Ghost Mannequin Service

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Using mannequins in photography helps showcase the shape of your items, enhancing the consistency of your images. However, visible mannequins can be distracting on your website. To avoid this, fashion and clothing eCommerce stores often use ghost mannequin photography to improve their brand's image presentation.

A ghost mannequin (a.k.a. invisible mannequin) service is a photo editing technique that displays clothes by removing mannequins from images. This allows products to be displayed in a three-dimensional form without any distractions, highlighting their fit and shape as if worn by an invisible body.

This service not only reduces the cost of hiring models but also creates a clean and polished look for your online store, thereby enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

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Ghost Mannequin Services We Offer

Price: Starting from $0.70

Neck Joints

When the mannequin is removed from an image, a hollow area often appears at the back of the neckline. Our editors skillfully remove the mannequin's neck and shoulders from this area. They then create a broad neckline shape that connects back and forth between neckline sections to fill in the gap. It makes a seamless and natural-looking neckline.

Sleeve Joints

Similar to neck joints, this technique involves removing the mannequin's hands from garments with sleeves, such as shirts, jackets, and dresses to create a 3D effect. We then seamlessly blend the fabric to connect back the sleeves, filling in the space as if a model is wearing the garment.

Bottom Joints

The bottom joint service is similar to the neck joint. In the same way that we join the neck and shoulders, we also join the bottom of a dress regardless of its length. Here, we remove the mannequin's lower body and connect the front and back portions of the garment at the bottom hem.

Prop Removal

This service refers to removing any unwanted elements from the image beside the garment. This includes pins, straps, or clips holding the garment on the mannequin or any background elements distracting from the clothing.

Product Straightening

Additionally, the clothes may also need straightening and consistency. Here's where product straightening service comes in. We use editing tools to smooth out any wrinkles or folds in the fabric and to even out the garment to give it a symmetrical look.

Ghost Mannequin Service FAQs

A ghost mannequin service is a post-production technique used in eCommerce photography. It removes the mannequin from clothing photos and creates a realistic illusion of the garment. This technique helps display the clothes' fit and style more effectively.

Customers can better understand the fit, drape and material, leading to more confident purchases. It creates a clean and polished look for your online store. It reduces costs and cuts logistical challenges associated with live models. It is versatile and can be used on various platforms like websites, catalogs, and social media.

The cost typically ranges from $_ per image. Prices can vary depending on the complexity of the garment, turnaround time, and any additional editing services included (e.g., shadow addition, color correction, and more).

This service is mainly used by eCommerce, online retailers, freelancers, studios, and other digital and print media businesses who need to showcase their products and model images.

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