7 Most Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

Be it a single ring or set of jewelry, while editing them, chances of missing out on these common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching is exponential. Moreover, if you have been surfing the world of eCommerce, you might have seen most of them by yourself.

Why should you care about them?

The answer is simple. In order to make a sale for your eCommerce.

From a customer’s perspective, in the absence of a physical product, the decision of purchasing a piece of jewelry will completely depend on the quality of the image. Hence by avoiding these common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching you can increase your sales firsthand.

Moreover, even if you are outsourcing your jewelry images, these common mistakes are jewelry photo retouching which will help you choose the best product image editing service for your eCommerce.

7 Common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching


Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

In-Consistency is surely one of the most common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching with eCommerce product images. Even if every product differs from one another, the way of presenting it should not be different for each product.

Here, most of this part depends on how the jewelry was photographed. But if that part is done right, the inconsistency within any image should be eliminated during the retouching service.

Ensure that the composition, highlights, and shadows of all the images are completely in sync within each and every product.

In addition, make sure that there are no significant changes or a mark left behind in any of the images. It will help your customer to easily compare the products and then make a purchase on your eCommerce.

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Wrong Aspect Ratio

Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

All the images that are to be retouched must follow a common aspect ratio across all the images. Be it the cropping as well as the margins that are to be left in an image.

Moreover, ensure that your product image is not overly cropped which fills up the whole image. Leave some negative spaces around the product and at the very least, ensure that no part (including the shadows) of the product is cropped irregularly.

The best way to crop the image would be to try to follow the rule of thirds, golden ratio, and other compositional rules in order to get the best result according to the perspective of the customer.

Undone Clean Up

Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

Other common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching are the undone or falsy-done clean-ups. Side note, if you are doing jewelry photography, make sure you are wearing gloves and cleaning the jewelry every time before taking a shot. This will remove any dirt or fingerprints, which by the way are clearly visible in the images you capture.

Once done with cropping make sure that you clean up the background properly with no marks or stains left behind. Most eCommerce companies usually prefer to remove the background for better consistency, but if you prefer not to, ensure that there is no distraction in the image rather than the product itself.

With regards to the jewelry itself, remove any dust particles, fingerprints, scratches, thread, or glue (used during the photography) while retouching the jewelry photography.

Unmatched Colores

Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

This is among the most common product photography mistakes in jewelry photo retouching that beginners overlook. In an image, we can often find differences in the tone of colors. This means it becomes harder to identify the right tone of the product.

Here you might have to edit the shadows as well as the highlights separately to ensure the image follows a common tone. How would you check your end result? Well here’s a pro tip for you, once done with the editing, check the image on different screens.

Look out for the difference and if you find any irregularity within the same image then re-edit to get a better result.


Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

Reflection is one of the most common enemies when capturing a reflective object. Moreover, it’s highly unprofessional to let the reflection be in the frame. Be it the surface of a ring or the ring itself. Make sure the reflection is removed with the frame.

Among all the common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching, this is the most visible mistake while retouching. If not in favor, reflection can turn out to be the most destructive part of the image if not handled by the retoucher properly.

Extreme HDR

Common Mistake in Jewelry Retouching

HDR or High dynamic range is an artificial way to boost up the highlights and shadows with an image. For the most part, it can do wonders for your image, but lately, improper use has turned it among the most common mistakes in jewelry photo retouching.

We have seen that some beginners push up the settings to extreme HDR, which results in too many whites in the highlight and too much darkness within the shadows. As a result, the details of the product are lost, which are very important in product image editing.

Patterning While Cloning

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In Photoshop, you get an option to duplicate certain parts of images, which you can use as a reference to create clone images. But in doing so, the image or more precisely the cloned part of the image must look real as well as believable.

This is among those common mistakes in jewelry retouching which either a professional or a customer might notice. Either way, the best way to resolve it would be to take different sections of images to clone different parts. This will break the odd pattern and make the image look more believable.

One-Stop Solution

With the above list of 7 common mistakes in jewelry retouching, we hope you would be easily able to judge your images. In addition, you would also agree that, in order to get the best product images, you need to put in a lot of effort and time. But this isn’t true.

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