Photo Color Correction Services

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Photo Color Correction

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Color correction services enhance your product & model images by adjusting brightness, contrast, white balance, and shadows to correct any color imbalances. This fine-tuning ensures that the colors in your images are accurate and truly represent your products, improving the customer experience.

By making precise color corrections, we ensure consistency and authenticity in your product images, enhancing the shopper's experience on your eCommerce site.

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Color Correction Services We Offer

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Color Correction

This service involves fixing any color imbalances of product images to make them appear more accurate. This could be due to lighting conditions during the shoot or camera settings. It involves adjusting brightness, contrast, white balance, and shadows to match the actual product closely as possible.

Color Matching

Color matching is essential for all online stores to ensure a consistent color representation across multiple images. You just need to provide a reference color such as a specific shade of red or a hex code (a digital color code like #FF0000 for red). Our editors then adjust the colors in your images to precisely match that reference, guaranteeing all your product images show the same color accurately. This creates a professional brand presence across the site.

Color Changing

Color Changing

This service lets you create multiple color variations of a product without needing to reshoot. With PixelPhant's color-changing service, you can save time, money, and resources while displaying a wider range of options. Simply take one photo, and we can create multiple color variants of that garment based on the hex color codes you provide.

Texture Replacement

This service lets you change the texture of your product with another sample texture taken from a swatch or any fabric sample provided by the client. Our skilled editors ensure the new texture integrates with the object's outline and lighting for a polished and realistic look.

Texture Replacement

Background Color Balancing

This service provides consistent background colors for all product images on e-commerce platforms. It involves neutralizing overly bright backgrounds, removing unwanted tints from artificial lighting, and selecting background colors that complement the main subject. This technique eliminates distractions from uneven lighting or color casts, making your products stand out for buyers.

White Balance Adjustment

Depending on different photography conditions, cameras can sometimes capture natural light inaccurately, causing images to appear too blue (cool) or too yellow (warm). This method corrects the color temperature of an image by adjusting the white balance. This ensures product colors look more natural and consistent, enhancing their appearance under natural light.

Contrast and Saturation

Contrast and saturation adjustments are tools used to control the intensity of a photo. Contrast adjusts the difference between light and dark areas, making a flat image more intense. Saturation controls the vibrancy of colors, boosting them for a richer look or muting them for a softer feel. Both work together to enhance the overall impact of your images.

Color Correction Services FAQs

Color correction adjusts the hue, brightness, contrast, and overall color of photos to improve their appearance and ensure consistency, regardless of the lighting conditions under which they were taken.

Color grading involves editing an image to give it a distinct style or mood, enhancing the vibrancy of a product or model. Conversely, color correction focuses on adjusting the image to correct any color imbalances, ensuring that the colors appear as they would naturally to the human eye.

Color correction can be performed using Photoshop and similar applications that offer adjustment tools to refine an image's color. Photoshop enables various methods of color correction, including automatic options for quick adjustments, as well as manual controls for more precise and customized corrections.

Color correction services play a vital role in the success of e-commerce businesses. Some of them looking for this service are professional photographers, eCommerce business owners, fashion houses, online retailers, and advertising & marketing agencies.

The project depends on the time, value, and complexity required. As a ballpark, our base price starts from $_ per photo.