How To Write Amazon Titles For Products That Rank & Sell?

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How To Write Amazon Titles For Products That Rank & Sell?

Writing an Amazon title for products can be challenging.

The reason is that they need to be short, direct, informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized simultaneously.

To accomplish all this, we have a character limit of 200, but as a good practice, we must keep it under 190.

And since we are competing in rating, reviews, pricing, and all other factors, the Amazon title must be to the point.

You see my point. Writing an Amazon Title for products can be challenging if you don’t have a suitable template to follow.

In this article, I’ll share how you can write Amazon titles that help you rank higher and increase sales.

Starting from the basics, let’s dive into it.

What is Amazon Title?

An Amazon Title is the introduction of a particular product/listing on Amazon that informs the reader about the product.

On the platform, along with the product images, Amazon showcases the product’s title to learn and compare other similar options quickly.

It usually gives basic and essential information about the product quickly and concisely.

Why Are Amazon Product Titles Important?

Amazon product titles are essential for customers and Amazon search engines.

It is brief information about the product that helps customers looking the buy product, and Amazon trying to show the best product on the top.

For the following reasons, writing Amazon is both creative and analytical. You have to balance information and keywords to ensure both—Amazon and your customers—love your product.

Amazon Product Title Format

Amazon Product Title Format

To write a fantastic Amazon title, you need to understand what customers want to know first, second, third, and last.

Amazon product title format follows a common thread of descending order of information.

When you write the Amazon title for products, the broadest information will come first, gradually narrowing down to specifics.

The most common and effective Amazon format is :

Brand + Category of Product + Type Of Product + Specifics About the Product

Based on different products, the following format will add information.

For fashion and apparel, the format can be

  • Brand + Sport + Occasion + Product Type + Gender
  • Brand + Gender + Style + Product Type

For age-specific products, the format can be

  • Brand + Age Group + Product Type + Specifics

Some other popular formats for writing Amazon titles are

  • Brand + Model Number + Size + Product Type + Specifics
  • Brand + Model Number + Product Type + Specifics

As you can see, in all the formats, the broadest information has been featured first, narrowing it to specifics as we go along.

Keywords in the Titles

Adding the right keywords for your product and a suitable Amazon title format are essential.

Here, the first step is to find the right keywords.

The best place to start is Amazon itself.

Go to (or a respected Amazon site based on the geography you want to sell in) and search type what your product is.

For example, if you are selling basketball shoes – type the same and look at the suggestions.

Keywords in the Titles - Amazon search trend

You will see a drop-down of various terms people usually search for. Note them down and try to use each (if relevant to your product) in the content at least once.

Regarding writing the title of Amazon products—based on what you are selling—I suggest you use the broad keyword first and then add some elements of specifics.

Also, look at the search results when your product keyword.

In the same example, you will see the following results when you search for a basketball shoe.

basketball shoe example

As you can see, most of the products target “men’s basketball shoe” rather than the long tail keyword “basketball shoe for men.”

Based on the following analysis, you must keep “men’s basketball shoe” and, at the same time, use “basketball shoe for men.” in your product page’s description and A+ content.

Optimize your product title to rank on the search results

Amazon wants titles that are informative and direct. That is why you must stick to sharing details about the product and optimizing it for Amazon SEO.

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your Amazon title the right way:

  • Choose high-volume keywords specific to your products.
  • Break down the title of top-ranking products to pull out standard terms and format.
  • Avoid jargon and fluff in the title and use Unique selling points about the product.
  • Make sure you separate information using symbols like “|,” “-,” or “,” in your title.
  • Use your brand name to build trust.
  • Avoid using keywords repeatedly to avoid stuffing.
  • Focus on what customers want, understand the intent, and deliver it to them.


Testing and testing is one of the most acceptable ways to know how to write an Amazon title. Over the years, many have tested various formats and templates; what we see today is the result of those tests.

But do you know what plays a vital role in making your Amazon listing stand out?

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