10 Street Fashion Photography Ideas & Tips 2024

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10 Street Fashion Photography Ideas & Tips 2024

Making your street fashion photography stand out can be chaotic. The first thing you’ll have to deal with is where to start, followed by what to look for.

Having a few ideas and tips up your sleeves can make it easy to overcome such a mental block.

We are sharing about 30 different street fashion photography images, along with 10 tips that you can follow in your next project.

From location to camera angles and props—you’ll know exactly what to look out for.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Street Fashion Photography Ideas & Tips

Finding Suitable Location

Finding Suitable Location

There are typically three types of areas that you can look out for.

  1. First are the iconic streets and areas of your city. For example, Time Square, Hollywood Billboard, London Bridge, etc. These are locations that are distinct and can be used to boost brand’s visibility.
  1. Second are the areas that are part of day-to-day lives but go unnoticed. Think of alleys, crosswalks, plain walls etc. They are great elements that can keep focus on the product and highlight the fashion element.
  1. And last location are areas that have not yet been popular. New graphite art, new or renovated buildings, parks, etc, are good examples of these places.

Using them in your street fashion photography can ensure minimal distractions while also featuring brands’ voices and products in your image.

However, the idea is to always ensure the focus stays on the subject. Learning about various photography composition techniques will come in handy at this point.

Incorporate your environment

One key difference in street fashion photography is the incorporation of day-to-day elements.

In terms of rural and urban areas, the environment consists of sideways, roads, walls, buildings, and vehicles.

They all are essential elements of street fashion photography. And as a photographer, using them in your images can add layers and depth to your shot.

Beyond what’s being featured, you can also include elements like cars, skateboards, crowds, street lamps, etc in your fashion images.

Avoid unwanted distractions

Avoid unwanted distractions

From people walking on the street to changes in natural light. There are elements in street fashion photography that can distract viewers from the subject.

When working with brands to promote products, these distractions are a big NO.

As a photographer, look out for spots with minimum distractions in the scene. Keeping the model away from the crowd; or keeping the scene tight with only your subject in the frame can be one way to go forward.

But if you are looking to add more elements to the street, it’s better to focus on just one additional element. This can be a single wall, empty lane, or alley that has minimal distraction on its own.

Use the depth of streets

Use depth of streets

Streets allow you to add depth to your scene. They add layers in the background and each one of them adds more context.

You can see an empty street with models in the center or with a whole crowd in the background.

Depending on the theme of photography, one can find themselves capturing randomness right off the bat.

While walls and streets are often used for background, using depth could make your images more engaging.

Highlight through minimalism

Highlight through minimalism

The goal of every fashion photography is to always keep fashion in the focus.

And if you are struggling to eliminate background distractions, you can go with minimalism.

Clear sky or a plain wall with sideways can also deliver outstanding results. The overall idea is to find a composition where your model and fashion stands out.

Oftentimes, contrast is also used between fashion and the background. You can also incorporate negative space and draw focus specifically toward your model.

Feature city’s new viewpoints

Feature city’s new viewpoints

New angles and points of view are always appreciated in street fashion photography. During the shoot, consciously look for the opportunity to capture scenes that not many have seen.

It can be as simple as a ground shot of the street or a model on a wall. The ideas are not unheard of. But they are executed as much as they are talked about.

As a photographer, having an eye for such a unique opportunity can help in capturing a distinct photo that is capable of attracting viewers toward the main subject.

Common photography angles

Common photography angles

The majority of street fashion photographers use low-level or high-level angles to showcase their models.

While eye level photography can also be seen, they are often kept for rare occasions. The idea behind street fashion photography is to make fashion stand out.

Using distinct angles instantly grabs attention and gives the viewer a platform to interact with the image.

Angles can make the scene more dynamic and engaging for the viewer as well.

Using these angles, along with various fashion photography compositions, can improve overall presentations.

Reflection & Shadows

Reflection & Shadows

Modern cities are filled with opportunities to capture reflection and shadows in natural scenery. They add new elements to your image and help in creating much loved contrast.

Photographers can use direct sunlight and shadows in their images or can capture reflections from the glass buildings.

These simple tricks can turn a regular image into stunning outdoor fashion photography. Here, make sure the details of the fashion products are lost.

While one is free to experiment, it is equally important to keep fashion in focus.

Details are essentials

Details are essentials

Street fashion photography has always been around, highlighting the details. While it is about the look, it is also about the details that complete the look.

Ensure that the details of fashion photography are clearly visible in your image. This means ensuring the texture, accessories, bags, and shoes are in the focus.

These tiny details make your model and, essentially, your street photography impactful for fashion enthusiasts.

Capture gestures

Capture gestures
Sources: Unsplash & Pexels

Talking about tiny details, let’s not forget about the role of natural gestures. Unlike poses they aren’t always loud or distinct, but are subtle and essential.

Oftentimes, you’ll find in street fashion photography that the model is in motion. This can either be a simple walk, skateboarding, or leaning on a pole.

Capturing them in between these moments can help you capture realism. Essentially, the core of street fashion photography that viewers often look for.


These street fashion photography ideas are great means to spark creativity and look out for unique opportunities. Photographers can use them to highlight their subjects in a unique and elaborate manner.

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