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The invisible mannequin effect catches the attention of every visitor into conversion. Showcase your product images using the PixelPhant ghost mannequin technique, where your clothing comes to life and engages viewers by making the product float freely.

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Invisible ghost mannequin service

Taking fashion to a new scale with the professional ghost mannequin technique

Make your store stand out with a high-quality ghost mannequin effect. Bring all the attention to your products. No fuss or distractions for your customers.

Ghost mannequin service benefits

Improve presentation

Make your store stand out with high-quality ghost mannequin product photos. Bring all the attention to your products. No-fuss or distractions for your customers.

Enhance Relatability with invisible mannequin service

Enhance relatability

Can you engage your customer with images? With an invisible mannequin effect—yes. Allow your customer to envision wearing your products and make a purchase quicker.

Ghost Mannequin Service for eCommerce

Bring consistency

Ghost mannequin illusion gives a seamless & professional feel to your products. Bring consistency among all your products with no change in white space, size, positioning, margins, and alignment.

Expert ghost mannequin images that align with your vision

Delivering exceptional quality to every size of eCommerce around the world with the fastest turnaround time and budget-friendly plans

Adding neck, sleeve joints, and reshaping

Send in your mannequin shot -no need for neck and sleeves if you don't have them. PixelPhant will make sure to merge them as one and make it seem a natural piece of cloth to make your photos seamless and flawless.
Our creative experts verify every merge to ensure the alignment, shape, and formation of the joint respective to the angle of the shoot before delivering.
Worrying about the tape, pins, and clips that you used during the shoot? PixelPhant will make sure there are no traces of the adjustments left behind with our exceptional product photo editing service.

Invisible Mannequin Editing Service

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ghost mannequin services is a professional fashion photo editing service where the mannequin is removed, and two sections of a fashion product are merged flawlessly. It results in an invisible or a holo effect where the product is displayed as if someone is wearing the fashion product, but no one can be seen.

Following are a few pieces of photography equipments that will help you capture a ghost mannequin image
1. Studio shooting space
2. White backgrounds
3. Telephoto zoom lens
4. Camera and stable tripod
5. Best Mannequins according to your products

Following are a few pieces of photography equipments that will help you capture a ghost mannequin image
1. Studio shooting space
2. White backgrounds
3. Telephoto zoom lens
4. Camera and stable tripod
5. Best Mannequins according to your products

The first step is to get create high-quality photographs. You must photograph your products accurately to get the best ghost mannequin effect through your image editing services. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for you:
1. Put your clothing product on the mannequin. Ensure that the clothing fits perfectly with the help of pins and tapes.
2. Camera and lighting techniques will play a key role here. Keep the mannequin in the static pose and ensure they are photographed correctly with a clean white background.
3. Next, turn the product inside out and focus on the area that will be added to the first image once the mannequin is removed.
For invisible mannequin photography, it is highly suggested to use a studio setting with two studio lights, a white foam board, and proper post-production software like Adobe Photoshop.

Ghost mannequin effect is widely popular because it allows you to display the product without distracting the viewer with a model or mannequin in the frame.
It is also cost-effective for new eCommerce, as they don't have to invest in a model repeatedly for each shoot.
But many growing eCommerce use models and ghost mannequin images to deliver more information about the product and improve customer experience.

PixelPhant provides discounts based on the number of images and the frequency of getting them edited. If you have 3000+ images for editing in a month, you can reach out to us at [email protected] for a personalized quote. Besides this, you can buy credits for frequent orders to get a discount.

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Ghost mannequin service with PixelPhant

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