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Editorial photo editing that aligns with your studio

You need a retouching partner that meets your expectations consistently. A team that understands what you prefer and delivers you the results that you look for.

PixelPhant’s editorial photo editing service is precisely what you would like. We make your photos aligned with the story your brand is telling.

With high-end retouching, consistent colors, and precise shadows, your images stand out as the ultimate visual board for your brand.

Price Starts from $ 0.40

24-Hour Turnaround Time

Unlimited revisions

Robust Photo Editing

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    Get professionally edited photos within 24 hours and less. All photos will go through the best photo editing service with quilty check at every stage.

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Your Retouching Partner that keeps up with you

PixelPhant understands that the brand evolves with time. And as your editorial photo editing partners, we must also keep up with that.

With consistent learning, integrating new tools, and clear communication, we ensure you work with the most reliable team and photo editing service.

Connect with PixelPhant today. Let’s discuss the best workflow to ensure quality, efficiency, and consistency for all the upcoming years and projects.

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Everything that makes editorial retouching seamless

PixelPhant ensures that editorial images look perfect. And here’s what goes behind the scenes.

Background Removal & clean up

To remove any distortion and noise from the background of the product.

Color Correction, cropping & resize

To ensure that the color of your product matches the one in real life.

Ghost Mannequin

To make your clothing product look flawless and attractive with no distractions.

Product & Skin retouching

Remove any unwanted spots, scratches, wrinkles, or marks from the product image.

Clipping Path

To ensure precise and hand-drawn selection for professional editing.

Shadow adding

Service that makes your product look much more real, and trustworthy to shoppers.

Powerful Features for Powerful Creators

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Less Than 3000 Files

Ideal for small teams and photographers who need quick access to basic features.


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Enterprise Plan

Ideal for teams for advanced tools for collaboration and fast post-production.


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  • No Photo Limit
  • 24 Hour delivery
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Email/Chat Support
  • No CC required for signup
  • Order Dashboard
  • Next Morning delivery
  • Team Dashboard
  • Shared orders/ Storage for teams
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Editorial photo editing enhances and manipulates photographs to tell a brand's specific message for editorial purposes. It is commonly used in magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets. Editorial photo editing helps create compelling visual content that accompanies or stands alone as a story. It uses various photo editing techniques to enhance the mood or atmosphere of the image.

Editorial retouching includes various photo editing services like color correction, sharpening, removing blemishes, adjusting skin tones, and removing distracting elements from the image while preserving the overall natural look and feel of the subject. All of this depends on the requirement and specifications that one is looking for in editorial photo editing.

Editorial photo editing and retouching services are used by various media outlets, magazines, online publications, eCommerce, designers, and primarily people associated with fashions looking to convey a message through their images.

The time required for editorial retouching varies greatly depending on the image and editing specification. For example, simple retouching tasks can be completed in a few minutes, while more complex image manipulation can take hours to perfect. With PixelPhant editorial photo editing service, you get a custom turnaround based on your requirements and photos. Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours.

Depending on the services required for editorial photo editing and the order's turnaround time, the cost of editorial photo editing can vary. PixelPhant's pricing for professional photo editing starts at just $0.40 per image, with no monthly subscription or hidden charges.

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