Professional Image Color Adjustment Services

PixelPhant offers an end-to-end color adjustment service for eCommerce images. A complete photo editing solution to adjust the colors of your product image according to your requirements.

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color correction and color matching service

Showcase your products in their true light

Improper lighting and camera settings often affect the colors of your product. This causes an increase in your return rate and hurts your customer experience exponentially.
PixelPhant's color adjustment services aim to eliminate visual miscommunication and display authentic products to your customers.

color correction services

Set the right expectations

Don't let your camera setting mess with your product colors. Showcase your product in the right light that matches your product images with the product in the real world.

custom color matching services

Reduce returns

The leading cause of eCommerce product returns is receiving a different product from what was promised. With Color Matching and correction services, showcase your authenticity.

color changing and color correction service

1 product, multiple colors

Save time & resources by capturing one version and turning them into plenty. PixelPhant's color-changing services create color variants of the product that are the same as the original.

On-Demand Image Color Adjustment Service

PixelPhant offers Color Correction, Color Matching, and Color Changing services to eCommerce. Each is curated specifically to present the eCommerce products professionally.

Color correction services

Despite the best lighting setup, the results can’t be perfect. Color correction and product image retouching services help in achieving that perfection.

Adjustments to hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast are bound to happen. Something that needs to be consistent as well as aligned with the product's authenticity.

PixelPhant Color Correction helps you achieve color precision and ensures that your product looks as natural and vibrant as it is in real life.

Our retouching experts remove dust particles, scratches, and other unwanted distractions. At the same time, they ensure that color levels are adjusted professionally to get the most desirable and real result.

All to ensure that your products look clean, authentic, and consistent on your site.

Color correction services

Image Color matching services

Precision is essential when it comes to color-matching service. After all, we aim for perfection and deliver results.

And as you know, it's not just about the right Pantone but also the product's texture and shadows. We ensure that your products don't lose their natural appeal while getting retouched for high-quality product presentation.

PixelPhant aims to create consistency with the product's color, shadows, and materials to ensure the product still looks natural.

Doing so also helps ensure that the flow of clothing—be it natural wrinkles as a design—is not compromised.

Our expert team is trained to deliver quality and consistency that matches professional standards every single time.

product image Color Matching Service

Color Changing Service

What would you prefer? Clicking multiple variants of the same product by devoting your resources or simply capturing one and sending it over to create multiple images within the next 24 hours.

Save time, money, and effort by saving resources with PixelPhant. Showcase multiple real alterations with the hex color code you share.

We are helping dozens of studios, and eCommerce get the best out of their work by delivering quality, consistency, and trust to build an online brand with minimum resource investment.

Just share the color hex code & we'll change your product color to it.

Color Changing Services

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