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Shadow adding service for product

Why Use Shadow Creation Services?

Background Removal

In Ecommerce photography, shadows play an important role in adding critical visual information about the product. They make the product look more realistic and add depth to the image.

Shadow creation services help in ensuring consistency within shadows of all the eCommerce product images. This means eCommerce can have the same length, type, and opacity of shadows, making the overall presentation more appealing and professional.

PixelPhant Shadow-making services are leading within the industry, delivering professional photo editing services at the fastest turnaround time.

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Types of Shadow Making Services

PixelPhant is a professional fashion photo editing service company that works with leading brands to deliver the best Ghost mannequin service. We ensure that along with neck joint, sleeve joint, and reshaping, the final image is retouched by experts to create a flawless product presentation.

Drop Shadow Service

Drop Shadow is a photo editing effect where the shadow is created behind the product to make it stand out from the background.

In eCommerce product photography, drop shadow service is among the most sought-after shadow-making services. It creates a natural contrast between the product and the background.

Additionally, with professional shadow creation services like PixelPhant, eCommerce can edit the drop shadow to make it consistent among all product images.

Natural Shadow Service

easily create contrast by adding shadow in you images

Natural Shadow is a professional shadow creation service in which retouchers add shadow to an image that looks like a natural shadow.

To create this effect, retouchers must consider the source and intensity of light, the type of product, and how its shadow will fall on the surface.

Many eCommerce companies are gradually starting to use natural shadow-making services.

Orignal Shadow Service

keep original shadow of your product images

When using background removal services, eCommerce and photographers also face the peculiar challenge of losing the product’s original shadow.

PixelPhant shadow-making service is a one-of-kind service that can create original shadows on any new background of the choice.

You can request multiple variations of images on different backgrounds or PSD files with shadows to replace shadows manually.

Reflection Shadow Service

product photo shadow adding

Reflection shadow is a type of shadow-making service in which a reflection of the product is created on the surface of the product.

It make it look like the product is placed on a shiny and reflective surface that which is reflecting the product place on top of it.

In editorial product photography, it is among the most commonly used shadow creation services.

Shadow Editing Service

product photo shadow adding service

Shadow editing service ensures delivering customized shadow creation service to eCommerce and photographers. It delivers consistent shadow adding across product images.

Here, the length of shadow, direction, and opacity of shadow can be customized to create a consistent look and presentation of the product images.

PixelPhant retouchers ensure to add your preferences within the workflow to deliver professional shadow creation service.

Getting Started With Shadow Creation Service

Chair White Background Natural Shadow After

With over 15 years of experience in eCommerce photo editing services, PixelPhant is the leading shadow creation service company.

Quick onboarding, robust workflow, a team of highly skilled retouchers, and support available around the clock.

Get started with the best photo retouching and shadow-making service today with PixelPhant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Shadow adding service involves adding original or artificial shadows using professional photo editing and Photoshop techniques. It is done to make the subject in the image look more realistic. With PixelPhant's professional Shadow Adding Service, you can keep the original shadow, add a reflective shadow, or create a natural shadow to make your product life-like and attractive.

Based on the brand's product presentation and vision, there are four types of photoshop shadow creation services:
1. Natural shadow service
2. Drop shadow service
3. Original shadow creation
4. Reflection shadow creation

Shadow making service is among the most popular services for eCommerce product photos. Creative teams have observed that the products must look realistic, along with photo retouching services.

And in doing so, shadow creation plays a significant role. They make the product images seem more real. It gives more information about the direction of light and product angle and somewhat resembles the natural appearance of the product in online stores.

PixelPhant photo editing experts are experienced and trained in understanding your requirements and products to create product shadows.
Based on the same, PixelPhant determines the opacity, angle, and spread of the shadow on the surface.

Shadow creation is an essential photo editing service that helps make a product look more authentic in the images. They also help in taking a two dimension image into a much more engaging third dimension by giving it a feel of depth with shadows.

Adobe Photoshop shadow is the most popular and reliable tool that is used to create shadow effects.

Shadow services are used by eCommerce for product image and photography studios. They use this service along with ghost mannequin effects, white backgrounds, model photo editing, flat-lay photography, and more.

PixelPhant is a leading eCommerce photo retouching service working with teams of the fastest-growing global brands.

We provide all kinds of photo editing services like; clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin, color correction, and more.

Over the years, our team of experts developed a deep understanding of aligning our work with your creative visions. That is why when you create an order with PixelPhant, we commit to delivering what you are looking for.

1. Open Photoshop and choose the product image. Create a duplicate layer on the Image.
2. Choose the Patch tool & Drag a selection around the shadowed area you want to remove.
3. After choosing, click within and drag until you locate a section of the backdrop that resembles your desired texture.
4. Use Command+D on a Mac (or Ctrl+D on a PC) to deselect the region if it is nicely blended and smooth. Now your shadow is created.

Shadow Creation Service with PixelPhant

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