Shadow Photo Editing Service

PixelPhant is the one-stop solution for all your shadow photo editing needs. It specializes in e-commerce and product photography.

Shadow Photo Editing

Shadow photo editing is a technique for adding shadows to products to make them look more natural and appealing. It usually includes the creation of drop shadows and reflections as well as retaining the original shadows in images.

Alongside creating shadows, we also offer additional photo editing services per client needs. These could include background removal, noise cleaning, photo retouching, and color correction to enhance the overall look of the images.

Our shadow photo editing service ensures consistency and a unified look across your website for all your product or model images. We also customize and remove shadows as per our client's requirements.

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Shadow Photo Editing We Offer

product photo editing

Original Shadow

Price: Starting from $0.20

As a professional photo editing company, we preserve the original shadows in images to enhance the product’s connection with the background. By carefully considering factors like light direction, object shape, and ground surface, we try to keep a realistic appearance of products. This approach helps prevent the photos from looking unnatural or artificial.

Drop Shadow Service

Price: Starting from $0.30

The drop shadow service adds shadows beneath products to enhance dimension and context, giving them a three-dimensional look. It also provides depth and scale to your products, making them look slightly lifted off the background. We deliver precise, high-quality results by adjusting the shadow's opacity, angle, and blur to meet your needs, whether you prefer subtle or dramatic.

Reflection Shadow Service

Price: Starting from $0.60

Adding reflection shadow creates the illusion that objects are resting on a reflective surface, like glass or water. This technique adds a luxurious touch to images and is particularly effective for showcasing high-end eCommerce products such as perfumes, jewelry, glassware, watches, and automobiles.

Shadow Removal Service

Price: Starting from $0.20

While shadows can be intentionally used as a creative effect, they can sometimes detract from an otherwise flawless shot. This service removes unwanted shadows in your photo that distract from the main subject. This service is helpful if you have a shadow that doesn't fit the desired look or the background creates an uneven shadow.

Shadow Photo Editing FAQs

Shadow photo editing is a professional post-production technique that adds shadows to your images to give them a natural and visually appealing look. It helps your eCommerce products stand out and look more attractive. We can also create custom shadows to meet your specific needs.

We provide three types of shadow creation services.
2. Drop shadow service
3. Original shadow creation
4. Reflection shadow creation

This service is mainly used by eCommerce, photographers, freelancers, studios, and other digital and print media businesses who need to showcase their products and model images.

Shadow editing makes the website more engaging and adds a natural-looking dimension and depth to your product. It also increases image quality, which boosts engagement and leads to better sales.

PixelPhant is a professional photo editing company that works with teams of the fastest-growing global brands. Over the years, our retouchers have developed expertise in aligning work with your creative visions. That is why when you place an order with PixelPhant, we commit to delivering what you want.