11 Luxury Product Photography Tips For Beginners in 2024

11 Luxury Product Photography Tips For Beginners

Luxury product photography can be highly demanding. Brands have specific stature, and photographers must align with their style and values.

But what makes a luxury product so aspirational and symbolic?

While few might say it’s the diamond engraved in the product, if we think about it, it’s the lifestyle associated with the product and the brand.

It is the ability to live a life that symbolizes elegance, freedom, and everything else that the brand stands for.

The role of Luxury Product Photography is to convey the same symbolism but visually. Yes, it can be challenging to get started, and that’s why this guide is here.

We are sharing 11 Luxury Product Photography Tips to help photographers with eCommerce and editorial shoots.

The tips here are what you may say, ideas, and suggestions. But if you believe something else works for the shoot—go ahead and try it out. The idea here is to share a starting point.

  1. Focus on logos
  2. Showcase details
  3. Eliminate Impurities
  4. Make the product stand out
  5. Keep it exclusive
  6. Understand important sides
  7. Target more senses
  8. Befriend Shadows
  9. Composition
  10. Use props as a storyteller
  11. Recheck for color accuracy

11 Luxury Product Photography Tips

Focus on logos

Chanel Hand bag photograhy focusing on logo

Luxury brands often invest a lot in building a story and legacy around their brand. Everything from history, prestige, ideology, and quality of products are represented by their logo.

That is why it is essential in luxury product photography that the logo is clearly visible to the audience.

It helps you build a direct association with the brand that communicates a story in itself.

To understand this better, To understand this better, let’s have a look at recent Chanel handbag photography.

The logo clearly stands out, even in the dark, drawing a clear association with the brand. The same trend can be seen across luxury product photography.

Now, think of a handbag with the Louis Vitton logo and another one with the Supreme logo.

You can imagine both targeting different audiences because the stories and values associated with each of these brands are different.

One promotes a sophisticated high-end life, while the later promotes free living and street-style fashion.

Understanding this difference and highlighting the logo in luxury product photography will make it much easier to connect with the right audience.

Showcase details

Montblanc Pen photograhy Showcase details

Luxury products are often distinguished by their craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Especially when they use intricate designs and materials for even the smallest parts of the product.

In luxury product photography, you must ensure that these details are well-featured in the shoot.

Montblanc is one of the most prestigious luxury pen manufacturers. Their attention to detail is to the nib of the pen.

And this is well featured in their luxury product photography. When a customers looks at the product—they for sure can see the skills and craftsmanship that went behind creating this product. Be it design on the cap or even at the nib.

The details can be as simple as the threads used for stitching the material. They can also be the natural texture of the material used to form the product.

The idea is to let the audince look at the product and understand the depth of craftsmanship that went behind creating a luxury product.

Eliminate Impurities

Eliminate Impurities with product photo retouching

It is essential to understand here as a photographer that your Luxury product photography is often the first impression of the product.

These high-end products are associated with perfection. When customers pay eight times the price of a regular product, they are expecting the best quality.

Hence, you must ensure that you present the perfect image of your product. Remove any dust particles, fingerprints, unwanted glare, and marks from the product.

Use gloves during the shoot if necessary cause details are that much more valuable in this niche of photography.

Taking a step further, you can use professional product photo retouching services to ensure your luxury products are well-presented with no marks of imperfections.

Make the product stand out

Make the product stand out

The role of luxury product photography is to present a high-quality product and make it easy for the audience to see it.

Now, for some campaigns, you might need to hide the product for tease or use darkness in photography. All that said, you want to make sure that the product is distinctly visible to the audience.

Contrast is one of the best ways to create separation of the product from its surroundings. Contrast in colors, lighting, and even material can be used for luxury product photography.

Whatever one may choose, it is important that the background aligns with the storytelling while making the product stand out.

On the other hand, for eCommerce product photography—consistency with product presentation takes priority. To create separation, one can use product shadows.

Keep it exclusive

Rolex Watch photograhy Keep it exclusive

One of the core ideas behind luxury is exclusivity or scarcity. When only a few people can get a product, its value increases.

This concept also needs to be replicated in your luxury product photography.

When presenting a high-end product, make sure not to clutter a scene with too many products that look the same.

You can find this most commonly used in luxury watch photography. Rolex ensures that each product image features a single product with a lot of breathing room left.

And not just for eCommerce images but also prints ads and website banners. This space around the product keeps the attention on the product, while also adding a sense of limited products and exclusivity.

Stick with one product per image or show different variations of the product.

Understand important sides

Understand important sides

Each product has an important side to feature. For shoes, it is mainly the profile shot. For watches, it is the top shot. And bottles it is the front shot.

These are important sides of the product, based on which look and like of the product are compared from one another.

While creativity does allow one to present their product from different sides, as a photographer it is important to highlight what your audince would like to see.

While the strap of wrist watch might look amazing, the most important shot will still be the face of the watch.

Target more senses

Roja Parfums Target more senses

When customers look at a product image, their visual senses are involved. But that’s just of the five senses.

The goal of luxury product photography is to often draw their attention and keep them engaged with the product.

This can’t be done unless more senses like smell, touch, taste, or hearing are involved.

Now we are not talking about a dynamic image. But creating a scene that hints towards targeting these senses as well.

A good example here would be how Roja Parfume features all the notes of its perfume within a single image. For example, Isola Sol, which means the “Island of Sun”, features Sandalwood, peach, and flowers, letting the viewer learn about the smell of the perfume.

Different products may need different senses. For touch, it can be using a smooth fabric; for taste, it can fruits; for hearing, it can be laughter.

The idea is to involve more than just one single sense and draw viewers in by giving a littl bit more to experience.

Befriend Shadows

Tiffany eCommerce product photography

Shadows are an essential part of luxury eCommerce product photography. While many only notice them during editorial shoots, they play a vital role in presenting products on eCommerce.

For the product to be engaging and look natural, shadows in product photography add depth to the image.

Having a look at the Tiffany & Co. eCommerce catalog, we can see how shadows add more depth to the product images, without taking away any attention. Moreover, it boosts a consistent presentation, improving the overall experience.

Shadow also give more insight into the shape and size of the product. Moreover, they also help tell the viewer how the product is placed on the surface.

When using shadows for luxury product photography, also make sure they are consistent with one another. Consistent in terms of spread, direction, and darkness.

You can use professional shadow creation services to get consistent results for luxury eCommerce product photography.


photography Composition for high end photography

Composition in product photography is the way you curate the whole scene so that the viewer’s attention is drawn to the product.

Various composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds, symmetry, negative space, frames, leading lines, and more, are essential for photographers when planning a scene.

Learning about photography composition techniques will help in curating a scene much more quickly.

Also, ensure that your luxury product photography grabs the audience’s attention naturally and in an eye-pleasing manner.

Use props as a storyteller

Use props as a storyteller

Your props should never draw attention away from the product itself. Whenever you are using any prop for luxury product photography, follow this golden rule by heart.

The role of your prop is to add more context to the scene.

It should add some value that helps the viewer learn more about the product, and if not, at least draw more attention to the product.

Today, luxury watch boxes are no less than jewelry boxes themselves. That’s because they add a sense of luxury jewelry.

It adds to the experience. As a photographer, look for props that help you add more depth to the scene.

Recheck for color accuracy

Recheck for color accuracy

Color accuracy is surely the most important point that a photographer must ensure in luxury product photography.

Even during editorial shoots, when you are working lighting gels, props, and shadows—it is vital to ensure the colors of the product are not affected by the environment.

When engaging with a product or making a purchase, the colors of the product play a vital role. Hence, as a photographer, you must ensure the product’s color is rightfully presented.

To do so, you can even use color correction services, which will help you adjust the environment and get the most natural colors of the product images.


Getting started with any project can be overwhelming. From concept to post-production, there are a lot of elements that a photographer has to align with one another.

The above guide will surely help beginners get started with luxury product photography. That being said, you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Rather, you can work with experts to ensure the result match quality of the shoot that you aim for.