DIY White Backdrop Photography Guide You Need

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DIY White Backdrop Photography Guide You Need

The demand for white backdrop photography has been high ever since Amazon and eBay boosted up as the ultimate marketplace on the internet. The problems start arising when the product turns out to be white itself.

The problem with white-on-white backdrop photography is to make sure that all the details are easily visible and no overexposure of light is on the product.

Remember that as you are on to capturing a product image, the quality, the details, and the colours of the product should not be manipulated a bit.

White Backdrop Photography

To help you with all these issues here is a simple and step-by-step guide to capturing white products on white backdrop photography.

Guide to Capture White Products on White Backdrop Photography

Understand your Product

White background product photography

Even before taking a sample shot, make sure you are aware of the product thoroughly. Start with the surface, to see if it’s reflective or blunt. The reflective surface would surely demand more effort to find the perfect spot of illumination and over exposition.

You may also consider a continuous LED light with reflective white products as it would help you know about the falling and reflection of the light first hand, without taking a need to shoot an image.

Set-Up your Camera

DSLR Camera for 360° product photography

The first order of business with the camera setting would be to set up your white balance. Ensure that the lighting is set to replicate Daylight and so does your camera setting. If not, the images will appear blue or orange-based which is a serious no-no.

Next would be to adjust your ISO to about 100 or 200. The aim is to capture as much detail as possible without making the image look grainy or blur. Hence tweak your aperture up to f/16.

In addition, remember to use a steady tripod setup for the best white backdrop product photography.

Setting up your White-on-White Studio

White on White Studio

 In order to start a white product on white backdrop photography, you would need to tackle the most common issue of showing a separation between the product and the surface. Unlike other products with different colours, you can’t just increase the lighting as it would just hide the important details of the product.

Here’s a solution for you to tackle this issue.

First, get yourself a table or an elevated area to set up your shoot. Now to start with white backdrop product photography, place a white reflective surface below as well as behind the product. You can choose a seamless paper, white foam core board, or even white plexiglass depending on whether you would like a reflection of the product or not.

We would recommend a white foam core board as they are inexpensive and are easy to move around during the time of the shoot.

Starting with the setup, place a foam below and behind the product such that the ends of the board meet seamlessly. Moreover, surround your product from all sides except the front where the camera will be placed.

Now with this setup, you would be easily able to mould your light in order to create a perfect white backdrop photography set up for the separation between the product as well as the surface.

Steps to Set-up your Lights

Continuous Lighting Kit

Lighting will play a key role in capturing the best white backdrop photography, so make sure you pay all your attention to this point to nail the white backdrop photography.

1. Starting with, no matter if you are using continuous lighting or strobe lighting, make sure to have a broader light cast to avoid vignetting. Also in order to get a perfect separation, place the light, above and behind the camera.

2. Now move your product closer to the camera and away from the background until the background is well lit up and on the other hand the product falls under the shadow. At this point of your white backdrop product photography shoot take a test shot to check your image. Most likely you would see the product as a little too dark and the background perfectly lit up. 

Not exactly what we want as an end result but don’t worry we are on our way to learn the best way to capture white-on-white backdrop photography.

3. At this point, we need to illuminate the front. Hence, take another foam piece and place it on the side and against the product faced up to reflect the light from behind. Now move this foam closer to the product in order to reduce the shadows or move it further away to bring shadows in the frame. Do the same for the other side of the product and take a sample white backdrop product photography shot again.

Here’s when white backdrop photography will start to pay off. You are likely to see the product well illuminated from the side with darkness in the front. No worries as we still have to place our last foam in its place.

4. Take a small strip of white foam that you are using and place it in front of the product, faced against the same to reflect the light in front of the product. Adjust the distance and take your sample shot to find them if your efforts paid off.

In the best-case scenario, you capture the best white-on-white backdrop photography. If not, then adjust reflecting foams again and you will get your desired result.

Note: Even though at the end of setting up all this for your white backdrop product photography shoot, you may find the following setup look like a lightbox or light tent. And to be honest, it does. But in saying that, if you are not a fan of technicalities, then this is the easiest as well as a cheaper way to get a start with white backdrop photography.

Post Production

Well, now that you are done with capturing the white product on white backdrop photography it’s time to ensure make the image look perfect. Either you can do it manually through Photoshop which would surely consume a lot of your precious time or you can outsource the top best product image editing service.

You can opt to remove background, product image retouching, removing/adding, or enhancing the shadows to remove any flaws and make the product look more appealing.

Bonus Read

In the above article, you have learned how you can easily capture white products on white backdrop photography. And there is no doubt that with time the following process will become a piece of cake. Moreover, this can be a starting point to come up with your own style of capturing product photography.

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