In the sight of ensuring fair practice for every individual in a farm or a factory, a digital worker is often overlooked. It is high time to address that just like any other industrial worker, a digital worker is vulnerable to the same risk, but often with very less or no regulatory oversight.

Taking a step forward towards this crucial issue, PixelPhant strives to be a socially responsible company by ensuring fair participation with all our employees.

As a digital service provider, it is very crucial for us to make sure that our employees are enthusiastic towards the work they do, and experience pride towards their job.

Moreover, in order to increase the opportunities for all our employees, we are putting our efforts into their extensive education to help them learn new and important soft skills, technical skills, and other important skills to help them grow individually at PixelPhant, and later in their lives.

We understand the importance of any company to help an individual grow as a professional. Hence, we commit our efforts in order to create opportunities for all our ambitious workers and help them be better individuals.

At the same time, “Outsourcing” is a word that can’t fully describe any business and the transactions taking place within the companies spread across various parts of the world. It can be negative, an extraction of human resources with no shared value, or if done right can leave a positive impact by mutual agreement to improve the lives of everyone involved.

PixelPhant CSR Policy in Practice