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Get your eCommerce images retouched and edited by the experts at PixelPhant.
A full-fledged product photo editing service for eCommerce, editorials, and studios to elevate raw images and turn them into eye candy for customers.
Quick onboarding, 24-hour turnaround time, and support that understands your requirements like an extended in-house team.
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Ecommerce product image editing service example of a t-shirt with ghost mannequin service.

Build a better eCommerce & gain credibility with Product photo editing service

PixelPhant offers a high-quality professional Product Photo Editing Service to make your website more appealing, professional, and credible to your customers.

Better customer experience illustration

Better Customer Experience

Editing plays a vital role in improving the quality of your images. Showcase images that are of high quality and improve your customer experience.

Competitive advantage that one get better post production service

Competitive Advantage

Stand out and build your brand identity. Gain an edge over your competitors by presenting customer-friendly images with PixelPhant.

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Better Conversion

Product photos are the first thing that grabs the customer's attention. Engage them with eye-catching images to improve your conversions.

The product photo editing services that fit every eCommerce & online business

We are your virtual and reliable eCommerce image editing studio that allows you to leave all your post-production worries at bay

Background Removal and Cleanup Service

Custom Background Color To Correct Your Product Backdrop.
Background removal and clean-up service are eCommerce photo editing services that every store needs. Along with consistency in images, this service helps you make your images stand out from any other store online
Choose a custom color for the backdrop to your specifications and our team will help you create consistent, clean, and seamless product images that flaunt your products in the best way possible.

gif of a model showing results of background removal and clean up service by pixelphant

Clipping path & Masking Service For eCommerce

Clipping Path Service For Precise Cutting And Further Customizations.
A Clipping Path is an accurate selection of your product and all its parts. And when they are selected, you can edit them separately in whatever way you wish.
Then comes the Masking service, an effective way to create a selection of even complex images with stray hairs. Our streamlined photo editing service ensures that every image that you send-in, goes through the experts-eye and delivers accurate results in your preferred turnaround time.
Selections and layers that are named professionally for your future reference or edit that you may need.

image of a shoe that shows clipping path and masking service for eCommerce

Product Image Retouching Service

Retouching Product Images To Enhance The Presentation Consistently.
Product Photo Retouching Service means removing stains, creases, dust, scratches, and any glare to make your product look just perfect.
And perfection is a result of accuracy and expertise that comes consistently.
Our professional eCommerce image editing service is trusted by eCommerce to deliver flawless product images that feel natural and amazing on the site, to engage your customers, and establish your brand.

gif image of a shoe that is used to show the results of product retouching service by pixelphant

Shadow Adding Service

Adding Shadows To Make Images Look Natural & Informative.
Shadow adding is an effective way to make your products look more real, seamless, and engaging. Shadows are also a subtle way that we learn more about the products.
Lighting, depth, and height - all are calculated with the help of shadows. Choose the type of shadow that you wish to add out of the four core options and our photo editing experts will ensure they look real and effortless with your products.

Shadow Adding Service

Color Correction and Color Matching Service

Accurate Color Correction To Match Images Exactly With Your Real Product
Color Correction and Color Matching service is a way to make your product images look exactly the way your products are.
This helps you deliver better visual information for your customers and fewer losses on returning products. PixelPhant's online eCommerce image editing service provides a powerful and customer-friendly approach to showcasing the right color on your site. Want to swap the colors as well? We got you covered.

Color Correction and Color Matching Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

Seamless Ghost Mannequin Service To Follow Consistency With Images
Ghost Mannequin photo editing service is a method used by eCommerce to showcase their product with the help of a mannequin and then remove it from the images for clean, consistent images.
The process starts by creating a cutout and then adding the hidden parts of the product to make the product look clean and authentic. Ghost mannequin photo editing service is a budget-friendly option to cut down on your image production costs while elevating your customer experience.

Ghost mannequin service

Skin Retouching Service

Retouching Model's Skin To Get The Flow And Consistency In Your Image
Skin retouching is a way to clear any unwanted flaws, blemishes, spots, and scars that you might like to remove.
PixelPhant eCommerce photo editing services will help you make your model look more amazing by simply removing the distractions from the skin.
Now be it basic retouching for removing pores and acne, or be it the high-end retouching service to remove stray hair, correct skin tone, or adjust jawline.

Skin Retouching Service

Cropping, Margin, and Resizing

Custom Cropping And Margins To Make All Your Images Symmetrical.
Choose from some of the predefined cropping ratios or create your own customized cropping and margin ratios for your eCommerce site.
You can also set up the margins or the blank spaces around the photos to bring a consistent alignment within all your images. 
PixelPhant product photo editing service believes that following a common cropping ratio and margin within all your product images makes you stand out as a professional brand that can be trusted easily.

eCommerce photo editing resizing

Save time to be more creative by outsourcing eCommerce post-production

We know eCommerce post-production is more than just an eCommerce image editing service. At PixelPhant, we offer the services you need to make your post-production journey a little less complex

Multiple File Formats

You might need different file types for different purposes. JPG, Web Optimized JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG, Well-layered PSD, Well-Layered TIF, and WebP. Choose any of the file formats that you need and your request will be taken care of by our team at PixelPhant.

Quick Turnaround Time

Are you in a hurry? No worries. PixelPhant's image editing service will never let you miss a deadline. Our experts will deliver you the best product photo editing service in your given time frame. Lastly, if you are not in a rush, you can get some special discounts on pricing from us.

Order tracking

A simple, quicker, and efficient way to track your orders with your personal dashboard that you get from PixelPhant. A dashboard to make it easy for you to contact us when you wish to access our eCommerce photo editing services and review our work when you receive your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, see our support center.

Product photo editing is done by a professional photo retoucher with the help of software like Adobe (R) Photoshop (R) and Lightroom to overcome any imperfections in the product image.

These editing services are commonly availed by e-commerce businesses, product catalog publishers, product photographers, magazine publishers, and many other agencies that need to present their products with optimized visual appeal.

The perception of users on an eCommerce store is limited to product images only. Users heavily rely on the product image to understand the look and feel, the colors, dimensions, and other relevant aspects add to the physical appeal of the product. That's why it is necessary to remove any factors that hinder the visual quality of the product's visual appeal.

It includes overall enhancing the product image to make it look perfect by performing Background removal, background color change, skin retouching, dust and scratches removal, cropping/resizing, de-wrinkling of clothes, color correction, etc.

Professionals use software like Adobe (R) Photoshop (R), Lightroom, Affinity Photo, and Capture One (R) for photo editing. Working with this software requires a certain level of expertise that's why a lot of people are shifting to Online Product image Editing services that are offered by a company like PixelPhant.

If you hire a professional photo retoucher, you might end up paying a significant amount in terms of salary. Moreover, your requirements for image editing may differ with time which again could cost you a lot if you hire a professional or agency full time. That's why partnering with a product image retouching agency like PixelPhant will save you a lot of money and time and you can get professional image editing done for as low as $0.80 per photo.

Yes, PixelPhant has an in-house team for all eCommerce photo editing requirements. We ensure that all your products go through our experts, trained to deliver high-quality image editing work every single time.

The average turnaround time of PixelPhant is less than 24 hours. Most of our clients request next morning delivery, so they send in their photos in the evening and receive them back, well-edited the next day in the morning.

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