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Your eCommerce Is Lifeless Without Product Photos

Increase sales with the help of high-quality professional photo editing service, for a flawless experience.

A simple service for significant improvement

Product photo editing helps in keeping your product images clean and professional. It improves the overall quality that shows authenticity and the time you invested to improve the customer experience. This simple service ultimately leads towards gaining the trust of your customers, reflected in the form of sales and growth of your eCommmerce.

Product Image Editing Services for eCommerce

Pricing that works from small to the large enterprise as you scale

Working with PixelPhant means paying for what you get. Pricing starts at a cost-effective rate for small batches. Now as you progress in the number of images and their frequency you avail the discounted price. Our budget-friendly plans are perfect for all the image post-production needs of eCommerce, photographers, and freelancers.

Product photo editing services

Try it for free. See if it works for you - we got you covered

Try PixelPhant's professional product photo editing services for free. Add in your specification, upload your images and send them for a free trial today. Experience professional photo editing service from the start till your receive your images and know-how we make a positive difference in their eCommerce post-production.

Product photo editing

One-Stop Image Editing Solution

Our in-house eCommerce Product Photo Editing experts are dedicated to delivering consistent and high-quality professional photo editing service every time you place an order.

Clipping path

Get a hand-drawn precise selection of your products and objects in images, saved as a clipping path in your files. Or a well-layered Masked PSD for any further editing. All to ensure ease of editing specific sections of the image in the future for multiple uses.

Adding Shadows

Add Natural, reflection, or drop shadow to make your product images look realistic with PixelPhant's seamless Shadow Adding Services. Make your products feel more realistic and accurate with shadows that align with your products perfectly.

Product Image Retouching

Retouching images means removing dust, scratches, or cracks from your products. This makes the image look clean, appealing, and flawless. Our photo retouching service delivers professional and high-quality images ready to put on your website.

Background removal

Create consistency and symmetry on your website for a smooth user experience. Remove the inconsistency and add a custom background of your choice. Shadows? We’ll keep them intact to make everything seem natural.

Ghost Mannequin

We seamlessly remove the mannequin, neck, arms, hands, and legs to add a feel of a hollow invisible mannequin. Don’t feel bad. We ensure that your product's pieces add-in perfectly and create a perfect visual for your customers.

Color Correction, Cropping & Resize

Color correction is a professional photo editing service that ensures your product looks exactly the way it is in real life. Reduce product returns caused by color confusion. We'll do the correction essential for better eCommerce images.

Skin Retouching

We'll not make your models look like plastic. Only the essential skin retouching. We can clear spots, scratches, stray hairs, blemishes, acne, etc. professionally without losing the skin texture, hair details, and flow of the light on the skin.


Heavy wrinkles on clothes create fear and insecurity of unfit and poor-quality apparel which hurt the conversion rate. Make the clothing look fresh by effortlessly removing wrinkles and creases from your product photos.

Background Cleanup

The studio backdrop is not completely clean during the photo shoot. There's dust and spots that need to be removed and sometimes require extending the background in the empty areas after the cropping.

How does it work?

Introducing a simpler and economical way to get the best product photo editing service for your eCommerce.

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    Select the deadline and get your images on time - Sometimes, even quicker.

Happy Customers

Customers love working with PixelPhant because we're professional, fast, reliable, economical, and we're always ready to answer your questions.

Really responsive, friendly, and professional team. Produced both web-ready and high res files for us. Pixelphant produced great edits with a quick turnaround when we really needed it! Amazing value too.

United States

Pixelphant are pros that always deliver on time. They are patient when I have edited and their quality is consistent and guaranteed. I'm always looking forward to the next project. Thank you for making my life easier.

United States

PixelPhant offered a small extra service to touch up the hair of the models to remove the color spill from the background, which was a very nice initiative on their part, and for me, it showed they had a more collaborative sense of working, rather than simply just an assembly line.

Haryo S

The best of the best??? We think so!
These guys absolutely rock! Always on time and they have even helped us out on tight deadlines. Look no further…..they are great to work with!

Adam G
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us.

PixelPhant is a professional photo editing service that hires, and trains photo editing experts to deliver high-quality photo editing to all our clients. Every photo goes through a two-step quality check to ensure it meets the requirement, along with 24-hour support from our team to ensure the best customer experience.

High-end photo retouching is a professional photo editing service that is used to remove the imperfections like scratches, marks, spots, etc as well as balance the tone, fix the shadows, jawline, nose everything that is requested by the clients for a professional presentation.

Image editing helps businesses present their photos in a professional manner. It helps in ensuring that there is no distraction in the image, and improves the online customer experience by presenting the product in the most pleasant way.

The average turnaround time of PixelPhant is less than 24 hours. Most of our clients request next morning delivery, so they send in their photos in the evening and receive them back, well-edited the next day in the morning.

You can pay us using PayPal. You pay-per-order hence there is no lock-in time. But if you have more than 1000 images a day, there is a monthly post-paid plan that could be set up.

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