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PixelPhant offers a hub of professional background removal services and photo editing with AI efficiency and expert supervision.

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Background removal Service

Effortless Photo Background Removal Service

PixelPhant offers a wide range of professional photo editing services, including background removal services for eCommerce and photography studios.

Some of the most common photo editing services along with removing background are:

  • Basic Retouching Service
  • Shadown Adding Service
  • Clipping Path Service
  • De-Wrinkling Service

With PixelPhant, you can easily create a custom specification for image editing and the services you need.

Stunning Quality

We help eCommerce brands and studios get superior quality background removal, even for complex images with fur, jewelry, chains, and more. Our workflow combines AI efforts and photo editors expertise to deliver unmatched quality consistently.

Focus on the product

Having a neat and consistent background ensures that a customer stays focused on the product itself.Product Background Removal service helps in increasing product engagment with a clean high-quality image to boost sales.

Consistent Presentation

PixelPhant’s Quality management team ensures every image that you send, is processed specifically as per your requirements. Along with background removal, the team delivers consistent presentation and quality results that help in curating the perfect online experience for your customers.

How PixelPhant Photo Background Service Elevate Your Products?

PixelPhant is a leading professional photo background removal service that works with Ecommerces and Studios to enhance their product and model images—that looks professional and aligns with their brand image.

remove background and add transparent background

Getting a Transparent Background

Working with a Photo background removal service ensures that the image’s quality is not compromised. Our in-house team and AI precisely create a selection of the product. Once the selection has been made, it can be used to create a high-quality cutout.

For complex surfaces, advanced masking techniques are used by professionals, whereas for simple surfaces, our highly-trained AI (repetitive, same thing in previous paragraph) creates clean cut-outs. Every image sent back goes through a two-stage quality check to ensure you get the best results in one go.

remove background and add white background

Replacing Background

Creating a consistent background is an easy and quick way to build an online brand with product images. Changing the background color to a custom brand tone helps keep the product presentation constant and familiar.

With PixelPhant, you can easily add any custom background color with a hex coder when choosing the background removal service. Once you create your image editing specifications, you can save it and use it for all your future orders with one click.

Keeping the Orginal Shadow Consistent

Shadows are essential to make the product look more realistic and trustworthy. But when using only any AI tool to remove the background, we also lose the original shadow.

But our team of professional retouchers ensures that isn’t the case for you. After the background removal service, every original shadow is manually created. This ensures that you can choose any new background, and the product will still look authentic.

Background Removal

Having a Clean Product Background

Photo background removal is one of many ways ahead. Many of our clients opt for a clean background and basic retouching. All the dirt and spots are removed manually to ensure that there are no distractions at all. To fill the frame, the original background is professionally extended to the corners—hiding the scene from the studio.

background cleanup service and retouching

All-In-One Professional Image Background Removal Services at One Place


Background Removal

Background removal is a photo editing where the whole background of the product or the model is removed and the new file saved in PNG format. This new image can easily be placed over any other image or color to add a fresh background.


Background replacement

Background replacement is a professional image editing service used to change the background of the product or the model. For eCommerce and studios, the most common background is replaced with solid colors. Some of the standard background colors are grey and white.


Complex BG removal

For many products, like mesh, net, stray hairs, and furs, services like clipping path won’t deliver the desired results. That is why advanced image background removal services are used.

Raw shoe image before edithigh quality shoe image after photo editing

Why use Background Removal Services?

Image background removal service provides an easy solution to many problems presented during photography. It helps remove the unwanted background and replace it with a preferred one. This can be a color, gradient, or even another image. Background removal service allows eCommerce to ensure that the product’s background is consistent. Now, Even if some areas beyond the backdrop are visible, you can be assured that they will be taken care of during background removal service.
A simple and clean background allows eCommerce to bring professional consistency with the color, margins, cropping, and product placement.

Service example for Background Removal for Ecommerce

Background Removal for Ecommerce

PixelPhant background removal for eCommerce products helps improve product presentation with a clean and consistent background. Our experts ensure that all products follow standard guidelines, margins, cropping, and quality ratio across product images.

service example for background removal for studio

Background Removal for Studios

With a transparent background, use your product images freely across platforms. Pixelphant background removal service helps studios eliminate the time of capturing the same product on a new background. Instead, opt for the background color you want; you will receive all the images within 23 hours.

Photo Background Removal Service That Ensures Seamless Presentation

PixelPhant is a leading photo background removal service that brings ease to Ecommerce’s creative team. No more struggling to keep up with the backdrop when you know it will be corrected in post-production.

Our expert retouchers and highly trained AI remove background in less than 6 seconds (600+ images/hours) and optimize the images to deliver in less than a day.

  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Accurate & Precise Cutout
  • Background Customization
  • Two-Stage Quality Control

Finding the right balance between humans and AI photo editing has scaled PixelPhant’s background removal service. This creates an efficient ground for further editing and customizing the background according to your brand’s guidelines.

Be it adding in the original shadow or swapping the background with a particular tone. All you need to do is get started with PixelPhant.

Background Removal

Getting Started with PixelPhant Professional Background Removal Service Company

Online shopping has much to do with how the product is presented on the sites. For a regular customer, the quality of your product images reflects the product’s quality in real. PixelPhant has been continuously working to make that images for our customers stand out in terms of quality, consistency, and brand building. Background removal service has one of the most evolved photo editing services.

And with that, our team of experts has gladly matched the expectations of top creative heads from eCommerce and studios.

Would you like to discuss your specification with our retouching experts as well? Let’s get set up and meet, and PixelPhant would be happy to share our workflow with you.

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Background Removal Service FAQ's

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Professional photo background services are various types of photo editing services that aim to enhance the background to improve the product presentation.

There are mainly three photo background services.
→ Background removal services
→ Background replacement services
→ Background cleanup services

Each one has its use and requirements that help ensure that the product is presented in the best possible way.

PixelPhant is a professional photo background service company that helps eCommerce, studios and photographers edit their commercial images.

This service is mainly used by eCommerce, photographers, and other digital and print media businesses who need to showcase and remove the background from their product and model images.

People or businesses looking to remove backgrounds from bulk images need backgrounds. Removal services help maintain consistency and emphasize delivering the best images.

Most of the time, people choosing background removal services also request to add a different background color like white, grey, cream, etc.

Also, if the images are complex (for example: have stray hairs, fur, etc.), special tools like the brush are used to preserve the natural flow of hair while creating a professional cut-out.

This way, the model or the product doesn't look like cardboard cut out with sharp edges but instead seems in a natural shape and size as it looks on the original background.

Maintaining the professional standard of the industry, PixelPhant uses professional photo editing tools for removing the background.

This includes Adobe Photoshop, which comes with various cut-out and selection tools that help create a hand-drawn and precise outline of the main subject.

Once the outline has been created, the main subject can be easily edited and moved from the background. This newly selected subject can be placed on any new background or color; - or used independently

When using professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, the image quality can be easily kept constant while removing the background. Most of the time, the image's original quality is compromised when using essential AI tools.

On the other hand, if you are a brand looking to sell products online, share them on social media, marketplace, etc., the quality of your product photos will play a critical role in determining sales. That is why it is essential to use a background removal service.

PixelPhant is among the leading professional photo editing service for eCommerce.
Along with many other product photo editing services, we provide the best background removal services to eCommerce and editorials.

For removing background, each image sent is carefully understood, and based on the complexity of the image, it is edited with the right balance of AI tools and human expertise.

Once all your images are edited, our experts go through two stages of quality check to ensure that the photos meet all the specifications selected to look clean and ready to publish or share.

Lightroom is an image-organizing tool with photo editing features, including removing objects. One can use this tool to remove some small objects.

On the other hand, Photoshop is an image manipulation tool that does an excellent job of removing objects, editing the whole image, and creating a professional look in a less time-consuming method.

To remove the background, one can use Photoshop tools like pen tool, quick selection, magic wand, etc. On the other hand, if you are looking to remove the background for 3 to 5 simple products for a common purpose, you can use the following background removal tool:
• Canva
• Remove BG
• Removal.AI
• Shutter Editor
• Gimp

You can use these free background removal tools for simple day-to-day editing.
If you are running an online business, you'll need to ensure that the quality of the image is not compromised and the product size is consistent.
With PixelPhant, each image you share goes through a 2 stage quality check to ensure you get your pictures the way you want them.

Maintaining the professional standard of the industry, PixelPhant uses professional photo editing tools for removing the background.

This includes Adobe Photoshop, which comes with various cut-out and selection tools that help create a hand-drawn and precise outline of the main subject.

Once the outline has been created, the main subject can be easily edited and moved from the background. This newly selected subject can be placed on any new background or color; - or used independently.

When removing the product background, the edges and the important details of the product mustn't be removed. It is essential that the AI or the expert understands the product carefully and delivers the best editing outcome.

When dealing with complex images, the product surfaces' flow and details should be very carefully selected. This will ensure that when you remove the background from photos, the cut-out is clean.

Background color plays a crucial role as it is the main factor that presents the product on the website. A clean, light color background helps a brand showcase their product in a way that highlights its features, shows clear edges, and lets the customer observe the product in a well-lighted environment.

Lighter shades of grey are one of the best background colors for most products. But over the years, eCommerce brands have been very creative and have added a lighter tone to their brand color as the background. This helps in brand building and better product presentation that makes them stand out.

Remove Background From Product Photos With PixelPhant

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