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Background Removal Services

Level up your product photos with our background removal service. With AI integration, experience bulk image processing within seconds to streamline your workflow.

Background Removal Service

Whether you're an e-commerce businessman or a retailer, removing unsuitable backgrounds from your product and model images is essential. At PixelPhant, we offer a wide range of photo editing services for e-commerce and photography studios, including background removal service.

The background removal service involves completely eliminating the background from an image, with the final file saved in PNG format. This process can be done manually or with AI, ensuring a clean and consistent presentation of your photos. Additionally, we replace the original background with a new one, customizing it to meet specific client requirements.

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Background Removal Services We Offer

Manual Background Removal

Price: Starting from $0.40

Our in-house team performs background removal by manually creating cut-outs using Photoshop to ensure the main subject of each image remains intact. This manual removal process delivers consistently high-quality results as each image undergoes a two-stage quality check to ensure you get the best results in one go.

First 20 images free

AI Background Removal

Price : Starting from $0.25

Our AI background removal tool is trained to accurately identify and remove backgrounds with precision in seconds, even on complex product images. It delivers high-quality cut-outs in a single upload without compromising the image quality. Our dashboard even saves your specifications for future projects, streamlining the process and saving time for later.

AI background removal

Background Removal Service FAQs

We can remove backgrounds from almost any image including products, portraits, editorials, family, and fashion photos. Just send us your image along with your preferred background, and we'll take care of the rest.

These advantages include:

  • Flexibility to use the same images in catalogs, websites, social media and more.
  • Replacing the background with another color or image
  • Ensuring compliance with online marketplaces
    Creating a consistent look across your eCommerce site

Adobe Photoshop is highly recommended for detailed and precise background removal with tools like Pen Tool, Quick Selection, and Magic Wand. However, for simpler tasks involving 3 to 5 product images, there are other options available:

  • PhotoScissors
  • InPixio
  • Photoroom
  • Canva
  • Cutout Pro

Yes, the PixelPhant AI BG removal tool is free for the first 20 images. After that, the cost per image starts at $0.25. The same credits can also be used for the professional photo editing and retouching services we offer within the same dashboard.

To manage bulk processing for eCommerce images, you can sign up with PixelPhant. Upload all your images simultaneously, and our AI background remover will start erasing the background on the go. It is trained to work with batch processing while delivering high-quality results for every image. Within seconds, your images will be processed and available for download with transparent backgrounds.