10 DIY Furniture Product Photography Tips For Optimization

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10 DIY Furniture Product Photography Tips For Optimization

When it comes to furniture product photography, only a few understand the scale of its importance. One is not just capturing furniture to showcase on a website. They are doing it to make people love the product and buy it.

That’s when you need a handy guide to do things right. No hard rules, but just 10 DIY furniture product photography tips that you can trust to get better results.

Why do you need them? Because furniture photography is different from any other kind of product photography. To say the least, furniture photography is done at scale. The size of the products is comparatively huge. And it requires some special prep and execution to do things right.
Now, without taking any more of your time let’s get started with the 10 DIY Furniture Product Photography Tips that PixelPhant wants to share with every product photography beginner and expert.

10 DIY Furniture Product Photography Tips To Sell

1. Prepare your furniture

Prepare your furniture

When you are getting started, it is very important that you prepare your furniture for the shoot. Place the furniture in front of your camera and clean it up. Make sure there is no visible dust on any side of the furniture and the product looks clean and appealing in the frame.

In furniture product photography, it is very important that you work on the way you present your products. The goal here is to inform your customer about the product visually in the best possible way. The more details you can showcase, the better it is for e-commerce. At the same time, when you make sure that the product is clean and well-presented, you will see a spike in the way people engage with the image.

Any unwanted scratch or dust that is left can be removed in post-production too. So if still see you some dust resting on the furniture, it can easily be cleaned in eCommerce image post-production.

2. Showcase your product

Showcase your product

It is often seen that a furniture eCommerce often oversees the importance of showcasing the product in their natural environment. Plan a shoot day for your furniture product photography where the products are showcased in they would be used in real-life.

This will further help the customer see how the product might look in their space. In addition to this, also try shooting in natural lights. This will further enhance the way your products are perceived and will surely help your customer choose the best product from you.

3. Set up your lighting

Set up your lighting

In most cases, you will face an issue with natural lighting and we totally understand that. But when you are using artificial lighting ensure these three things for the perfect furniture product photography.

  1. Avoid use of any harsh lights that can make it hard to see the texture of poduct.
  2. Illuminate the product in furtniture product photography from all side equally to make it easy for people judge the length and depth of the product.
  3. Make sure the lighting doesn’t mess with the colors of the product.

During furniture photography you must ensure that the lighting is consistent in all images. Natural source of light makes it hard, so we’ll highly motivate you using softbox and umbrella lighting.

4. Background for furniture product photography

Background for furniture product photography

While we have discussed the importance of showcasing furniture in their natural enviroment, it is important that capture them on plain background as well. As we said, furniture product photography is all about informing the customer about the product.

So in first case of furniture photography, you shared how the product will look with other regular things around it. Now its time to showcase the furniture itself. The sides, the front, the angles and the details. You need to make sure that a customer can easily see every side of the product without getting distracted. For that using a plain background is highly recommended.

The most common background suggested across the web is white background. But as we see here at PixelPhant, more and more brands are shifting towards grey or off white background for their furniture photography.

5. Finding the right lens

Finding the right lens

A lense will be your primary tool when it comes scalling your furniture product photography. Hence it is very curcial that you choose the right lense. The most commonly used lense is the 24-70 mm lense. It gives a high mobality to zoom in and out, that means you’ll be able easily capture the deatils without loosing your frame.

6. Try for the most stable shot to fix the photo

Furniture product photography DIY stable shot

In order to ensure a clear, stable and consitent images it is very important you invest in good tripod. During furtniure product photography, it is very important that you place the camera at the right length and right distance.

Also one must avoid unnecessary hand movements while clicking as this can give you an unclear or blurred image which is not acceptable at all.

Be consistent in taking several photos for custom jobs. This gives the best shot. The process should be followed that each piece should be shot in the same way against the same backdrop.

7. Click multiple shots from various angles and settings

Furniture product photography DIY creative direction

The more, the better. Quantity is always preferred. Instead of taking a single shot, it is advisable to take multiple shots from different angles.

For an amateur, it is difficult to get a perfect product image in just one go. To increase the probability of getting perfect pictures, multiple shots are suggested.

8. Brace up the furniture

furniture photography

In furniture product photography, it is very common to see some small mistakes that hurt the whole image. That is why here are some simple things you must take care of during furniture photography.

  • Don’t forget to remove all the tags and labels from the product and should prepare it fully, before starting the photography shoot.
  • It should be polished not reflect any fault spot or marks on it. Take adequate time and prepare it best.
  • Never hide the imperfections, when it comes to selling second-hand products. If you are not able to fix it properly then let it be, allow your customers to see the real features of the products.
  • Accuracy of product photos leads to customer satisfaction and thereby increases sellers’ reputation as an e-commerce seller.
  • And lastly, make sure no corners are cropped out of the image. Leave a little margin around the product and make sure the whole product is visible in your image.

9. Shoot the furniture within the small aperture

furniture photography example

The longer side of the furniture with the long focal length demands the use of small aperture for photography execution, to get the entire product in focus.

It’s difficult to do it manually, so set the camera aperture settings on priority and move the aperture dial. With the use of small aperture settings, minutest details are captured, This will enhance image quality.

10. Don’t over style

Don't over style

The use of props is very common in furniture product photography. We usually see the use of pillows, blankets, and even stuffed toys being used in furniture photography. All is good but it usually ends the motivation of furniture product photography. The goal is to share how the product will look, without distracting the customers. So it is highly recommended to avoid over-styling the furniture and focus only on making it the most informative furniture product photography.

Final Edits

And with that, we wrap up our 10 DIY furniture product photography tips for eCommerce. But that being said, the work is still not over. You need to make sure the furniture photography is presented in the best way possible. And that’s when professional eCommerce image editing services like PixelPhant can help you. We are a team of image post-production experts helping eCommerce brands and photographers with their product images.

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