboard boxes to make your DIY lightbox. Make a few small holes, fix the LED or lightbulbs, and there you’ll have your very own softbox to capture small products like jewelry, toys, etc.

3. Macro photography

Product Photography Ideas At Home

if you haven’t tried macro shots yet, you should now. Not just is macro photography trending, but it also allows you to show the fantastic details of the products. So, while trying out new and creative product photography ideas at home, it would be a significant step to experiment with macro photography.

Product photography ideas -  Macro photography

It is best to take macro shots when your product is a leather bag, shoe, or jewelry piece. Macro photography can easily capture the detailed stitching of leather products and the curves, lines, and small diamonds on a piece of jewelry.

Experiment with different backgrounds, angles, and light settings until you are satisfied with your product photo ideas.

4. Freeze The Frame

Product Photography Ideas

This is one of my personal favorite creative product photography ideas at home. It gives you the sense of what amazing photos you can capture at home. People like to see what they haven’t seen before. And frozen frames indeed make it to the list of new product photography ideas.

Frozen frames are most common in food photography. The product photography inspiration for such creative ideas can be generally found on Pinterest and YouTube to get the know-how.

Product photography ideas -  Freeze The Frame

Keeping the customers in mind, taking such shots engages them and stimulates their desire to buy the product. The eCommerce websites either use these shots as their secondary images for effect on the website or social media purposes.

Capturing these frames in milli-seconds leaves a lasting memory and helps the customer remember the product for a more extended time.

5. Use a reflective surface

Product Photography Ideas

This is new and trendy. You, too, might have come across those DIY product photography ideas at home with the help of a reflective base and plain background behind it. Not only does it bring new royalty to your image, but it also grabs the viewer’s attention.

Product photography ideas - Use a reflective surface

The significant factor that can affect the image is your product photo editing. Ensure no stains, marks, or fingerprints are left in the frame. Give it a shot and bring out the best of your product photography style with the following trend. You may take the help of the shadow adding services to help you add a reflective shadow in bulk images.

6. Flat Lay Photography

Product Photography Ideas

Flat-lay photography is another trending photography style. Though product photography ideas like flat lay photography are pretty easy to perform, it gives superb results. The reason for its popularity is the view that the customers get. Customers want to see a product from various angles and perspectives, and a flat lay gives them a unique and overall view of the products.

Product photography ideas - flat lay photography

Also, since a flat lay is taken from above, it has enough space to fit multiple things in an image. Placing numerous relevant products in one frame or showcasing a single product beautifully with different attractive props becomes easier with flat-lay photography.

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7. 360 Product Photography

360 product photography is one of the trends here to stay. It is a great interactive way for the customer can see the product from all sides and angles.

Being a beginner, you may think 360 shots are only possible in a professional studio. Well, that isn’t the truth at all. All you need is a rotating table, a good photography lighting setup, and a good camera.

360 is another of the best product photography ideas you can carry out at home. This trend is fresh, unique, and popular. Photographers that can help the brands capture the 360 images are in high demand, and I hope that using the guide linked above, you’ll be able to perform it like a pro.

8. Use odd props

Product Photography Ideas

What are odd props? Well, you’re about to learn why photography is fun. This is one of the most fun product photography ideas at home. Here you use the most irrelevant and weird props with the subject that has nothing to do with the product. Here are a few fun examples to experiment with at home:

  • Capturing a woolen sweater? – Wear the heavy sweater and pair it with rain boots
  • Let’s capture the headphones while a pineapple wearing them!
  • Use a highly colorful background for a black and white product

These are a few product photography ideas that create a contrast in the image. This takes a lot of creativity and experimentation to come up with the best creative product photography ideas at home, but trust me, they’re worth it.

9. Suspend Products

Product Photography Ideas At Home

Ok, so you want to stand out and probably make your audience hooked to your image. Maybe the best way to do so is to make them float in the air! Yes, this is among the unique product photography ideas at home.

With creative photography and product photo editing techniques, you can make it happen in a truly magical way.

Not only would it help you to stand out, but it would also give a clear understanding of a product. The hoodie you see in the image is created using the ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop. Such products provide the idea of how the product looks after wearing without the use of any models of the mannequin.

There are two benefits to these product photography ideas. First, you do not need to spend dollars on hiring a model. Second, all other distractions are removed, and the only thing that remains in focus is the product.

10. Help a cause

Product Photography Ideas

People are getting aware of world issues and the importance of environmental safety. Hence while showcasing the product, you can also support a cause that instantly grabs the attention of the masses.

If your brand/client supports a cause, show it in your product photography. It could be something as simple as boycotting plastic or going vegan. When you help the cause, photography gives you the extra attention you need as a photographer and allows you to spread a message that you want people to understand.

Bonus Read

I hope these creative product photography ideas at home inspired you to try something new and capture unique images. Everything you might use to capture these product photography ideas can be available at home.

So, before I leave you here, I suggest you come up with your ideas and modify these product photography ideas at home in your style. The only thing you may want to use with these tips is some product photo editing techniques.

The eCommerce product photo editing immediately improves the quality of your images. It allows you to perform various actions like the ghost mannequin effect, clipping path creation, background removal service, and more. It makes your product photos look professional and engaging and helps attract more customers.

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