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Image Background Removal Service

Make products the main attraction

Remove image background seamlessly and put your product at the center. Be ready to make your customers stay a little longer on your better and cleaner website with high-quality images.

Remove background from images

Clean website

Make your website look professional, neat, and sophisticated with a clean, flawless photo background in your product images with the help of our background removal service.

background cleanup

Focus on the product

Bring the focus back to the product. Grab your customers' attention by removing the unwanted background and distracting scenery with background cleanup & removal service.

Outsource Image Background Removal

Symmetry and consistency

Clean layouts have proven to reduce the bounce rate. Pixelphant background removal service ensures building symmetry and consistency to your product images across your website.

Use Image background removal service. Remove background and distractions.

PixelPhant photo background removal service experts are dedicated to keeping the distractions from your images at bay.

Get white or any color on the background

Let your product photos reflect your brand at a glance. Choose white, grey, or any background color that helps you make your product stand out and show off its style.
With PixelPhant’s image background removal service, create custom background specification that suits you and stay consistent with all the years you scale.
Make all your products part of your online store, with clean and consistent background fit for your customer experience.

Background on color example for eCommerce

Transparent background for your product images

Want to use your product image on social media and other platforms?
Why settle with a new background color when you have none? With our photo background removal service, get a transparent background for your products.
Save time, money, and resources by editing your product images once and using them for various promotional purposes. We got your back with our precise and professional image editing service that your store needs.

Background Removal Services

Change the background color and keep the original shadows

Shadows are precious. Aren't they? They make the product feel real, provide a sense of depth, and bring familiarity to the frame.
But what happens when you remove the background from the product image?
With PixelPhant, they stay as they were. And the choice is up to you. Want to keep your original shadow while changing the background? Our team of experts will deliver precisely what you are looking for. If not exact, then better.

Photo Background removal services for eCommerce

Background cleanup - Keep the original background & clean up the dust, scratches, & hard shadows

It's not always about removing the background, transparent background, or original shadow. Sometimes, you may love your background the way it is. And we get it. But how about getting it cleaned up? PixelPhant background clean up remove the dust, scratches, spots, and those unwanted hard shadows from the frame for you.
All that is to ensure that when your customers zoom in on the image, they see your product and a clean background. Something that everyone likes.

Background cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Background Removal Service is a photo editing service that removes the background of a product, model, or any object from a photo.

It is a service used by eCommerces sites and photographers to create a cut-out of their main subject and use it on a different background.

Depending upon the complexity and the use of the photo itself, various photo editing techniques and tools are used to remove the background of a product. Once the background is removed, the file can be saved in .PNG and uploaded without any background.

You can also use a background removal service to remove the background of the product and replace it with a new background. The new background can be any image, pattern, text, or solid color.

It is one of the most common and popular photo editing services, along with clipping path, background clean-up, shadow adding, retouching, and color correction for eCommerce products and models.

This service is mainly used by eCommerce, photographers, and other digital and print media businesses who need to showcase and remove the background from their product and model images.

People or businesses looking to remove backgrounds from bulk images need background removal services, as it helps maintain consistency and emphasizes delivering the best images.

Most of the time, people choosing background removal services also request to add a different background color like white, grey, cream, etc.

Also, if the images are complex (for example: have stray hairs, fur, etc.), special tools like the brush are used to preserve the natural flow of hair while creating a professional cut-out.

This way, the model or the product doesn’t look like cardboard cut out with sharp edges but rather seems in a natural shape and size as it looks on the original background.

PixelPhant is among the leading professional photo editing service for eCommerce. Along with many other product photo editing services, we provide the best background removal services to eCommerce and editorials.

For removing background, each image sent is carefully understood, and based on the complexity of the image, it is edited with the right balance of AI tools and human expertise.

Once all your images are edited, our experts go through two stages of quality check to ensure that the photos meet all the specifications selected to look clean and ready to publish or share.

Maintaining the professional standard of the industry, PixelPhant uses professional photo editing tools for removing the background.

This includes Adobe Photoshop, which comes with various cut-out and selection tools that help create a hand-drawn and precise outline of the main subject.

Once the outline has been created, the main subject can be easily edited and moved from the background. This newly selected subject can be placed on any new background or color; - or used independently.

While PixelPhant understands that everyone reading this is looking for a high-quality background removal service, PixelPhant works with only eCommerces and editorials.

We do not edit anyone's images, real estate images, weddings, or images from any other occasion.

We only work with commercial customers looking forward to using the image for selling products, branding, marketing, and other commercial work.

To remove the background, one can use Photoshop tools like pen tool, quick selection, magic wand, etc. On the other hand, if you are looking to remove the background for 3 to 5 simple products for a common purpose, you can use the following background removal tool:
• Canva
• Remove BG
• Removal.AI
• Shutter Editor
• Gimp

You can use these free background removal tools for simple day-to-day editing.

If you are running an online business, you’ll need to ensure that the quality of the image is not compromised and the product size is consistent.

With PixelPhant, each image you share goes through a 2 stage quality check to ensure you get your pictures the way you want them.

When using professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, the image quality can be easily kept constant while removing the background. Most of the time, the image's original quality is compromised when using essential AI tools.

But the cut-out quality won't be an issue if the image is not used for branding or selling products online.

On the other hand, if you are a brand looking to sell products online, share them on social media, marketplace, etc., the quality of your product photos will play a critical role in determining sales. That is why it is essential to use a background removal service.

Image masking service is an advanced photo editing service where parts of an image are isolated and edited separately. There are two types of masks. Clipping mask and layer masking. These techniques don't affect the original image and keep the details safe.

Lightroom is an image-organizing tool with photo editing features, including removing objects. One can use this tool to remove some small objects.

On the other hand, Photoshop is an image manipulation tool that does an excellent job of removing objects, editing the whole image, and creating a professional look in a less time-consuming method.

At PixelPhant, the goal is to provide the best quality service at an affordable price. This is why pricing depends on the number of images you send, the services you choose, and the turnaround time.

The pricing starts at just $0.80, with no subscription or long-term fees. You pay for the number of images you want to get edited and the services you choose for each one of them.

No, there are no monthly subscription fees with PixelPhant. You pay as you use our services through PayPal. But to make it easy, you can also buy credits at a discount to get your images edited frequently.

PixelPhant provides discounts based on the number of images and the frequency of getting them edited. If you have 3000+ images for editing in a month, you can reach out to us at [email protected] for a personalized quote. Besides this, you can buy credits for frequent orders to get a discount.

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