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Professional Invisible Mannequin photo editing services for fashion eCommerce and studios.

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Invisible ghost mannequin service

Seamless Ghost Mannequin Service

E-commerce can easily elevate their apparel product presentation using ghost mannequin images. These are cost-effective, scalable, and time-saving categories of images that truly enhance the shopping experience for customers.

To get the best results, two images of the product (one on the mannequin and another from the inside) are combined in post-production.

It requires precision and expertise to ensure the joints are merged together seamlessly to deliver the best ghost mannequin services. Exactly what PixelPhant aims to provide.

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Why Use Invisible Mannequin Service?

Fashion and Clothing eCommerce uses ghost mannequin photo editing services to enhance product image presentation and curate a clean and unique customer experience for their brands.

Less Staff Required

Ghost mannequin service benefits

Compared to model photography, Ghost mannequins need a small team to execute the shoot.

Improve Presentation

Enhance Relatability with invisible mannequin service

The focus remains on the product, and the image delivers a full view of clothing with the right fit.

Stay Consistent

create consistency among your product images on your eCommerce

With invisible mannequin services, it is easier to stay consistent. Overall turnaround time reduces as well.

How are Ghost Mannequin Images Created?

PixelPhant is a professional fashion photo editing service company that works with leading brands to deliver the best Ghost mannequin service. We ensure that along with neck joint, sleeve joint, and reshaping, the final image is retouched by experts to create a flawless product presentation.

Clothes Mannequin Service: Neck Joints, Sleeve Joints, & Reshaping

Invisible ghost mannequin service

Send in the mannequin shots that need a clean joint. PixelPhant retouchers will merge them seamlessly to make them look one and make the fashion article naturally flawless.

Our creative experts verify every joint and connection to ensure the alignment, shape, and formation of the joint relative to the angle of the Ghost mannequin service before the final images are delivered back.

Prop Removal and Product Straightening

Prop Removal and Product Straightening

Pins, Taps, Threads, Props, and more are part of product photography. They are easily removed without affecting the natural texture and shine of the product.

Additionally, the products may also need straightening and consistency. Professional tools and retouching expertise ensure that the product looks consistent and high-quality.

Apparel & Fashion Retouching

dewrinkling and reshaping product image retouching service

Once the joints are merged and the product is reshaped, it’s time to ensure the product looks clean and flawless. For this, fashion photo editing services like dust removal, background replacement, color correction, wrinkle removal, etc are used.

The end result is an attractive apparel presentation across sites. May be complementing other forms of product presentation like modeling or flat lay images.

Getting Started With Ghost Mannequin Service

invisible ghost mannequin

With over 15 years of experience in eCommerce photo editing services, PixelPhant is the leading eCommerce product photo editing service company.

Quick onboarding, robust workflow, a team of highly skilled retouchers, and support available around the clock.

Get started with the best ghost mannequin photo editing retouching service today with PixelPhant.

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Ghost mannequin service with PixelPhant

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