How To Use Product Photo Outsourcing Service To Boost eCommerce Growth

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How To Use Product Photo Outsourcing Service To Boost eCommerce Growth

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you must know the importance of product photo outsourcing service. Your product photos are the only bridge between your customers and your products. Unlike the physical stores, your customers can not touch, feel, or experience your products online to make a buying decision.

Thus, it’s important that your images look engaging and attractive. Did you know that 96% of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by product images?

However, I know it could be quite difficult for you to manage your entire business activities and still focus on how your product photos are looking. But, you can’t deny that it’s impossible for you to attract any traffic if your photos are dull, distorted, blurry, or unattractive. And, that’s where you need a product photo outsourcing company.

Good quality photos prompt the customers to click and explore the website further which automatically increases your opportunity of getting more potential customers. Product photo outsourcing services can help you achieve just that. Outsourcing post-production helps you get the experts’ assistance in refining your product images and gives you enough time to work on more creative tasks of your business.

By now, I believe that you must’ve understood how product image outsourcing can help you attract more sales. If not, here are 10 reasons why your business needs to outsource product photo editing

9 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Photo Editing

1. When you have small or no dedicated team

Product Photo Outsourcing

Product photo editing is an individual department that requires a whole dedicated team. It involves multiple tasks to make a product image look professional and consistent with other images. When you have a small or no dedicated team to fulfill the tasks, it becomes hard to improve the quality of the images and to deliver them on time.

With eCommerce image outsourcing, you do not need any dedicated team to edit your product photos. The entire team of product image outsourcing professionals can help you leave all your post-production activities on autopilot and meet your quality expectations.

2. Hitting Urgent deadlines

Product Image Outsourcing

It’s highly important to keep up with the trends and to keep updating your product pages to stay ahead of the competition. You must be updating your inventory daily with new products and you must be having hundreds of products. It could become quite difficult for you to manage thousands of images at once and to ensure that they get edited and uploaded on time.

With product image outsourcing, never miss a deadline to showcase your products on the website. From editing to cropping to uploading, the product photo outsourcing company can complete all the tasks on time. In fact, urgent deadlines can be met through eCommerce image outsourcing since the photo outsourcing companies have a huge dedicated team of editors to work on thousands of images before you hit the urgent deadlines.

3. Maintain Less infrastructure for seasonal shoots

Product Photo Outsourcing

If you’re an SME then it’s useless to have a dedicated in-house team for product photo editing. Setting up computers and buying photo editing software just to fulfill seasonal needs can be very time-consuming and expensive.

It is wiser to outsource product photo editing for seasonal shoots. This saves you a lot of time and money in maintaining the complete post-production infrastructure. The product photo outsourcing professionals already work with high-end modern software and skills that provide optimum results at a better cost and zero liability.

4. Outsourcing companies helps you create a style guide

Product Photo Outsourcing

Every big brand like Chanel, Gucci, or Levis follows a pattern that distinguishes them from other brands. This pattern is their style guide. Based on what products you sell, there must be a color palette, shadow consistency, size, etc. that defines your brand and attracts customers.

For example, we can almost instantly identify a product image from Amazon on any other platform. It is because the brand follows a consistency in all its images that makes it stand out. The clear white background and a consistent size of images make Amazon different from any of its competitors.

Since the eCommerce image outsourcing services work with hundreds of different eCommerce brands, they know better what’s in trend and what customers are getting attracted to. The professional editors can help you create a style guide to follow and create your own brand identity. It may include the kind of saturation you should be using, the background, the shadows, and more.

Sell more with professionally edited product images.

5. Consistent product photos with expert quality control

Product Photo Outsourcing

A website looks very unprofessional with inconsistent product photos and you should definitely not be a part of such brands. Getting your product photos edited by a product photo outsourcing service ensures consistency and high quality. With product image outsourcing, you get in touch with a large team of experienced professionals that adds consistency and symmetry across all your product photos.

With professional product photo outsourcing services like PixelPhant, each product image goes under quality check thrice. Every little corner and detail of the product image is taken care of and delivered on time to the enterprises.

6. Highly cost-effective

Product Image Outsourcing

Hiring editors, setting up the complete infrastructure, and paying dollars to buy the high-end product photo editing software can really drain your pockets. You need multiple human resources to complete the task on time since a single person can not edit all the thousands of images alone on time.

Here, getting in touch with a product photo outsourcing service can be very cost-effective. It is because the infrastructure of these photo editing companies is already set and they have multiple professionals to do the work. With product photo outsourcing, you do not need to hire multiple people but instead join hands with just one professional company to save your money and still get work quality.

7. Next morning deliveries on daily basis

Product Photo Outsourcing

The next morning delivery of the product photos is a huge commitment. But as I’ve been explaining throughout this article, the product photo outsourcing services have a huge dedicated team of expert editors.

When hundreds and thousands of product photos are sent to them, they assign a team to each batch who dedicatedly works on your product images. This delegation of work among multiple professionals ensures that the delivery of the images can be done by the next morning every time.

This makes sure that all your product photos are edited and delivered to you on time and your product pages never have to look inconsistent or unprofessional.

8. Organized workflow and files

Product Photo Outsourcing

Post-production activities are more than just product photo editing. It involves a series of tasks from sorting of images based on what images need to be used, how many images have been edited, how many images are still under post-production, what images need to be sent again for quality check, and more.

The product image outsourcing companies follow a complete organized workflow for systematic working and professional results. The in-house editors can only take care of the editing of images, however, product image outsourcing helps you smoothly tap into each level of the post-production.

Thus, the product photo outsourcing service becomes your autopilot and you get a more organized workflow and systematic files.

9. Additional help like renaming and uploading product images to website

Product Image Outsourcing

It doesn’t end here. The product photos are not just given back to you after editing, with Pixelphant product photo outsourcing service, you get additional extensive post-production work completed like file renaming and direct uploading of product images to the website.

This helps you in the easy tracking of your product images to find them easily whenever you need them and saves you a lot of time in uploading each product in the right order to your website. The product image outsourcing team can take care of everything for you.

Your Next Step 

Though you do not need to perform any post-production activities, the only step you need to take is to join hands with the product photo outsourcing service. PixelPhant is dedicated to the very work of improving photo quality so that your eCommerce businesses can achieve the goal of captivating more customers and boosting sales.

I recommend you outsource because outsourcing is an excellent way to cut the cost of the heavy demands of the photographers and the infrastructure used in editing.

The photo quality, with no doubt, is very essential and non-negotiable at any cost. When you let the professionals handle the work, you get great quality, on-time work, and most importantly – the saved time that you can invest in many important tasks to expand your business. You opt for a stress-free and economical business expansion when you outsource photo editing.

So, why wait anymore? Let’s get outsourcing. Take your free trial now with PixelPhant now. Also, if you wish to learn more about product photo editing, photography, eCommerce, and more, then subscribe to our newsletter below👇

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