Amazon has emerged as among the most competitive marketplace for sellers to stand out and bring in more profit by selling their products online. But in order to truly make your product look buy-able and attractive, your Amazon product photo editing shall not be compromised.

And that’s where PixelPhant can help you. PixelPhant is among the Best Amazon Photo Editing Services, providing high-quality amazon photo retouching service while keeping affordability and efficiency as the pillar of strength.

Here, we are going to discuss:

  • Why Product Image Editing For Amazon is Important?
  • How Does Product Retouching Enhances The Photo?
  • What Does PixelPhant Product Image Editing Service Include?

Why Product Image Editing For Amazon is Important?

Let’s be honest and say out loud that, selling on Amazon is not a piece of cake. In order to make a sale, you have to make sure you are following the Amazon Guidelines as well as presenting your product in the best possible way.

Here are some of the strict guidelines that every Amazon seller must learn when uploading their product images.

  • The color of the product in the image should match exactly with the real product.
  • The preferred size of the image is 1000px, and no less than 500px files should be uploaded.
  • Your main image (first image) should have a white background, clearly representing the product as it is.
  • Your product must fill at least 85% area of the image.
  • The product must not be cropped from any corner and must be visible clearly.
  • The preferred file format of the amazon product images is .jpeg
  • One must ensure that the image has a resolution of more than 72dpi
  • No watermark or logo shall be added to the product images

And while one may follow all this, it requires the Best Amazon Photo Editing Service to ensure a high quality of all the images especially if you are working with the bulk images.

Moreover, Product image editing for Amazon is very important as it allows the customer to have a better look at your product, and buy it directly with bouncing to other pages.

It has been seen that more than 83% of the customer make purchases based on the product image and prefer high-quality product images rather than only reading about the quality of the product in the description.

How Does Product Retouching Enhances The Photo?

Product Image Editing For Amazon

Amazon Photo retouching is a time-consuming task where one has to keep the guidelines in mind and remove any flaws from product photography.

Scratches, fingerprints, product placement, dirt in the background, reflection, etc are some of the most common mistakes that are needed to be fixed in post-production by the Best Amazon Photo Editing Services.

PixelPhant ensures that all such mistakes are corrected by our experts while ensuring that the product looks real and attractive when you upload it on Amazon.

What Does PixelPhant Product Image Editing Service Include?

Now that you are aware of the importance of the product image editing for Amazon and how can it help you, here are all the services which you get from PixelPhant making us the best amazon photo editing service.

Cropping & Margin

Let us start from the basics and make our way up. The experts at PixelPhant as the best Amazon Photo editing service ensure that all the images are cropped and have a defined margin as per Amazon’s guidelines. You can set your own custom ratio, but we would highly recommend you to stick with what Amazon has guided.

You will also notice that all the images follow a synchronized margin and placement to ensure a clear and better customer experience for your customer.

White Background

Next comes adding the white background for your images. It is important to note that Amazon has clearly stated to make sure your first image (main image) has a white background, with no use of props in it.

Here too we recommend you stick with Amazon’s guideline as it would ensure that you or your ranking are not penalized.

Product Photo Retouching

\Now comes the Amazon photo retouching service of PixelPhant.

The team zooms into each and every area of your product to remove any flaw from the product photography like scratches, reflections, fingerprints, dust, unwanted threads on the sides from the cloths, etc.

The aim is to deliver perfection in every single product image bring out the best in your products. And when it comes to perfection in the Amazon photo editing service, there is no better deal than PixelPhant.

Multiple File Formate

While the Amazon recommended file format is .jpeg you can also ask for web-optimized jpeg, tiff, png, etc for promoting your products on other platforms. You can order them with the same files to get them with your.jpeg file without losing any more time converting it yourself.

Color Correction

Lastly, you would also like to make sure all the colors of your products are the same as the product in the real life. But don’t you worry, the Amazon photo editing service by PixelPhant ensures that all the images are color corrected, without losing any detail of the product itself.

24-hour Turn Around Time

How much time will all your images take to be edited? We would say 24-hour or even less. PixelPhant experts have mastered the art of Product Image Editing For Amazon and delivering the best quality of work in 24-hours or less.

Now if you would like to get some extra discount you can even choose 48 hours or 72 hours turnaround time. This way you save more and get the best Amazon photo editing services online from PixelPhant.

Why Choose PixelPhant Product Image Editing Service?

Amazon photo retouching

Over the past years, PixelPhant has emerged as one of the most trustworthy, efficient, and Best Amazon Photo Editing Services within the seller’s community across the world. How? Well, most of the credits go to our team of expert product photo retouchers who ensure to deliver quality even with tough deadlines.

Moreover, when you sign up with PixelPhant for the best Amazon photo editing service you get your own dashboard. Here you can upload, track and receive all your images edited as per your specifications.

Specifically, for Amazon sellers, PixelPhant has preset specifications that you can choose directly or can create a new one as per your own requirement.

Excited to get your images edited by the best amazon photo editing service, PixelPhant? Give us a try by signing up now and get a free image editing trial now.

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