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Why not do your furniture photography all by yourself, DIY

Why not do your furniture photography all by yourself, DIY

Furniture is once in a lifetime kind of investment and also costs a lot. For furniture products, online stores are trusted less and people prefer buying through offline modes. But with a change in time, a lot of people are considering the online options as well. However, it becomes quite difficult to convince them with just images. Images are the ones that convert the viewers into buyers and therefore, it is essential to present images that can pull the attention of viewers. Professionally clicked images will not only improve your site's facade but also give a boost to sales.

Furniture photography is easier said than done. One cannot simply pick up the camera and get ideal furniture images. Unlike other products, furniture photography requires some special considerations. By keeping them in mind, even an amateur can click images like a Pro. Let me shed some light on the process of DIY Furniture Product Photography.

Use appropriate place

furniture product photography DIY use of  appropriate place

As such, there is no appropriate place to click furniture products, but in most cases, a white backdrop is required. While shooting indoors, keep in mind that the room has a subtle paint and ambiance must not be too intense to fit in the frame.

Decide a right time for the shoot

Furniture product photography DIY right time

Deciding a time for the shoot is of prime importance if you are planning to shoot outdoors. Neither early morning nor the evening is a right choice. One must click images outdoors in the early afternoon. Natural light in the early afternoon is best suited for clicking images.

Artificial lighting

Furniture product photography DIY artificial lighting

As most of the furniture product images are clicked indoors and it sometimes gets difficult to get natural lighting. In such a case, there is no other option than clicking product images in artificial lighting; make sure you keep a control over it. Lighting should not be too harsh or too light as neither of them is good for clicking product images. Maintaining a balance is required.

Styling the product

Furniture product photography DIY styling

Simple and plain-looking furniture may not look tempting. Therefore, styling the product is obligatory. For tables, you can place a small pot over it and add a dash of greenery to it which will give a soothing effect. For sofas, beds, adding small cushions would be great fun. Also, be careful that you don't over style the product as this will distract the customers.

Groom the furniture

Grooming the furniture is also an important step. For wooden furniture, remove the dust with a clean and dry cloth and apply polish to make the surface shiny and finished. Keep a check over small details. Before clicking images, ensure that the furniture does not have and accumulated dust particles or scratches. Preparing the product before shoot reduces the need for product image retouching.

Be creative

Furniture product photography DIY creative direction

The biggest advantage of doing anything by yourself is that you get a fair chance to demonstrate your creativity. You can be as innovative as possible and click all the possible shots of furniture from different angles. Use different ideas and imagination to get striking and fine-looking images.

Stable shots

Furniture product photography DIY stable shot

In order to get unwavering and clear images, keeping the camera/smartphone stable is very important. One must avoid unnecessary hand movements while clicking as this can give you an unclear or blurred image which is not acceptable at all.

Multiple shots

The more, the better. Quantity is always preferred. Instead of taking a single shot, it is advisable to take multiple shots from different angles. For an amateur, it is difficult to get a perfect product image in just one click. To increase the probability of getting perfect pictures, multiple shots are suggested.

Final edit

Furniture product photography DIY final editing

It's now time for you to sit back and relax. The final step is to edit the images and make them fit for the purpose. Since you have put all your efforts in DIY furniture product photography, it would be better to hand over all the editing work to post-production agencies. You have to assign them all your image editing requirements and they will give best results in affordable price.

PixelPhant will endow you the results far better than your expectations. Our team of experts specializes in providing all kinds of product image editing services which take account of background removal, clipping path, product image retouching and much more.

PixelPhant provides you with superior quality image editing services that will add to the beauty of your furniture product images. We believe in offering premium grade services to our clients and solving their problems to give them the convenience. By following the DIY process of furniture product photography by PixelPhant, you can create images which can give a tough competition to Professional photographers.



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