The Photography Styles Of These 10 Online Stores Are Bound To Inspire You

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The Photography Styles Of These 10 Online Stores Are Bound To Inspire You

Product photography style and product image editing are some of the most essential ingredients in generating traffic to your website. If your product images are dull, boring, and unattractive, there is probably no chance that the customers are even going to explore your site any further.

They are important for marketing too as when you run ad campaigns on social media and other places, it’s the images that influence the buyer’s decision.

As per the data collected by Seattlewebdesign, 75% of the consumers highly relies on product photos to make a final buying decision.

I believe that many eCommerce stores do understand the need for good, mature, and captivating product photos. But, there are many who don’t.

If you’re still waiting for a few websites that prove the impact of eCommerce photography and product image editing, then I’ve created a list of 10 such eCommerce stores that are slashing the eCommerce market through their captivating product photography.

10 eCommerce Stores Whose Product Photography is Inspiring

1. Sezane

Product Photography Styles

Sezane is a beautiful example of showcasing eCommerce photography. It follows its own color palette and maintains consistency in all its images. The models are shown standing in a real-life environment to imitate your look after the purchase.

If you look carefully, each product photo of Sezane is of the same ratio following the similar editing of colors and surroundings. The level of saturation and white light is even throughout its catalog.

Also, the color scheme it follows complements perfectly its nude and neutral-colored products. Not just the background and its editing, but even the makeup of their model that follows is based on a similar color scheme.

2. Mansur Gavriel

Product Photography Styles

Mansur Gavriel offers a combination of bright and bold colors along with neutral and nudes. The product photography style that it follows consists of a white, clean background with soft shadows around its products.

It is a luxury brand, hence the neatness it keeps around its products is highly adorable. Also, the images it captures are taken from different angles and distances to reveal each aspect and style of its products.

3. Frankbody

Product Photography Styles

Franbody is a premium skincare and beauty brand. As the brand mainly deals with scrubs, packs, and other skincare products that primarily include coffee, Frankbody uses a cream, off-white colored background for all its products containing coffee. For the kits, you can see the edited background that goes well with the nature of the product.

Even, in their eCommerce photography, the shades used on the models belongs to the lighter shades of brown to flatter its coffee skincare products. The expressions of the models are always kept fun and breezy. This reflects the mood and the happiness the product creates among the woman who is using it.

4. Stonewall Kitchen

Product Photography Styles

Stonewall Kitchen is an exquisite cuisine and food producer. Their products are captured in a way that gets you hungry for their products. The gourmet products are smartly set up with distinctive foods to inspire you with recipe ideas. The eCommerce product photography style that it uses involves bright, sharp images of food products.

The products that involve dairy like cheese are given colors that are smooth, creamy, and the lightest shade of yellow. For their sauces and jams that have red are given sharp and bloody red colors.

Mostly, they do not use any particular background and try to keep it as real as possible. They even use images where their customers are actually using the products. This helps to create transparency which ensures trust. This also clarifies how the product is actually going to be like in the real life.

5. Beardbrand

Product Photography Styles

Beardbrand deals in men’s grooming products which are one-of-a-kind. They keep a similar ratio for all their product images. The background they use is clear white to give the complete focus to their dark-colored product bottles.

Doesn’t matter if the product is a brush or jar of beard wax, Beardbrand uses a huge gallery of product photos with the background removed to showcase every aspect of the product. They make it possible for the consumers to feel as if they are holding the product for real.

The shadow that falls and the light that is shown falling on the product is similar and consistent throughout the catalog. Along with the product photography, the editing style is kept similar as well.

The containers are made up of glass bottles with metallic caps and they use a label of shiny colors like gold and silver. To flaunt their products to their best, they keep the reflection of light in the bottles just as right. The reflection of light shown over the shiny labels is flattering too.

6. M.A.C Cosmetics

Product Photography Styles

MAC has a fantastic range of product photography that all culminates around a certain genre, that is made up. Regardless of the product is mascara or lipstick, the images are taken with the background removed.

At the time of displaying all the products, it adds a strip of the colors at the bottom in which the product is also available. The product page is not cluttered and the simply divided into equal sections with black thin lines. This eliminates all the distractions in eCommerce photography and keeps the shoppers’ eyes stuck on the product.

For their model’s photography, they take close-ups of each part of the face that is relevant to the product. For example, if you look for eyeliner, you’ll be able to see the close-ups of the eyes of the models wearing that eyeliner.

7. Nature Box

Product Photography Styles

Nature Box has a product photography style that is going to make your snacking time hungrier. Rather than clicking the photos of the food packets, they choose to lay the food around to give you the feel you would get at your own home.

This makes their product photography more appealing and the consumers also get to look at what’s inside. You’ll be able to see the same ingredients sprinkled and scattered around the products that are used in it. Like the dark chocolate with Maca (Maca powder lying around it). Doing this make their product more aesthetic and appetizing.

8. Modcloth

Product Photography Styles

Modcloth is a fabulous and sophisticated clothing brand for women. Their product photography style follows natural and lifestyle backgrounds for their models. This gives the feeling of originality and lets the shoppers experience how they are going to look in the real-life surroundings.

They switch between the colors of the backgrounds that best compliments their clothes with a light cast shadow behind them. For their shoe photography, the background is kept white for all kinds of colors and styles in shoes.

Their models wear bold lipsticks and they are shown smiling and interacting with the environment to maintain the natural behavior.

9. Made

Product Photography Styles

Made deals in classy and sophisticated furniture. It could be a tricky task to make a piece of furniture interesting and appealing through product photography. But Made does the work just right.

Their primary photo style is simple and clean with no background or shadow at all. The product Photography Style As you swipe through the images of the individual product, they show you the product kept in the real environment to get the idea of how is it going to look.

The images are captured through different angles and distances to show the unique aspects. It enables the customers to experience something digital to be really well explained through product photography.

10. Love, Bonito

Product Photography Styles

Love, Bonito is obsessed with fashion and its elements. It follows lifestyle product photography for most of its products with solid, neutral-colored backgrounds. The models often give candid expressions for the image to look natural.

The colors are not highly manipulated, however, the skin retouching techniques are applied precisely and seamlessly.

Bonus Read

Product photography is a non-negotiable part of the eCommerce industry. People’s whole purchasing agenda is based on how the images of the products look. If you are an eCommerce business owner – regardless you are new or old in the niche – should take care of the photography styles that are trending.

Simply capturing the images and posting them on the web won’t bring anything fruitful, and editing the images could be a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Your focus should always be on more important things rather than sitting to edit those hundreds of images. Now, to eliminate this turmoil, I highly recommend you hire a professional product photo editing service provider, like PixelPhant,  who can do the task for you. 

For product photography, outsourcing is always the best and a cheaper way to save money and time.

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