12 Bag Photography Tips & Ideas for Ecommerce Brand 🔥👜

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12 Bag Photography Tips & Ideas for Ecommerce Brand 🔥👜

If you need to know one thing about How to Photograph bags, remember to make them look reasonable and necessary.

Unlike any other accessories, Bag photography is about showing off a supplement that can easily uplift any outfit without taking much credit – Bags always tend to go unnoticed.

This can be complex at a time because hiring a model or simply putting a bag on the table won’t work for you.

Trends are challenging, and you need some tips and tricks up your sleeves for Bag photography ideas that can stand you out from the crowd.

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12 Bag Photography Tips & Ideas for Ecommerce Brand

The bag photography tips mentioned below are among the essential tips shared by the experts. And we suggest you go through these points. Learn and choose the one that works best for you.

Also, don’t forget to add your style when photographing bags while going through the points. That being said, let us get started with the top 12 professional bag photography tips and ideas for you.

Fill It With Stuffing

Bag Photography Tips

The first and the most crucial Bag photography tip for you would be stuffing it upright. You can use old newspapers or clothes to make the bag look puffed.
In addition, also remember to maintain the stuffing till the point where the textures or the patterns are eye-pleasing.

There should be no loose side or completely stretched side of the bag. This way, carrying out the Bag photography would clearly hint at the expected capacity, along with how it would look when the viewer fills in.

Showcase Case Bag Straps

Showcase Case Bag Straps Handbag photography tips

Designers often indulge the bags’ straps in the product’s overall look. In Bag photography, you also need to make sure that the bag’s strap is showcased.

If you are explicitly doing Handbag product photography with the straps, ensure they are uplifted in some or most of the pictures according to design. The best suggestion would be to use a Fishing wire for that.

Take the strap and tie a knot with a fishing wire. With the help of the poll set-up, just connect the other end of the wire to the pole to make the strap look elevated or hung in the air.

Their wire will be slightly visible but can easily be managed in post-production. With other bags, you can just remove the creases from the straps of the bags or loosely hang unwanted ropes from the pack.

Use Different Angles

women bag photography

As we have already established, handbag photography demands something extra to attract customers. So look out for the options of angles that you can use in product photography.

The more versatile the shoots are, the better options you will be able to choose from. If a certain angle or the side of the bag has something unique or eye-catching, use it to flaunt your photography.

Moreover, while doing so, remember to stick to the customers’ perspective and how they will see a bag in their day-to-day life.

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Show off Textures

showcase bag texture to make it stand out

When photographing bags, one keynote captures as many images as required to convince a customer. Also, make sure that you have a high emphasis on the textures when you are doing handbag photography especially.

Handbag photography demands you capture the texture so the customer to have a good look at the bag before purchasing it.

Any customer looking at that image would judge the quality of the product by the details within the textures.

To ensure that customers can easily see the texture of the material used or the surface of the pattern, ensure your images show the texture with proper lighting and camera settings.

If you need to learn more about camera settings, we highly recommend reading Best Camera Settings You Shall Use For Product Photography.

Communicate the Intention

Handbag Photography

Bag photography isn’t just about a particular kind of handbag, school bag, or duffle bag; you have versatility from one project to another. When you photograph bags, you will find various sizes and styles of bags.

Moreover, some bags are designed to carry laptops, tabs, and other electronics. On the other hand, some bags only allow you to take small items for day-to-day requirements.

To show the intention of the product, you can add the actual product along with the bags and show how functional the bag is for them.

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Choose Right Background

Choose Right Background for bag photography

This isn’t just specified till you photograph bags, but it’s worth sharing it with you. Background plays a crucial role in deciding the tone of the overall image. If the product isn’t full of funky colors, bright colors might overtake the product’s attention.

On the other hand, if the product includes some catchy colors, you can create a contrast using the handbag, which can give you some attractive product images.

If you are just starting and are troubled to decide which background is best for your eCommerce, you can choose between pure white or grey. You can also read our blog, where we have uncovered a guide to deciding the perfect background for your product photography.

Use Context

using context for bag photography

Now that you know the need to show the intention in Bag photography, here is a challenging tip. When you photograph bags, also use additional context with the image.

For example, if the bag is a great travel companion, show it with the traveling items laid down around the bag. Same with an office companion where you can set up files and other office items that people typically carry in the handbag.

Lastly, if you wish to tackle this further, you can even go to a location where the customer would generally use the handbag.

Clean up

Clean up your products for bag photography

No one likes to see dirt or the spots in any Bag photography you do. It can be done in post-production, but to speed up the work from your side and deliver the best, you need to ensure that the products are at their peak of cleanliness.

Pro tip: If you wish to make your product shine a little bit to make the surface look cleaner and smoother, you can use a wax shiner or a cleaning shiner over it.

Avoid Direct Lighting

shadow in bag photography

There is nothing more irritating than doing all the hard work just to see that, just because of the lighting, it’s all ruined up. You would like that. To eliminate this possibility, make sure you don’t use direct lighting.

Firstly, they create harsh shadows in Bag photography and, if not, a terrible glare when photographing bags.

Use lighting equipment such as Softbox or Umbrella to eliminate any of this lighting equipment.

Avoid Glares & Reflection

Bag Photography lighting Tips

While you photograph bags, there is also a special note that you must take special care of. If the surface is too shiny, it’s prone to reflection while you photograph. When you are on to bulk Bag photography, this could consume a lot of your time.

Hence create a setup with soft light on the sides and adjust them for the proper illumination and no reflection. Also, turn off the flash, which can be the main reason for that centered reflection.

Go Creative

creative hand bag photography ideas

If the following Bag photography allows you to go creative, step out of your comfort, and don’t hold back from finding a perfect shot of your product. Every Bag photography project comes with its challenges. But as a photographer, you must find new ways to capture that product in all its glory.


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