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Editorial Retouching Service

PixelPhant is the one-stop solution for all your high-end editorial retouching needs, specializing in e-commerce and product photography.

Editorial Retouching

If you're a fashion or advertising agency seeking consistency in your images, taking editorial retouching service becomes essential. We not only guarantee that your photos meet minute publication details but also ensure they captivate your audience visually.

Editorial retouching enhances images for fashion, lifestyle, advertising, catalogs, and magazine publications. It involves detailed adjustments to improve the quality of the images, such as refining skin texture, adjusting colors, noise reduction, shape & crease reduction.

With PixelPhant’s high-end editorial retouching, we aim to provide you with the ability to scale your photography post-production work while we take care of the rest of the complex tasks.

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Editorial Retouching Services We Offer

Price: Starting from $2.50

Garment & Accessories

Garments and accessories require high-end editorial retouching to ensure they look uniformly presentable. To achieve a clean and polished appearance, we remove dust, lint, stray threads, or fur from garments that may have been caught during the shoot.

Regarding accessories, we make detailed adjustments, such as color correction to enhance sparkle or dullness, removing scratches and inconsistencies in metal joints, and ensuring color and flash consistency to avoid overexposing them.

Our retouchers elevate your garments and accessories and enhance their look in the final images.

Model & Skin Retouching

This technique involves refining the skin texture, evening out skin tone, removing blemishes, wrinkles, or imperfections, and enhancing facial features to achieve a polished and flawless look. Our retouchers pay close attention to details such as pores, redness, facial hair, and texture, ensuring the adjustments maintain a natural and realistic appearance.

model retouching on skin
editorial dwrinkling on yellow top worn by a girl

Shape & Crease Reduction

Maintaining the shape of apparel when photographing samples can be challenging despite skilled styling. This often results in creases, wrinkles, and bunching that hinder a good fit. Smoothing creases eliminate distraction and look presentable, allowing customers to see the garment as it would appear when owned.

Background Cleanup

Background cleanup involves cleaning up the things surrounding the model. This could include unwanted objects, people, or background clutter that draw attention away from the model. We use cloning, patching, or content-aware fill tools to remove these elements from the background.

background cleanup
color correction

Color Correction

This technique balances out the colors in your image. This can involve eliminating any undesirable color tones from the image or bringing out colors to have more definition and vibrancy. It includes adjustments like saturation, brightness, contrast, white balance, blending, sharpening, and straightening for commercial & editorial purposes.

Noise Reduction

This technique handles the unwanted graininess that can appear in photographs when taken in low-light conditions or with high ISO settings. We use selective adjustments and mask tools to ensure noise reduction occurs only in areas with unwanted grain, preserving the image's sharpness and clarity.

Glare Remove

This technique removes unwanted light reflections that can appear on a model's skin, clothing, jewelry with a shiny finish, or even reflective backgrounds like any sun glare, flash glare, and glass glare from photographs.

Editorial Retouching FAQs

High-end retouching refers to the advanced and detailed editing of images, usually focusing on portraits or images used in advertising and fashion. It involves enhancing skin texture, correcting makeup, modifying facial features, and adjusting the lighting on the subject to create a flawless yet natural-looking image.

We edit portraits, fashion shots, product images, and any photos intended for editorial use.

The average turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Most of our clients request next-morning delivery, so they send in their photos in the evening and receive them back, well-edited, the next day in the morning.

  • Crease removal on garments
  • Skin smoothing and blemish removal
  • Color correction on accessories, garments, model
  • Background cleanup
  • Glare removal
  • Noise reduction

The project depends on the time, value, and complexity required. As a ballpark, our base price for editorial retouching starts from $5.00 per photo.