8 Steps To Optimize Your Amazon Images & Boost Your Sales

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8 Steps To Optimize Your Amazon Images & Boost Your Sales

Your product images on Amazon marketplace are a window to attract online customers. It’s only when they are convinced by the visuals, they consider learning about the product in detail.

But how to stand out? How to optimize Amazon Images that help in increasing sales?

If you have the same questions, this guide shares all the answers you need. From different types of images to the size of images, you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Without taking any more time, let’s get started with the guide to Amazon image optimization to make your products stand out.

8 Steps To Optimize Your Amazon Images

1. Stay Updated with Amazon Requirements

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Firstly, when we talk about Amazon Image optimization, it is very important to keep yourself updated on the guidelines from Amazon.

Amazon has clearly stated that they will remove the product listing—in cases where these guidelines are not complied by.

Here’s the list of everything that you must take a screenshot of for future reference.

  • Every product listing must have at least one image of the product.
  • Amazon prefers images larger than 1000px on each side as it allows zoom functionality.
  • The file type of your images shall be JPEG, as recommended by Amazon.
  • Images must accurately depict the actual product and should not be blurry or pixelated.

These are some common and must-follow guidelines for Amazon Image Optimization for all the images.

2. Amazon Main Image Optimization

The main image of your Amazon product is the first image, and introduction of your images. 

To deliver the best experience for the customers, Amazon has specified the following guidelines for the main image optimization.

  • The background color of the main image must be pure white.
  • The main image should show only the product that you are selling. No excluded or additional props and graphics are allowed in the main image.
  • The product must occupy 80% of the frame and no portion/corner of the product should be cropped.

One important note that must be kept is to maintain high-quality of Amazon product images. Amazon Image optimization has lot to with user experience. If customers can see and interact with your product—they are more likely buy your products.

3. Offer a variety of images

optimize your amazon images
optimize your amazon images

The next step you need to keep in mind that, make sure you offer a variety of images. You get about 7 to 9 places where you can showcase your product.

You must use all these places to minimize the most common gap between a customer and your product. You need to understand that your customer is missing out on the opportunity to touch a product and see it from different angles.

Eliminate this fear of missing out and showcase various angles of the product. In addition as per the Amazon requirement also show your product being used in common requirements. You can also add a video if your budget allows you to record and edit it professionally.

4. Use High-quality Images

high quality images
Optimize your Amazon Images

When we are talking about professionalism in images and videos, Amazon always prefers High-quality images being used to showcase the product. You don’t need to spend a lot on the high-end camera, as a decent DSLR would work. But to make sure your images stand out you shall use the best amazon photo editing service.

This will help you get the best out of your image, replace the background(as preferred by amazon), enhance the quality, and reduce the size of the image for better optimization. PixelPhant is among the best eCommerce Photo editing service provider that can deliver you the best results in less than 24hr, that too at an affordable cost for quality and precision.  

5. Frame every image right

As a customer everyone wishes to see the product at its best before making a purchase. In order to optimize your Amazon images, you’ll need to make sure that all the images that you are using are properly copped and framed.

As per Amazon’s Guidelines, the actual product must cover about 85% of the image. In saying that, no corner or the side of your image should be cropped. Preferably try to center in and make sure the product looks good.

6. Use minimal but only necessary graphics

necessary graphics

Some products need some extra attention and effort. Simply adding an image won’t be very helpful to grow your sale online. In order to optimize your Amazon Images for such a product, you will need to add some extra graphics to them.

The graphic can be as simple as an arrow showing the direction of the handle. Or representing the size of the product. These are minute details that will help your customer to understand the product in a more profound way and grow your sale.

7. Remove any distractions

remove any distractions

Lastly, you need to make sure that the image that you are showcasing doesn’t have any distractions. The Images must be simple and with no other prop present in it. At least in most of the images.

Moreover, even in the images where the product is shown being used in a natural condition, make sure the focus of the image remain’s on the product itself.

8. Use Right Alt tag for SEO

Search engine optimization

Lastly, you need to make sure you optimize your Amazon images for SEO. Every effort that you put in is only worth it when the sales start to roll in. With so much competition in the market, you need to make sure that you outrank your competitor and get the highest ranking in the amazon search result as well as the google search result.

One key factor is the use of Alt tags. You should use the focus keyword, that is, your product in the alt tag to tell what the image is all about. This helps search engines to understand better and give you a higher ranking.

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Bonus tip

After going through all the 8 ways to optimize your Amazon images, you need to make sure that all your products have a consistent optimization. Once done you not only get a better ranking but also you also grow your online sale.

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