Best Ring Photography Tips For Your eCommerce

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Best Ring Photography Tips For Your eCommerce

If you are reading this, I assure you that you are going to learn everything about How to photograph a Ring and in addition, you would also be getting Best Ring Photography Tips for eCommerce.

Rings are among the popular and beloved jewelry for both men and women. As hard as it is to choose a ring, there is an equal effort and style to photograph a ring. If you have ever tried doing that, you know exactly what am I talking about.

For the sake of understanding, everything from the start let me tell you what all difficulties I first faced when trying to photograph a ring.

How To Photograph Rings for eCommerce

Step1: Position the Ring

The very first step here would be to position the ring as you can’t just place in on the floor. For this, I recommend you getting white tile and glue gun. Now, use a small amount of glue to make the ring stick.

Remember to set the ring at the right angle or else it would look unprofessional. Also as a side note, make sure you use a very small amount of glue as you would not like to damage the product.

Once you are done setting the ring up, clean the tile and the ring to remove any possible dust or fingerprint.

photography ring for ecommerce
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Step2: Set up your Lights

Now that you have already placed the ring, it’s crucial time for you to light it up. If you are looking to have a white background then using the lightbox would be the most obvious and easy step.

But on the other hand, if you are using any other background, you shall use either go with a LED light and a diffuser. Or you can get a photo tent and set up the background as you like. The Photo tent would diffuse the harsh light and give the right sparkling and shine.

Step3: Set up your camera 

You can use any decent DSLR that allows you to tweak up the settings and can get close shots without affecting the quality of the image itself. If you are looking for one such camera, you can also read – 8 Best Digital Cameras for Product Photography! 

Along with the camera, I would suggest you get a tripod too. It will allow you to get those stable and high-quality shots very easily.

Good Quality Camera

Step4: Switch to manual

It is very important that you switch manual settings and take the controls in your hand. Your goal is to get a high-quality, detailed image where no color manipulation should be done.

To start with, I recommend keeping the ISO as low as possible. It is the metrics that show you the sensitivity of the light and the camera. 

Higher ISO means the camera will be quick and less light would enter. Hence keep the ISO to ISO:100 and click a sample shot. If it’s too bright, gradually increase it and find the right spot.

Note that the camera is on a tripod hence the image you get would be stable even when the ISO is low.

Next keep the aperture to between f/10 – f/15. You need to make sure that the whole ring is in focus, so tweak it according to the requirement and the distance.

After aperture, you shall switch to shutter speed and keep it low. This will give you that sharp and detailed image that you were looking for.

An additional setting that should be kept in mind is the file type in which the product will be saved. I highly recommend you keeping it to RAW. It may take some extra space on your card but is very helpful when you edit the image in the post-production.

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Step5: Post Production

Even after taking all the precautions, there might be a chance where perfection might be missing in jewelry photography. Well here’s where the professional ring photo editing services come in handy. The reason is simple. Ring photography is already a time-consuming task.

Moreover, when talking about ring photography, the reflection, shadows, and retouching can consume a lot of time. Hence you can contact professional Product Photo Editing Services. It cost about less than a dollar for an image and you can get your photos edited within the span of 24hrs by actual professionals working on your photos.

Best Ring Photography Tips for an eCommerce

how to photograph a ring

After going through all the steps for the ring photography, here is a little bonus read for you. These are some professional secrets that you can use in your next ring photography shoot. Are you ready?

  • Use a Grey card to make sure that the color of the ring is not manipulated.
  • Take multiple shots of a ring to make it easier for the buyers to make the decision of buying.
  • Make sure that there is consistency in each shoot and each product to enhance the overall experience of your eCommerce.
  • If you are adding props, make sure they enhance the overall frame and don’t grab the attention
  • You can even use a mannequin for rings to give a better understanding of how a ring might look.
  • Use microfiber cloths to clean the ring as well as the lens of your camera.
  • Be creative with new and important angles, which can actually elevate and showcase the assets of the ring.

Jewellery Photography with Smartphone

No this isn’t a joke but a reality that you have come across. With such innovative cameras and tricks, Jewellery photography has become possible with your smartphone too. And here are some basic tips for jewelry photography with smartphones.

  • Use a smartphone that has a high definition camera and allows you to control aspects such as ISO, Shutter Speed, apparatus  and white balance.
  • If you perform ring photography from smartphones, make sure that you don’t get too close or too far, as editing wouldn’t be as easy as the file won’t be RAW.
  • Also when you are all set for the ring photography make sure you clean the lens, don’t touch the lens with your finger.
ring photography with smartphone

Difficulties in Ring Photography

Setting up the Shoot

ring photography tips for eCommerce

Ring photography or for instance any jewelry photography might not need you to step out of your indoors but it surely requires you to set up a bundle of things even before the shoot starts. Making sure that the ring is clean, no fingerprints or dust should be visible as the flaws will exponent in the end result of the ring photography. 

Choosing the light Equipment

Product Photography

The light plays an important role in every photograph, and so does it for ring photography. Hence, finding the right balance between natural light and artificial light can be tough. You can’t make the ring look dull, yet at the same time, you can’t make it look too fancy and bright in your jewelry photography.

What can you do? Well, I’ll share that with you in just some steps ahead.

Choosing the Right Background

Before troubling through all the lights, I especially advise you to choose your background for ring photography. Most of the eCommerce usually go with the white background but you can try out some other styles too. I highly recommend you reading – How to decide a perfect background for product photography? 

right background for ring photography

Sparkling vs Glare

If you have managed to checkmark all the above difficulties, here is the last one waiting for you. In jewelry photography, and especially ring photography, it is understood that you would shine some sparkle to it. But with just a minute mistake, the sparkle can turn into a beam of glare which is annoyingly unpleasant.

And well the list can’t end here, but rather than listing the difficulties of ring photography let us see how to do ring photography for eCommerce.

What you need is here

Well, this is by no means an end-of-ring photography guide. The steps, the “expert advice” and some additional tips for your ring photography that we discussed above are just a start for you. The next big thing which you need is creativity and consistency.

Saying that ring photography is a great career to explore creativity would be an understatement. With local stores switching to eCommerce the demand for ring photography is increasing.

You as a photographer need to capitalize on this opportunity. If you wish to learn more about photography, product photo editing, model photo editing, clipping path service, and eCommerce, you shall subscribe to the Pixelphant newsletter to keep yourself updated and learn everything that you need to grow.

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