White Balance In Photography For Your eCommerce

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White Balance In Photography For Your eCommerce

Product photography for eCommerce acts as a backbone for the sustainability of a business. But at the same time, it can be very hard to understand the complexity of a product.

The goal is to present the image that looks like the product in real life, and without Understanding White Balance in Photography, you seriously can’t move any further.

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What does White Balance means?

White balance is the process of removing/balancing any unreal lighting effect that can tweak the color of the product image as compared to the product in real life.

It is used to balance out the color temperature from a light source, in order to make sure that the product that you capture looks exactly the way it is in real life.

You may take a note that, human eyes can adjust themselves according to the lighting conditions, but your camera sensor guesses the temperature of the lighting based on the color that falls onto them

This means, understanding the white balance in photography and switching the dial from Auto to the manual setting is very important.

Why is White Balance in photography important?

White Balance for eCommerce Photography

When you are selling your products online, your customer can’t actually touch and see the product in reality. Hence, the only thing they can rely on is the way your products look.

Now, if your White balance in Photography is not right, the color of the product in the image would be totally different than the one in real life. Which surely ruins the customer experience and the trust for eCommerce.

Try it out: Take a white paper place it near a candle and click a picture of it in the same lighting condition. Now take the same paper but it in the daylight and click a picture of it. Compare both the photos side by side and look at the difference.

You will see that in the first image paper seems to be a little yellowish, whereas in the second image the paper seems white as it is. It shows the difference between the temperature of light which you would need to adjust in your camera settings to get your white balance right.

Adjusting the White Balance

White balance is adjusted by adjusting the temperature, which is measured in Kelvin (K).

The range of Kelvin varies from 1000 K to 10000 K. Here, as the color temperature rises, the color distribution keeps getting cooler.

Colour Temperature Light Source
1000-2000 K Candlelight
2500-3500 K Tungsten Bulb (household variety)
3000-4000 K Sunrise/Sunset (clear sky)
4000-5000 K Fluorescent Lamps
5000-5500 K Electronic Flash
5000-6500 K Daylight with Clear Sky (sun overhead)
6500-8000 K Moderately Overcast Sky
9000-10000 K Shade or Heavily Overcast Sky

Note that you won’t have to remember the range as modern DSLR cameras come with handy white balance settings that you can choose from.

White Balance in photography

Source- digitalcameraworld

The above image clearly shows the difference in the White balance settings, along with the color temperature. Observe the difference and experiment yourself for understanding white balance in photography.

Best White Balance Setting for Product Photography

In the above article, we have tried understanding the White balance in photography. And it is very important for you to know that the White balance setting you choose would directly depend on the lighting you choose.

After reading this article White Balance in Photography Still, the most ideal White balance setting for Product photography in the presence of flash is around 4700 K. Moreover, we highly recommend you capturing the product images in RAW format.

It will allow the camera to store all the information about the image and any mistakes can be easily corrected in post-processing by PixelPhant.

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