How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Photo Editing?

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How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Photo Editing?

There is no better phrase to start this article except quoting “Time is money”. And what better deal shall you accept when you can save money as well as the Time when you are Outsource Photo editing.

But how shall you evaluate that you are paying the right price? Moreover, how should you know that you have chosen the best product photo editing service to outsource your images?

By the end of this article, you will have all your queries resolved along with some very important answers that you should know before you are ready to hire a product photo editing service.

This is what you exactly pay When Outsourcing photo editing

Cost to Outsource Photo Editing

Before jumping right over the counter, and paying for outsourcing photo editing, you need to know what exactly it’s all about. Not only this will clear up the doubts regarding the pricing but would also show you the benefits of outsourcing photo editing. 

Cost of Professionals

Hiring an in-house professional is only beneficial if you are looking for creative photo editing such as creating ad banners, social media posts, etc. But when you are looking for bulk product photo editing outsourcing can save you from the trouble of looting a bank.

Outsourcing photo editing allows you to get professional services at a cost of less than a dollar or two per image. But more on pricing later, for now, you just have to remember that while outsourcing photo editing, you get the service of professional photo editors at a price tag less than hiring an in-house editor. 


Another cost on the list would be the tools. In order to deliver the best result, high-performing tools are to be used by the experts. These are highly powerful yet sophisticated tools that are used to deliver your desired result.


If you are a budding eCommerce dealing with the bulk of the image editing, let us tell you that this is just a start. The volume of images that you would need to get edited can be way more than you can expect.

Rather than being intimidated by the work, a team of professional product photo editing services would deliver you the best-in-class result in less than a day.

Turnaround time

As we were discussing above, outsourcing photo editing is about saving time and money. If you aren’t in a hurry and can wait a day or two, you can get a good discount but quick delivery with experts on board surely deserves extra motivation, hence could cost you a bit more than usual.

Project Complexity

To keep it simple, editing simple product images would cost you less than the jewelry as the editing can be really tricky.

Clipping path, mannequin editing and so are the complex works, hence could cost you more than usual editings like background removal and retouching.

Again this depends on the photo editing service that you choose.

Evaluating your Outsource Photo Editing service

Cost to Outsource Photo Editing

Now that you are already aware of the real cost of outsourcing photo editing, now it’s time how you should evaluate your product image editing service before you outsource them. Along with the pricing that we will be discussing, here are the features that you should look for in the best product photo editing service. 

Quality of Work

This needs to be the first priority as you can’t afford to lose the quality of work when you are in such a competitive market. Saying so, it’s important you get a trial of the work that you can expect and see if or not the service would work for you or not.

Past Experience

Being in this industry, we can surely say that experience pays off. Not only does this bring quality to the work but also brings professionalism and commitment to the work. When you are outsourcing photo editing it would be very wise to choose a service that has good experience backing them to be credible to work on your images.

Ease of Communication

You might come across situations where you would need to make special edits on your images or more commonly, you might need a correction in your image. You shall not need to make extra efforts just to reach out to them.

Hence look for an outsourcing photo editing service that offers ease of workflow with dashboards, to keep a track of your orders, and communicate with the professionals to tell them what you are exactly looking to get in your images.


Normally, this might depend on the volume and type of images. But in order for you to get an idea, product image editing can cost you about $0.80 to $10 per image. Even though this is a massive range, the price would vary between kinds of images, the turnaround time, volume, and more, based on the pricing structure of the photo editing services.

The pricing structure you can choose from

At PixelPhant, you can choose among the two pricing structures for outsourcing photo editing. The first would be Pay-As-You-Go. A simpler plan where you would be charged for the services you choose per image.

If your eCommerce is just starting out, where you would need to just get your images edited once a month or year, you can go with the following option. Roughly, if you are having a one-time image editing work of fewer than 1000 files, this option would work great for you.

The second option is to get a direct quote. This option is to save you more if you have much more files. That is if you have a yearly image quantity of more than 500 images per month, you can get a beneficial price quote for your specific work.

Now along with this, it is also important that the price will vary according to your chosen turnaround time too. Need not to say, we highly motivate you to get your free trial and see what you can expect from the best product photo editing service you ever came across.

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