Jewelry Photography Guide for Beginners

Feb 01, 2019 - Chetan Menaria

Jewelry Photography Guide for Beginners

Do you ever wonder why the pictures of jewellery look extra stunning and sparkling in the catalogues or digital media and advertisements rather than in real life?

Jewelry photography is not an easy task as it sounds until a professional photographer is able to understand and masters the keys to taking enormous pictures of them. The keys of good jewelry photography are lighting, sharpness and exposure but if it is the case of a gemstone then creating some sparkling is also necessary.

Another important is how you adjust the jewelry pieces in each situation in order to get the best possible photos to attract customers.

Taking an excellent quality of jewelry for most is still now an unsolved mystery. However, with some simple techniques that are taken by professionals, you will be able to obtain dramatic results with nominal effect.

Once you gain the confidence level and have ample experience in shooting with digital camera, you can easily start taking impressive jewelry photos with the given tips mentioned below:

Sharp and Crisp Focus


Good Jewellery product photography always needs sharp and crisp focus. So, it is important to get out from the cameras manual mode to find out how to put the camera in “Spot Focus” mode. Normal focus mode of the Digital Cameras is some sort of average focus mode.

The camera will look at the wide areas of the scene whereas maintaing the base of the focus on that particular area. As you want to control where the camera is focusing, it is better to put the camera in the spot focus mode for the jewelery photography. This will allow you to control more accurately where the camera will be focusing on.

However, in spot focus mode, many digital cameras can’t really work properly on a small object like gemstone jewelry.  So in such case to take closeups, you require a good quality manual focus camera.

Before you end the shoot, you need to ensure that you have winning shots where you have focused on the entire piece of jewellery. It is required in case of catalog shooting where you have space for adding only 1 or 2 images with the details and intricacies of the jewelries.

Clean Your Jewelry

Jewelry Photography

The important steps of taking beautiful photos of the jewelry is to make sure that all the products are clearly polished and clean. What you can’t see in the naked eye can be easily exposed once it gets blown-up in the highly detailed images by digital camera.

You can remove dust from the piece of the product and add shine to your jewelry by wiping down with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth before taking the shoot. You can even wear cotton gloves so that any fingerprint will leave marks every time you handle the jewelry.

Inconsistent Shooting

Jewelry photography planning

You have to develop guidelines for your jewelry photography and follow them. Consistency is another part for product photography. Variations from shot to shot or product to product may distract the customer. So, first document everything – lightings, camera settings, equipment position, product position and background.

Use Macro Lens

Macro lens use for jewelry products

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you require mainly for gemstone jewelry photography is a macro lens. While shooting with DSLR, compatible macro lens ensure that you will get the most extravagant images beyond the size.

While choosing a macro lens, things that you have to consider are – one having a shorter focal length which will help you to take a much closer look and reveal minute details in a bigger piece of jewelry and another one with longer focal length so that you can take pictures from a comfortable distance.

Use Sturdy Tripod

Use of tripod in jewelry photography

Camera shake is the worst enemy of a photographer. When dealing with small jewelry pieces, any small movement caused by the hand holding camera will appear a blur picture in the final photography.

So, to avoid this, use a sturdy tripod. You should look for a removable tripod ball head, Arca Swiss compatible ball head and also a spirit level either on the tripod head or legs.

Window with Natural Light

Natural light from windows for product photography

Taking a photo of any shiny jewelry with the flash of your camera is not at all good idea. It will reflect the bright light that will leave your product covered in white light spots with insensitive shadows in the background.

It is better to take jewelry product images using natural light until you are professional enough and know how to adjust the light in which position. So, it is better to position the jewelry piece near a window and take a picture in the daylight.

But again bright sunlight can create reflections, so you can cover the window with a white sheet or paper piece (not any other colour as it can change the colour of the light).

Once you are good enough, you can use of the camera flashes to create a more controlled light setting. While you are into it, turn of all the other unnecessary light sources in the room. Don’t mix various types of lightings that will complicated the setup and produce different colour textures.

White Paper Backdrop

The reflective property of the jewelry means it can absorb all the other colours and make your photographs dull.

So, you must shoot on a white backdrop to altering the colour of the piece. White reflects light, so your products will be better lit if you shot on a white backdrop. As the size of the jewelry is small, so you don’t need to stretch a white sheet from wall to wall to create white background.

Using a white sheet or piece of paper and folding it on the stands or chair and keep the jewelry in the middle to take photos.

Upgrade the Setup

Camera kit for jewelry photography

Once you are good enough at jewelry photography, then there will be nothing wrong with being a little more creative. If you can understand the lighting and background setup properly, then you can add interest to your shot.

But be sure that too many elements can distract your viewers from focusing on the beauty of the jewelry. So, first you have to know how the background colors and other elements interact with the product, and then you can complement the jewelry and make it more attractive to stand out from other photography.

Keep it simple

Jewelry photo

Simplicity is the key of showing the product with its details. Keep a simple and clean background for all your products. So, instead of complicating the jewelry photographs with other distracting background and props, your jewelry may be run better with minimal setup.

Detailed photos will go in a great way for campaign shoots but if it comes to the online ecommerce store, you have to keep it simple to make it easier for the customer so that they can quickly view all the images and visualize that product on themselves as well.

Click Various Images from Different Angles

jewelry photographs

It is incredibly disappointing to click on a product on a category page and then find out that there are not enough images. Clicking 1 or 2 images from the same angle is not really a good idea.

Customer always likes to get a detailed shot of the jewelry from every corner to clarify the product properly. So, give it to them by clicking photos from different angles so that it can satisfy the client properly.

Add Sparkling to Diamonds or Other Gemstone Jewelries

Gemstones and diamonds need to be illuminated by a light source which is positioned at nearly the same place like the camera, shining directly into the face of the stones. But using basic light will only provide you with glare and hot spots.

So, get a special studio bulb or diamond dazzler bulb which provides the direct and focused hard light to allow running free the fire of your jewelry without any unwanted glare.

Always be sure that lights will match with the colour of jewelry and gemstones, otherwise, you will not be happy with the results. For adding sparkling on the gemstone jewelry, never mix up different light source bulb colours instead of using balanced daylight colored LED Bulb.

Now, if you are not sure about the addition of bulbs to give radiant on the gemstones and diamonds, another great way is to go with the online photo editing services. Such services will provide excellent dazzling on your diamonds and other gemstones with high-end retouching services.

Jewelry Photo Editing

It is always recommended that the images of the Jewelry must be published clean, optimized photo with a white background. It helps you to attract more customers. Background removal, white background, cropping, clipping paths, online photo editing are the essential part to get a proper and optimized stunning jewelry photos. So, getting product photo editing services with high-end retouching is essential for any images without the matter of how beautifully you click the pictures.

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