Step by Step Guide To Sell on Catch Marketplace

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Step by Step Guide To Sell on Catch Marketplace

If you are looking to expand your audience in Australia, then probably this is the last blog that you might have to read. Here we are discussing how you can sell on Catch Marketplace and grow your business exponentially.

Let us assure you that we are going to have an in-depth, step-by-step guide for you to follow. In addition, you would also learn

  • What is the Catch Marketplace
  • Benefits of Selling on Catch Marketplace
  • How to sell on Catch Marketplace
  • Bonus tip to increase your sale on the Catch marketplace

But this is just an overview. Let’s first understand what Catch Marketplace is, and why should you sell on Catch Marketplace in Australia.

What is Catch Marketplace?

Sell on Catch Marketplace

Catch Marketplace is an Australian-based eCommerce marketplace that was started in 2006 and turned out to be a big hit. It has over 13,000 branded products across the categories which include health and lifestyle, home decor, fashion accessories, sportswear, and more.

Being among the top eCommerce marketplace in Australia, Catch caters to,000 visits and 8,000 orders every day. This means that the e sells a product every 2.8 seconds.

Catch Marketplace has truly revolutionized shopping in Australia, but even if you face any hesitation in signing up to sell on Catch Marketplace, here are all the benefits that you might just miss out on.

Benefits of Selling on Catch Marketplace

There are some satisfactory benefits that you get when you sell on Catch Marketplace in Australia. If you are unaware, you must know that

  • Catch has a large sum of the audience that is actively buying and selling on the eCommerce marketplace, which means you have a higher chance of getting a sale.
  • If you have a bunch of products that you wish to upload on a marketplace, Catch can do it in just a few clicks. Simple and efficient product uploading allows sellers like you to list the bulk products in one go.
  • Catch runs its own marketing campaigns like affiliation to increase sales of the sellers.
  • If you have a bulk of products that you are selling you must know that catch has an average order value is AUS $105, and the average cart size is 4.3 products.
  • The payments are distributed every 14 days in Aussie dollars.

Step by Step Guide To Sell on Catch Marketplace

One of the benefits that we haven’t mentioned above, is the ease of doing business on Catch Marketplace. It has been a serious concern to create a breezy experience for the customer when they buy, as well as for the sellers when they sell on the Catch marketplace. 

Here is a simple, step-by-step guide for you to see how you can start selling on the catch marketplace.

Create a Catch Seller Account

Go to Catch Marketplace Seller Account fill up the following details

Create a Catch Seller Account

1. Enter the email address and password.

 These will be the id and password for you to allow you to log in after your account is created.

2. Fill in your company details. 

Mention the name of your shop, the registered business name, and also the ABN, that is, the Australian business number of your company

3. Enter your Contact Details

Now in your final step to create a seller’s account fill in your contact details, which would be featured in the invoice of any order of your products.

Setting Up the Catch Account

In the next step, you would have to fill in all the necessary account details that will be helpful when you sell on Catch Marketplace. You will need to fill-in

  1. Shop description to tell what your shop is all about and what you are going to sell.
  2. Select the Country from where your products will be shipped from.
  3. Enter your Return Policy which should also complain about the Australian competition and consumer commission.
  4. Enter your warehouse details like the location and the number of days you would need to dispatch the item from your warehouse.
  5. Provide the bank account details. Provide account verifications, which include the scanned copy of the checkbook, bank statement, etc. Also, add the details to receive the payments.
  6. Provide Visual Identity and shipping details. This includes the logo, banners of your store, and deciding the shipping charges for different shipping zones and logistic class.

Creating a Product List on Catch Marketplace

For this step, make sure you remember the specification or bookmark of this article before you start to sell on Catch Marketplace and grow your business.

1. Product Titles

Be Clear with your title with no spelling errors. Also, include the keyword that people use to search your product. You have a total of about 225 characters.

2. Product Description

Sell on Catch Marketplace

Use product description to make sure you answer the question about the product your customer might have. Also in order to increase your relevancy, use the keywords and synonyms of the product.

3. Product Images

Sell on Catch Marketplace

The images must be of high quality and web-optimized for better results. Also, the image must have a clean background, or the product should be shown in its natural environment. We recommend you outsource your product images to the best product image editing service for professional results.

Also note that adding text, logo, or a watermark in your images is not allowed. The image will be rejected at the time of Content review.

Uploading Products on Catch Marketplace

The next step, before you make a sell on Catch marketplace would be to upload your products. 

Catch Marketplace, as we have discussed in the benefits, it has a very simple and streamlined method to upload your products based on the number of products that you are uploading.

1. Product Spreadsheet

Catch Product Spreadsheet

Used when the seller has less than 1000 products. It is the most common method to upload products and sell on Catch Marketplace. Using this, you can import your product into the catch seller account via the Catch template or by using CSV or Excel File.

2. FTP/HTTP Integration

HTTP Integration

Used when the seller has less than 1000 products. When using the following method to import products make sure you connect your own hosted product feed for automatic updates of the following.

3. API


Used when the seller has more than 1000 products. The API enables you to import the product automatically without any manual effort. The API provides, real-time integration with shop management, product management, offer management, customer service, and order management.

Order management with Catch Marketplace

Order management with Catch Marketplace

With our final step of importing the products, you are all set to sell on Catch Marketplace. But your work doesn’t end here. Here are a few actions that you may have to take once the order is placed for your product.

  • Firstly you may accept or reject the order from your seller’s account.
  • Within the same account, you may even export order delivery details in Bulk.
  • You can even check your order details and history in your seller’s account itself.
  • You may even upload the tracking numbers in bulk

Customer Management with Catch Marketplace

Customer Management with Catch Marketplace

When you sell on Catch marketplace or anywhere, you may come across some customer dissatisfaction. Nut in Catch, you can address it directly through your seller’s account.

  • You can send and receive the customer message
  • You can Review and resolve order incidents with the orders
  • If the situation demands you can even generate a refund. Moreover, you can actually manage all the charges, and commissions from the catch account itself.

And with this, we end the step-by-step guide to sell on Catch Marketplace. But in order to track the growth of your business, you need to know some key points to remember. You can also read how Customer Feedback can boost your eCommerce Business.

How to grow your Sale on Catch Marketplace and measure your Success?

Sell on Catch Marketplace

When you sell on Catch Marketplace, you will see the following section through which you can track your success. Hence make sure you try to keep up with all the metrics that we are sharing below to grow your sale on the catch marketplace

1. Catch Quality of Service

This section is to maintain the quality service, which plays a very important role to grow your business on Catch.

1. Incident Rate

Make sure that the incident rate stays below 15% when you sell on Catch.

2. Acceptance Time

It is the time limit within which the orders must be accepted in 48 Hours.

3. Sequentially canceled orders

You can only cancel two orders in a row, after which your account will be suspended

4. Total refused orders

When you sell on Catch Marketplace, more than 9 orders can’t be refunded.  In addition, you 

must also keep the following points in mind.

  • Do not reject orders
  • Do not oversell stocks
  • Accept the orders within 48 hours.
  • Ship the order with a lead time that is with 3 days
  • Keep your incident rate low.

2. Catch Dashboard Panel

1. Unread messages

You shall always read all the messages that are unread within your seller’s account. In addition, these all are the additional details that you can see in your account when you sell on Catch Marketplace.

2. Order

You can check all your orders here. You can find out the pending orders, orders in progress, and incidents.

3. Offers

You can check all the offers that are running on your products. You can find out all the products that are on sale and manually deactivated or out of stocks here.

4.Current Balance

In the following section you can check the balance that’s pending, and the balance that has already been paid.

3. Customer Service Performance

This section allows you to see the rates and the deadlines when you sell on Catch marketplace, depending on how your products are performing.


  • Acceptance rate
  • Incident Rate
  • Refund Rate
  • Refused Rate
  • Auto-refused Rate


  • Average acceptance time
  • Average time to ship
  • Average Response Time to an order
  • Sales

4. Sales Performance

Sell on Catch Marketplace

Finally, this is the section that you can view to track your sales revenue and profit when you sell on Catch Marketplace.

Total Orders

This shows the total number of debited orders from your account

Revenue (excluding Shipping) & Revenue (including Shipping)

These two sections show the revenue (in AUD) excluding the shipping charges and along with including charges respectively.

Average Order Value (excluding Shipping) & Average Order Value (including Shipping)

Again both these sections show the average value orders that have been debited in a period of time.

Bouse Read

Now that you have gone through all the steps to sell on Catch Marketplace, here is a bonus read for you. But before that make sure you bookmark this article for future reference and learning. In this article, we learned how to sell a product on the catch marketplace and how to increase sales in the catch marketplace.

While exploring the catch marketplace, we also saw that the top-ranking products and images have similarities within them, despite the niche may fall in. All the images are professionally edited and hence show better performance on the catch.

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