Why use Image Background Removal for eCommerce?

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Why use Image Background Removal for eCommerce?

“Did you know background plays a very important role in an image?”

Well, you surely do, and we aren’t going to convince you about the things that you are already aware of. Rather we are going to specifically discuss 

Over the years, PixelPhant has been proudly integrating with various eCommerce niches, to provide a professional product image editing service. In all this time, there has been one particular service that has been consistent over the years.

Yes, you guessed it right, it is the image background removal service. But Why?

In order to understand the importance of background removal services for eCommerce, here are a few points for you to remember.

Benefits of Background Removal for eCommerce

Easy to Manipulate

Let us begin with the most important benefit of an image with no background. That is, it is easy to manipulate according to the way you wish to showcase your eCommerce. You can remove the background and swap it with a new one to match your customer’s background color.

Background removal removes any kind of dust, dirt, mark, or any unrequired fault from the background. This gives you a plain canvas that you can easily manipulate and use for various purposes like product images, banners, ad covers, thumbnails, etc.

Bring Consistency

A customer who comes to your eCommerce store surely does a comparison of the products before buying anyone. Here, in order to help the customer, the image background removal service could help you bring consistency.

In order to be more precise, consistency makes the process of comparison and observation seamless. In addition, this seamless process turns into ease of purchasing, hence improving your sales.

Moreover, this leaves a long-lasting impression on a customer which further has higher chances of returning to your store.

Better for Product Understanding

Product Understanding

Background often has a great impact on the way our eyes perceive a product. So much so that it can alter the colors, the shine, as well as the quality of the product itself.

In eCommerce, this can be a huge concern as most of the sales on eCommerce depend on the way your product looks.

You need to show an image without any influence in order to tell your customer enough about how the product looks in real life. The image background removal service allows a customer to make a better purchase decision, which ultimately helps the eCommerce gain trust of the customers.

Enhances Product Presentation

Product Presentation

While you might have managed to create a stunning eCommerce layout, an improper product presentation can be a major turn-off for your customer. Not just a particular product page, but background removal allows you to create a stunning category page, landing page, and home page.

As discussed above, the product presentation plays a pivotal role in the customer buying journey. In order to make sure they pivot in your favor background removal can help you exponentially.

Bring in More Sales

eCommerce Copywriting

With all the benefits we have been discussing above, it is clear that background removal is focused on making it easy for your customer to make a decision easily. The easy decision means better customer satisfaction, which ultimately roles in bringing in more sales.

Moreover, as established before that a product with no background is easily manipulative, the use of the image in banners and ads tends to create consistency in your ads which brings the right customer to your site. This chain continues, hence improving your conversion rate over the period.

What background removal is comprised with?

Now that you are aware of the importance of background removal services for eCommerce, let us take you through the process.

To begin with, a professional product image background removal service is not a single-step formula. It comprises various services, all in together to give the best result that you are expecting.

These services include:

Clipping Path

A Clipping Path is a process where a product is outlined precisely by the experts, in order to ensure the best selection of the product. The background removal service also eliminates the chances of losing any part of the product. This gives you a clean cut in the end which makes the overall product look uplifted and professional.


Once the selection is completed, the next process is to remove the background, which is done through image masking. Image masking is the process of hiding a portion and showing the selected portion of an image, deteriorating the quality of the image.

Background Manipulation

Until now we have successfully removed the background. But at this time, there is no background to the image which certainly is what we were trying to go for. In addition, now you can alter the image to add any background or background color of your will.

Importance of Background Removal

In order to ensure that every single image on your eCommerce is consistent, is professionally edited, you shall prefer to outsource it to experts in the field. Not only do you save time, but you also get a result better than expected.

At PixelPhant, we work with professionals in order to provide industry-standard photo editing service for each and every image that is sent in to us. Our onboard experts ensure that every single part of your product of every single image is well-edited as per your demand.

With regards to image background removal service, PixelPhant offers a minimum turnaround time, no matter what number of images you send. In addition, every single image goes through a two-stage quality check to ensure you get what you asked for. In addition, you can choose any custom color, as well as multiple file formats for your images, in your preferred turnaround time.

But don’t just trust the words, get a free trial by clicking on the getting started button below and see how PixelPhant can turn your eCommerce image editing requirements into a breeze.

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