10 Best DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas For Product Photography

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10 Best DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas For Product Photography

Photography backdrops are a must to create a dramatic, dreamy, or lively effect in your photos. A good photography backdrop that’s complimenting to your subject can instantly catch the viewers’ attention.

However, it’s not always necessary that you find the backdrop that you’re looking for or if you have enough dollars to buy the perfect one. So, no matter if you’re a professional or an amateur, you’re probably spending enough on your photography and you might not want to add any additional expenses for your supporting equipment.

Thankfully, there are a lot of creative DIY photography backdrop ideas that you may make use of to make your still life and product photography more aesthetic.

Here are some DIY photography backdrop ideas for still life and eCommerce product photography:

Best DIY Photography Backdrop Materials

1. Ceramic Flooring Tile

DIY Photography Backdrop

For a magazine-worthy look, my best pick for still life photography backdrops is a large square of ceramic or porcelain tile. You can find these at any local home store. These are inexpensive, look great, are easy to clean, and are super durable if handled with care.

Ceramic tiles work great especially if you’re dealing with some sprays and liquids as these are wipeable.

Just be sure that the tile you pick isn’t too shiny and the color is something that goes well with everything like grey, white, or black. Don’t choose the colors that are hard to fit with the different kinds of still life photography and product photography that you do.

Neutral colors elevate the look of all kinds of products and still life subjects.

2. Painted wooden backdrops

DIY Photography Backdrop

You must’ve seen many custom-made painted photography backgrounds for still life and product photography. However, painting some by yourself can be a great and cheap option too. It doesn’t require any great skills, in fact, the more rustic it looks, the better.

Just be sure that the paints that you use are non-glossy. Use matter colors. You can use the wooden board as huge as you desire for your eCommerce product photography and show off your products.

To create one of your own, you may:

  • Buy a thin sheet of plywood from any local home improvement store
  • Choose two to three colors in a similar color family and pour them one by one on top of each other at the center of the board
  • Use a large sponge to spread the color all over the board to blend and create a subtle effect.
  • You may choose to finish with the last coat of water-resistant sealer.

3. Painted canvas for photography backdrops

DIY Photography Backdrop

It could be really expensive to buy professional canvas backdrops, but you can create one for yourself at a fraction of the retail price.

Buy a canvas painter’s drop cloth from your local hardware store. These are the same clothes that you use to protect the floor when painting the walls of your home.

These clothes are usually large in size, so you can cut them into the desired sizes to get multiple backdrops.

Purchase paint samples for each of your photography backdrops. Be sure that you’re buying primer along with it as canvas tends to soak up a lot of paint.

Use a roller to create a smooth finish. If you’re trying to add some texture, then use a sponge and dab it onto the canvas randomly to create a rough effect.

This will help you elevate the look of your whole still life photography as well as eCommerce product photography and make it unique from any other.

4. Satin or silk

DIY Photography Backdrop

Good quality satan or an already available silk piece at your home can be a fantastic choice to create a dreamy, chic, and sophisticated photography background for your eCommerce product photography.

These are perfect if you’re shooting cosmetic and skincare product photos. They are also a great match for model photo editing. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest users are crazy about such kind of product photography.

Social media is the best place to gain engagement from the viewers and promote your photography skills or boost eCommerce sales if you’re looking to sell products online.

You can simply ruffle the satin or silk cloth to give it a wavy effect. Use it as your DIY photography backdrop. Place the product in the center with it’s one of the edges slightly covered with the satin cloth.

5. Use linens

DIY Photography Backdrop

Possessing a wide variety of linens will make your life a lot easier as a still life photographer. This DIY photography backdrop idea is fantastic to have amazing photography backgrounds all the time without spending much.

These are portable and can be used in a variety of ways. Being fabric, you can scrunch it, create waves, use it plain, or even paint with the colors of your choice.

You can choose the fabric as the entire photography backdrop or use two fabrics and overlap them to have 2 DIY photography backdrops behind your product or still life subject.

Also, when covering your complete base with a piece of linen or tablecloth, place another layer of fabric underneath. This will plump up the surface and make it look more captivating.

Again, when picking your colors, stick to nudes and neutrals. Shades of deep, dark blues also look appealing, especially in the dark, moody, and deep images. This is more common with still life photography.

However, if you’re to sell products online, then light neutrals in the shades of peach and brown can work best as you DIY photography backdrops for products.

What you need to be mindful of is that your DIY photography backdrops are not stealing the wind from your actual subject. This means, that your DIY photography backdrops shall not overpower your subject so your subject has to fight for attention.

6. Colored papers

DIY Photography Backdrop

Colored sheets of paper can easily be available at any craft or stationery shop. Crafts and construction papers are the most inexpensive DIY photography backdrops material.

Along with being cheap, these are super easy to store. These come in almost all kinds of colors and sizes. Keep these in the background of your products and no one can ever guess if it’s your wall, product image editing technique, or a piece of paper for real.

Product photography has to be of superb quality to improve online sales, but it need not be too expensive in order to leave a mark. Hence, such DIY photography backdrop ideas are best to balance the expenses.

If you have too many images, you may also opt for a product photo editing service for bulk editing.

7. Vintage tray

DIY Photography Backdrop

Think before you dispose-off your old junk. Especially the old and vintage trays you may have kicking around. They can be an excellent source for your DIY photography backdrops.

If you don’t have any, you may get them from any backyard sales, antique or secondhand stores at affordable prices. Just like any other DIY photography backdrop material, it shouldn’t be reflective.

These are better for still life photography. However, you may do flay lay product photography keeping it as your photography backdrop.

8. Old trunks

DIY Photography Backdrop

Do you have any old, worn-out leather or wooden trunks lying in your garage or attic? Because old trucks can be the perfect DIY photography backdrops if you’re looking to add some rustic, theatrical effect to your lifestyle and product photography.

They write great, complimenting stories for your products and still-life subjects. Not necessarily you must use it only when you’re shooting some defined products that you think will mingle well with this DIY photography backdrop.

You can use it to capture digital products, gadgets, cameras and lenses, and many more kinds of products.

Using such photography backdrop materials is great to easily catch the attention of online shoppers. However, using old and worn-out things may not look appealing as you desire. the best way to combat this demerit is to perform product photo retouching.

Social media is a great place to showcase such kind of eCommerce product photography to sell products online successfully.

9. Wooden cutting boards

DIY Photography Backdrop

Wooden cutting boards can be found easily in every home. Depending on the size, you can use it for still life and eCommerce product photography. For flat lays, try keeping your product along with some complimenting props around it.

For example, if it’s natural then you may use small leaves or organic solid lying around it. In the same way, if it’s made with some specific significant ingredients like a lemon facewash or a coffee soap bar, you may mount some powder next to it.

If you don’t like the tint that your wooden board has, then, you may color it with the shade you desire. If you are to buy one, be careful with a warm, orange, or yellowish tinge. These shouldn’t mess with the look of your products.

Choose the one that’s contrasting so that it pops your product rather than blending it in. Go for the boards like pine, or boards in deep espresso for darker shots.

To be an evergreen choice – paint it in crisp white or matte, gun-metal black. This DIY photography backdrop is ever-lasting and used for all purposes. You can also distress it with sandpaper.

10. Rusted metal trays

DIY Photography Backdrops

I can’t say enough about the rusted metal trays, These create the most aesthetic looks on your still life and product photography.

Most people simply throw away these nifty elements that can play a remarkable role in the background.

If you think that the one that you possess is of no good, then I’d suggest considering the product photo editing. You can make adjustments to your DIY photography backdrop using software like Adobe Photoshop.

As rust, there are very low chances that these DIY photography backdrops would reflect. They add a silent, yet dramatic effect to your product and don’t cost you a penny to use it.

Use it as your surface for flat lays or as a backdrop for lifestyle and eCommerce product photography.


A good quality product image can highly boost eCommerce sales and make you stand out from the rest with your very own DIY photography backdrops. There are so many options that you can choose from so that you never get tired of using them unlike the one single, expensive professional backdrop in all your images.

You can play with various inexpensive varieties of photography backdrop materials for one single subject to find the best that works. For more inexpensive photography backdrop materials, you can also check out Amazon as you can get great photography backdrops that are cheap, reusable, and light.

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