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Get the best hand-drawn, precise clipping path service created by creative professionals at PixelPhant, along with a professional image masking service for complex images with hairs and fur.

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 Clipping Path Services for eCommerce

Effortless selections that you can use forever

Get high-quality clipping path services created for your product images for quicker editing in the future. Whether a simple or complex design, PixelPhant image Clipping path services and Masking services cover it all.

Best Clipping Path Service Provider,

Hand-drawn by experts

A precise and perfect hand-drawn photoshop clipping path service of product images saved as a clipping path in your files or a well-layered Masked PSD for fast further editing in the future.

clipping path service

Attention to detail

No corner or detail gets missed by PixePhant Clipping path service experts. We create each clipping path with our hands to ensure perfection so you can use them forever.

clipping path service provider

Precisely named paths

Forget the hassle of finding one path out of the chaos of multiple unnamed paths. We name every individual path specifically to make it easy to find whenever you need it.

PixelPhant's professional photo masking and clipping path service

PixelPhant is the best Photoshop Clipping Path service provider, dedicated to offering perfection and quality with every selection they create

Clipping path service

A Clipping Path is a method of precisely selecting a particular area of the image to edit, create a cutout, or remove it from the main image. The idea of creating a Clipping path is to use that path in the future for further editing. With PixelPhant, get high-level precision and quick results, and bring out the best quality of your product image.

Clipping path service

Layer masking service

Complex photos require masking. We use industry-standard software for image masking services to help separate or edit subjects of images without distorting a single pixel. To catch the details of every subject and maintain the image quality, PixelPhant tackles complex edges professionally with layer masking services to get better and more precise selections for further editing.

Layer masking service

Channel masking service

Channel Masking Service is used to preserve the details like hairs of the models and fabric threads and to save file space for better storage. We commit that every channel mask is created with care and detail to save the image with proper editing and photo retouching service.

Channel masking service

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Clipping path service is among the advanced photo editing services used to create a precise, hand-drawn selection of a particular object, model, or section of an image. This selection can then be easily detached and edited separately.

As required, you can either remove the selected part to remove unwanted portions in the image or edit the particular selection, which won't affect the rest of the picture.

Image Clipping path is among the most versatile photo editing tools used in background removal, photo retouching, shadow adding, color correction, and more.

A clipping path service is generally used to create a selection of a particular area of the image. Once the closed path is complete, the selection can be easily edited separately without affecting the other areas of the picture.

Since this part is an independent image, the high-quality images are not affected by the clipping path and following image manipulation service. You can remove the background and place the chosen product on a new background.

You can also adjust the lighting, the colors, and various other aspects of editing. If you are removing the background and looking to add shadow to your new image, the clipping path service can also help you do that.

It will help create a precise selection used in shadow creation services that looks natural and authentic to any human eye.

Since clipping path is a versatile tool, almost every professional photo editing software has a tool like one in their tool library. Photoshop is one of the most powerful and popular tools for creating clipping paths.

Photoshop features highly professional tools like Lasso Tools, Quick Mask, Magic Wand, and Pen Tool. Users can use the following tools depending on their ability and skills.

Anyhow, the Photoshop Pen tool is the one that is generally the first pick to create a clipping path. One can easily trace around a subject/product with a bit of practice. Once the close path is complete, you can move and edit it.

Choosing the best clipping path service provider is essential, as it is among the foundational editing specifications that affect every other aspect of the image.

One of the best ways to choose the best service is by trying out services yourself. Each product is different, and so is the service. The best way to find the best clipping path service provider is by testing various services and finding the one that fits you the best.

You must look at three things while making the final decision are; the precision of work, order turnaround time, and pricing.

The best clipping path service provider will be the one that is effectively balanced in all three categories.

Using a clipping path becomes relatively easy once you start to get the hang of it. Here's how you can begin:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop and upload the image of the product you want to draw a clipping path of.
2. On the left side, select the pen tool. It will help you draw a product selection and quickly move around the edges and bumps.
3. Using keyboard controls like Space to move around and ALT to adjust the path, start creating a path using your mouse. A path will be complete once it is closed.
4. Once you have created the close selection, go to Layers Range and select the paths board.
5. Click on the Triangle button in the upper-right corner and click on "Save Path."
6. Now choose "Clipping Path," and from the dialogue box that appears, make sure your way is chosen. Here, save the clipping path, and from the Primary File Menu, select "Save As" and pick "Photoshop EPS" as the EPS option settings.

This way, you can create and use your clipping path. Also, since we have saved the clipping path, we can restart editing next time without the need to recreate the path.
It is saved and ready to get started.

Clipping Path is among eCommerce's vital product photo editing services as it helps make editing precise and professional.

Also, since professional editing requires a lot of tedious and repetitive work over and over again, the clipping path allows us to create a selection and save it as it is.

Next time, if one needs to make some additional edits, one can open the PSD file, and the selection will be available. This saves time and resources to recreate a selection and start editing from scratch.

Clipping path and masking are both powerful photo editing tools in Photoshop. While they both are used to remove background, they both have their own use and advantage.

For products with plain surfaces, a clipping path is used to create a selection that is clean and precious. But masking is used for products with fur and stray hairs. It preserves the natural flow of the fur life surface and creates a clean cut out.

For any particular image, we can use both clipping path and mask for various sections of the picture—for example, a makeup brush. You can use a clipping path for the stick and masking for the bristles.

Photo masking is a photo editing technique where you hide a portion of the image and reveal some part of the same.

It is a non-destructive way that allows us to remove the background of complex images without affecting the details on the outline—like fur, stray hair, etc.

In addition, this technique is also used in changing the background of transparent products.

At PixelPhant, product image editing services start at just $0.80 per photo. If you hire a professional photo editor, the pay is insignificantly higher in terms of salary and benefits. Partnering with a product image retouching agency like PixelPhant lets you save resources and time.

PixelPhant is a professional photo editing company that provides Photoshop services like photo retouching services, shadow creation services, background removal services, professional clipping path providers, photoshop masking, and more.
We provide our services to eCommerces, photo studios, and editorials dealing with commercial photography.

PixelPhant is a professional photo editing service provider experienced in working with eCommerce, and teams fulfill all photo editing needs.

Along with clipping services, we provide other photo editing services like background removal service, color correction service, ghost mannequin effects, retouching services, and more.

With years of training and experience, our professional team deeply understands the importance of our work and how quality and turnaround time play a huge in helping your eCommerce.

Get started with the best photo editing services today with PixelPhant's free photo editing trial to experience the best service by yourself.

The average turnaround time of PixelPhant is less than 24 hours. Most of our clients request next-morning delivery, so they send in their photos in the evening and receive them back, well-edited, the next day in the morning.

Yes, PixelPhant has an in-house team for all eCommerce photo editing requirements. We ensure that all your products go through our experts, trained to deliver high-quality image editing.

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