7 Product Photography Background Ideas & Tips To Be a Pro

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7 Product Photography Background Ideas & Tips To Be a Pro

Do you make an effort to choose the Perfect Background for Product Photography?

The first impression makes a lot of difference in the online market. Sales, growth, profitability, and every other thing depend on one factor, that is, attraction.

And to attract customers, images play the most significant role. Thus, you must pick the perfect product photography background to make your products stand out and look more engaging.

A product background helps the customers in evaluating the product.

They can compare it with different options and make their best purchasing decision. As a professional, you need to make the overall experience with the product much more engaging.

Here, we are sharing the 7 most crucial product photography background tips that you will make your skills stand out as a pro.

But as a matter of fact, the photography background can make or break the outcome of the overall image. The background can create both positive and negative impacts on customers.

While searching for products, neither of the customers wants to see the bright and pop color background. Elsewhere they steal attention instead of the actual product.

For any image, the product needs to be the focal point. To get a fit background, one must keep in mind the following topics:

7 Product Photography Background Ideas & Tips To Be a Pro

1. Avoid Busy Background

perfect background for product photography

The photography background is the most significant element of any image, and the use of a busy background will divert the attention from the product to the background, which is not helpful for the sellers.

A busy background with a lot of elements in it is most of the time not suitable for a product image. When choosing a perfect background for product photography, One must avoid using a background with busy details. As everyone wants to see more of what they are searching for.

2. Use Subtle Colors

perfect background for product photography

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when looking for the best product photography background color for product photos.

Bright colors look very unpleasing when you are searching for a product. Therefore, it is advised to use subtle colors for the background of photography. Colorful backgrounds are recommended for advertisements and banners.

They are not for a product image – I guess you’ll understand me better if you’ve visited Apple’s website.

apple website product photography background example

The background color is crucial as it helps make the product more visible from the entire image. Some background colors go perfectly with the product, whereas some create blunders.

The light-colored background is suitable for the perfect product photography background. But there are specific guidelines for images in different cases. In each case, a different color should be used as a background for photography.

Also, many online marketplaces like Amazon have guidelines for a product image, and the background color must be selected accordingly.

3. White Background

white background

The white background in product photography was — and mostly still — the most used background. We discussed why white background photography is so popular in our guide. White is the most subtle and neutral color with a shallow impact on the image.

Therefore, it is chosen as the background. Other than that, the white background is timeless and never goes out of trend or looks dull. Even though it is the lightest of all shades, white has charm, bringing the best out of the image.

Also, the white background makes the image look more product-centric, and the product gets highlighted instead of the unwanted background. Specifically, for glass products, a white background is used.

To achieve the white background, you can simply take the help of the background removal service to remove the stage professionally and make it white in all of your bulk product images.

4. Grey Background

Grey Background

Grey, precisely its lighter shade, is also the best product photography background as it is not too loud and does not steal the attention of the actual product. It’s another ideal photography background.

Product images look most appealing when they have a light background color, such as white and grey. The grey color of the background is also used as a substitute for the white color.

Where the online marketplace uses white as the page background, grey is used as the background color for product images to distinguish the page area from an image.

Product images go well with the grey background, fulfilling the purpose of highlighting the product and not appearing bright at the same time. Grey color is the most preferred in fashion stores and for ghost mannequin services for images.

5. Black Background

perfect background for product photography

Though black is the darkest background for photography, it works amazingly for many products. It’s best for products that are shiny, white, silver, golden, etc. Black is best to catch the eyes at the very first instance.

In the case of jewelry, black background makes a lot of difference by making the diamonds and other metals shine brighter, resulting in a presentable and attractive product image.

6. Texture

texture background

For those who may not want a plain photography background yet want to look minimal and subtle, simple and elegant textures such as marble texture, grid & gradient shades, or any other texture are the perfect backgrounds for product photography.

7. Wooden Floor

wooden background

The wooden floor should amplify the product image because it gives an idea of how the product will look in the real world. Customers can better imagine how the product will look when placed on a surface or any of their furniture.

This photography background is minimal and does not steal the attention of your product. It enhances the product’s look and makes the image more relatable.

Now Do This

Removing the background and inserting a suitable one with an apt color is challenging. You can DIY or let PixelPhant’s background removal service do it for you. The professionals can help you with eCommerce photo editing and make your products sell more and look more engaging.

So, these were some of the best DIY advice by the industry experts to help you choose the Perfect Background for Product Photography to stand out your product in the whole image.

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