What is Ghost Mannequin Service? Invisible Mannequin Guide

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What is Ghost Mannequin Service? Invisible Mannequin Guide

An invisible ghost mannequin service is a much-needed photo editing service for fashion eCommerce. Why?

Well, the fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. Therefore, it’s important for business owners handling online fashion stores must know the best ways make their product photos more engaging to attract more customers.

And, a professional invisible ghost mannequin service allows you to achieve just that.

What is a Ghost Mannequin Service?

A ghost mannequin service is also known as the invisible mannequin service. It is a professional photo editing technique where a hollow, ghost-like structure is created of apparel by joining the neck and the sleeves out of a simple clothing image.

In simple words, it’s just the elimination of the model or the mannequin from an image while leaving the apparel product as it is. The end result appears as a 3D floating apparel in the image.

Top 6 Invisible Mannequin Service Benefits

1. Stand out by improving the presentation

Ghost Mannequin Service

Make your online fashion store stand out from the rest by displaying high-quality ghost mannequin product photos.

The invisible ghost mannequin service can help you improve the overall presentation of your images, enhance the look of your product pages, and bring all the attention to your products.

2. Becomes more relatable for the customers

Ghost Mannequin Service

Invisible ghost mannequin service seamlessly removes the model and the mannequin to eliminate all the fuss and distractions to make the product the main attraction.

Once the distractions are removed, it becomes easier for your customers to relate better. They can imagine themselves wearing the product and determine how they will look in the real life. This highly influences their buying decision and helps you increase sales.

3. Reduces the cost of hiring a model

Ghost Mannequin Service

Hiring a model can be very expensive. Apart from just the payment to the model, you also have to bear additional expenses like her hair and makeup.

With a professional invisible ghost mannequin service like PixelPhant, you do not need to bear any cost of the model. Simply send in your apparel images and PixelPhant will turn them into high-quality, professional-looking ghost mannequin photography.

Haven’t shot the photos on a mannequin? You don’t have any images for the neck and sleeves? No worries. PixelPhant experts can still make the magic happen for you.

4. Brings consistency to all product photos

Ghost Mannequin Service

The key to engaging customers and converting more is to display high-quality, clean, consistent, and professional-looking product photos.

You can find this professionalism and consistency in the images of all the popular brands like Nike, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more.

You must understand that dull, cluttered, and unprofessional images reduce sales and increase the bounce rate. It is because the customers will never buy something that doesn’t please their eyes.

Invisible ghost mannequin service offers a seamless and professional feel to all your product photos. It helps you bring consistency by improving the appearance and the alignment while making no change in margins, white space, size, and positioning.

5. Experts’ assistance

Ghost Mannequin Service

The ghost mannequin service is a complex service. It needs high-level precision and practice to make the ghost mannequin picture look seamless and consistent.

When you outsource eCommerce post-production with PixelPhant, you get expert assistance from dedicated professionals who have mastered the skills to perform such complicated editing techniques by handling the images daily.

Your product photos look so seamless that you can never detect if any editing was made to create such a flawless ghost mannequin effect.

6. Cost and time-efficient

Ghost Mannequin Service

Pixelhant’s professional photo editing services for photographers and eCommerce are meant to save time to allow you to focus on being more creative and handle more important tasks.

We are your virtual photo editing studio than can help you edit thousands of product images within 24 hours to meet your deadlines on time.

Our budget-friendly plans are perfect for every small to large enterprises’ post-production needs. You can choose from the basic, professional, and enterprise plans depending on your product image editing needs, the number of images, and frequency.

How Much Does a Ghost Mannequin Cost?

A Mannequin effect is created by professionals using Photoshop editing techniques. Getting a ghost mannequin effect created may cost you between $1.50 to $5.00. It may cost you more if you take any additional service like shadow adding, color correction, or high-end retouching.

Bonus Read

The invisible ghost mannequin service is a unique and popular service for online fashion stores, eCommerce, and photographers. It makes you stand out, brings flawless consistency to product images, and helps you attract more customers.

PixelPhant is the best product image editing service for photographers, eCommerce, and photo studios. You can try the ghost mannequin effect on your product photos now for free with PixelPhant 👇.

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