Why White Background Photography Is So Popular?

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Why White Background Photography Is So Popular?

Have you ever wondered why white background photography is so popular? So many brands, eCommerce, and the marketplace use it to present their products.

There must be something, right?

That’s what I was wondering and penned down everything that can help the impact of background removal service and having a white background for the products on your eCommerce.

Without any chit-chat here, let’s dive right into it.

Reasons why white background photography is popular for eCommerce

Make product standout

Make product standout - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

One of the reasons to go for white background photography for eCommerce products is because it makes the product stand out. Because it doesn’t grab the attention, visitors can stay focused on just the product itself.

If there is something on the back of the product, people might get distracted, look at it and skip their buying decision. Something that no eCommerce wants.

That is why the product stays in focus when you use a clean white background for product photography.

Clean and minimalist

Clean and minimalist - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

If you look at all the growing and accomplished brands over the years, do you know what they have in common regarding presentation? They make sure that their products look clean and minimalist.

Before a while ago, it was about being loud. But today, every brand follows the same trend.

Choosing a white color for the background ensures that the product and the eCommerce look clean. Also, there is no influence of color on the product, making sure that people get what they are looking for.

More consistency

More consistency - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

Consistency is the key when building a brand. I mean we want to make sure that our customers are able to look around at different products, compare them and have a great experience.

The white background is a great assist in that. It seamlessly integrates with the product, gives it the limelight, and stays consistent.

High-quality white background photography also allows you to make sure that the color and outline of the products are detailed.

Smaller file size

Smaller file size - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

Weird? Not at all. Adding color to photography means more data to process and save. Now we can’t remove the colors from the product, so the only thing that we are left with is the color of the background.

That means the only necessary data file will need to save the will of the product.

Also, the difference between a white background and a busy background can be double. These large files then take more time to load on the website, hence compromising customer experience.

Easier post-production

Easier post-production - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

Post-production is an important part of product photography. It helps in ensuring that your products look clean and that there are no spots, dirt, or unwanted particles on the product.

It also helps in making sure there is consistency in the margin and the product is framed in the photo.

With white background photography, all this becomes much easier as the product can easily stand out. This ensures that it takes less time in editing the photo, hence even the cost of post-production reduces further.

More publicity

More publicity - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

Because the white background is so versatile, it allows other websites to use your product images as well. On one side it might be a concern, but on another, it’s about the publicity. 

If someone is using your product images, you can reach out to them to mention your eCommerce to gain publicity. You can even add custom-branded props to make sure your images stand out.

Become cost-effective

Become cost-effective - Reason why White Background Photography Is So Popular

Lastly, white background photography cost less. The background can be easily found, it’s easy to set up, and execute the shoot.

No exceptional photography setup is required, and as we discussed the cost of post-production is also less. Hence a cost-effective way to present your products.

Bonus Read

We just discussed the reasons why white background photography is so popular. But that doesn’t mean it is the only option. There are like so many backgrounds for product photography that you can use as well.

The second most popular is Grey. Not too loud, which means no distraction. Clean because of the consistency, and versatility it has with different kinds of products and categories.

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