9 Best Shoe Photography Ideas To Style Your Shoot

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9 Best Shoe Photography Ideas To Style Your Shoot

Wondering how to pose shoes for sale? Well, creative shoe photography is one of the essential factors to drive your sales. As a consumer, if anyone asks you what would you buy an unattractive shoe? The answer will always be a BIG NO. In the below give 9 tips and ideas that are very useful for shoe photography.

People don’t like buying unappealing and ugly-looking products. Unlike the retail market, customers do not get an opportunity to touch and inspect the shoe. They only have product images as a decisive factor. 

To win over the customer’s heart and mind, learn how to photograph shoes so that it becomes perfect as per standards.

Sell more with professionally edited product images.

Here is a brief look at Shoe Photography Tips & Ideas

To get the perfect images, it is important to know how to click a picture worth selling. Capturing a shoe in a frame is not.  Professional photographers have to take care of a lot of factors. Other than the camera and high-definition lenses, there are a lot of factors that will contribute to the final image. In this blog, we are discussing 9 Professional tips & ideas on shoe Product photography. 

Keep into account the below-mentioned dos and don’t of shoe product photography:

1. Research & Planning

Shoe photography planning

First in this list of shoe photography ideas is this. Most of the time we just take our camera and start experimenting to set the camera settings at their best and I have done the same until I read about it.

You don’t need to sit for hours and to make a plan.

It’s simple just take your notebook and start with the simple questions, like how many different pairs of shoes you’re going to shoot? What are the main colors? How many angles do you need to shoot? How much time you’ll spend shooting?

These will surely help you save and track time. You’ll know what to research and where of course maybe you are good at professional shoe photography but you can’t remember everything so by researching, I mean to go through the book, a guide for how to take photos of shoes or an article which you think suits best for the shoot you’re about to start.

2. Pay attention to details

Attention to details and photography ideas

Another important shoe photography tip is to pay attention to details. Detailing in the product is ignored most of the time but they do matter a lot. Keep an eye on every single detail of the product.

For photographing a shoe, photographers focus only on common aspects such as placement and adjusting the frame. Make sure the surface on which the shoe is placed is clean and free from any grime and dirt, this will not only look bad in the product image but also ruin all your efforts put into shoe photography.

Make sure, the surface on which the shoe is placed is clean and free from any grime and dirt, this will not only look bad in the product image but also ruin all your efforts put into photography.

Check whether the laces are tied properly or not. In the case of heels, wedges, and other footwear, make sure the straps are well-adjusted.

3. Avoid busy backgrounds

Avoid Busy Background in Shoe photography

Background plays an important role in any image and this is among the most important shoe photography tips. Especially, when it comes to taking shoe photographs. It is important to select a well-matched background.

The white background is most suited for product photography. Busy backgrounds can steal the attention and hide the actual product which needs to stand out.

Try to choose a neutral background that will let your product come into the limelight. The white background will not overpower the color of the shoes and will create a great contrast.

Avoid background which can hamper the view of the product.

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4. Choose Your Location Wisely

indoor or outdoor product photography

Your Shoe photography ideas and concept will mostly depend on the goal you wish to achieve through the shoot. Among these, choosing the location of the shoot (indoor/outdoor) will play a critical role to achieve your goals.

When shooting indoors, the lighting, as well as the background, are always in your control. You have much more mobility and control over the shoot. This works great if you are capturing the subject (in this case a shoe) for eCommerce. You can avoid any background distractions, stay consistent and create symmetry among the product images.

At the same time, if you wish to showcase the shoes in the natural habitat for social media, ads, or banners, you can choose to go outdoor.

5. Shape and size matter

shoe photography tips

Product shape and size really matter. Showcase the shoe in the best possible way. If you are taking an off-foot shot, you must stuff the shoes so that they can retain their actual shape.

To present the real shape of the shoe, it is important to fill old clothes or cotton in the shoes. One must also let the shoe stand in its place. A shoe simply lying on the floor looks unpleasant.

For photographing the shoes, it is important to place a shoe in the standing position. You can use threads, or dental floss to give additional support to the strap of shoes. Such threads and floss used for support can be easily removed with simple product image editing.

6. Avoid harsh lighting

shoe photography avoid harsh lighting

Lighting plays a major role in photography, whether it is for a shoe or any other product. A high-quality camera needs an adequate amount of lighting to get a crisp and clear image.

Natural light is always best for taking images whether you have a professional camera or not. In case, natural light is not available and have to opt for artificial lighting, make sure you do not create harsh lighting as it can degrade the quality of the shoe images to an extreme level. Use soft light for the best results.

7. Focus

shoe photography tips and ideas

A focus is a major factor in shoe product photography.  If you are putting a focus on the wrong side of the shoe, it can create visual tension which can distract and confuse your target audience.

Try to keep the focus on the whole shoe or the shot will be ruined because your audience always wants to see the full shoe with details, not the blurry parts.

The photographer likes to use soft focus so much but does not try this until it’s a well-planned theme. A soft focus will kill the composition which is an important factor.

Use a high aperture, this will help you create focus, and use a tripod to get a still shot. You can also read makeup product photography.

8. Experiment with angles

shoe photography experiment with angles


You must takeaway at least one thing from these shoe photography tips and ideas. A single shot from one angle is never sufficient. Even a professional photographer can not make a perfect shot in a single click.

Instead of taking a shot from one angle, it is advisable to click multiple shots from different angles. Flaunt your creativity by taking shots from all possible angles. Along with some standard shots, capture the shoe images from strange and varied angles.

9. Post-Processing

shoe photography post-processing

Once you are finished with clicking shoe images, it’s now time to edit and bring new life to them.

Eliminate all the flaws in your image in order to get a perfect shoe image. Ensure that you do not erase the natural shadow formed adjacent to the shoe while image editing. Shadows give a realistic and practical feel.

For post-processing, you can always DIY, hire an in-house graphic designer or professional photo editing service.


Observing and applying these essential shoe photography tips & ideas will definitely lead to improving the quality appeal of your online product portfolio.

Moreover, it will provide your customers with optimal shopping experiences.

Thus here you go, shoe photography has a lot of fun in it to shoot. Various size gives you the flexibility to test out the angles and lighting setups as well as get creative with colors and backdrops.

The recommendations are welcomed as what are your views about it. 

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