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PixelPhant is a professional Photo retouching service for eCommerce and studios. Get a high-quality image editing service with the fastest turnaround time.

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product image retouching service

2-Hour Product Photo Retouching Service

product image retouching

PixelPhant is a leading e-commerce photo retouching and product image editing service. We now offer 2-hour Turnaround Time for teams with close deadlines.

Get your product images customized photo editing service to get consistent, quality, and on-time product presentation.

With over 15 years of industry experience, our professional photo retouching experts create a customized workflow for your retouching and editing requirements. This helps PixelPhant deliver:

  • Consistent Quality at Scale
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Minimum Correction Rate

Turnaround Time to Meet Your Deadlines.

Starts at $0.40 per image

Unlimited revisions

Integrated Photo Editing Workflow

Professional Image Retouching Service For Ecommerce & Studios

PixelPhant understands your specific requirements and offers customized photography retouching services as per your requirements. From Background removal to Ghost Mannequin and Model retouching services.

Removing Dust, Scratches, and Tiny Threads

Be it a complete background removal service or removing stains, dirty spots, and lint from clothes. 

PixelPhant’s professional photo retouching service is about revising every fraction of your products—without altering their texture.

Quality is in the details. And we ensure that your product images are ready to upload and attract your customers in one look.

photo retouching services for photographers

Removing Imperfections and Props

Product photography often requires smart props to enhance product presentation. These can be the glue, pins, tape, strings, or stands that hold your products steady.

At PixelPhant, these are the first stage of product image editing, which ensures that one never finds out the behind-the-scenes of keeping the product in place.

Once processed, you won’t believe creative photographers used some props to capture the perfect shot.

professional image retouching services

Removing Wrinkles, Lints, and Tags

De-wrinkling of apparel products is important. It is important to make the product look fresh, flawless, and perfect fit on the model.

Hard wrinkles and creases, on the other hand, are a serious dent in the quality of the product image.

PixelPhant image retouching company removes the wrinkles to make your products reflect a good fit and supreme quality—without losing the texture and the flow of the cloth.

Clothes de-wrinkling Services

Professional Photo Editing And Retouching Services

Product image retouching services for eCommerce and studio to match your expectations of

Product Image Retouching for eCommerce

Clean and flawless images

Get your products cleaned without altering their texture and uniqueness. Receive images that are seamless and engage customers on their own.

Photo Retouching Services Online

Revisions till you love it

Not sure you love what you see? Reject and send them back. We'll prioritize your wish to get the best product photo Retouching service that you can trust.

high-end photo retouching services

Layered for professionals

Efficiency beyond just our service. We name every layer while retouching your products professionally, so you don't spend time finding what you want.

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PixelPhant Photo Retouching Pricing

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  • Unlimited revisions
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  • No CC required for signup
  • Order Dashboard
  • Next Morning delivery
  • Team Dashboard
  • Shared orders/ Storage for teams
  • Priority Support
  • Custom pricing Quote

Choosing The Product Image Retouching Company

Quality, Consistency, Support, and Growth. PixelPhant photo retouching service brings these four core pillars of creative agency into your workflow. You get exactly what you are looking for.

Multiple File Formats

Choose any file format you need—JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, WebP, etc.—and receive them per your specific requirements and labels for various internal uses.

Quick Turnaround Time

Close deadline? Be sure that PixelPhant will never let you miss them. Get the best product photo editing service in your chosen time frame. Additionally, get special discounts not in a rush.

Order tracking

Keep track of images you send, in progress, and have received from one dashboard. Additionally, assign roles and responsibilities to your team members right where all your images are.

Image Retouching Service FAQs

Got questions about product photo retouching services? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, see our support center.

Retouching is a photo editing service that focuses on improving the overall presentation of the product. This is done by removing unwanted objects and adjusting image settings like temperature, saturation, exposure, alignment, rotation, and more.
The unwanted objects are dust, scratches, and bumps on the product. If it's a clothing product, along with everything discussed, threads, lids, and sometimes wrinkles are also removed.
Basic retouching service helps ensure that the product on the online store looks attractive and eye-catching by making it highly presentable.

Professional image retouching service is a top-rated and essential service, especially used by eCommerce and marketplaces. They use retouching services to ensure that the product looks clean and eye-catching when their customer looks at the product image online.

Depending on the product and product photography, there are various types of eCommerce photo editing services that one may need. Some basic photo retouching, clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin effect, shadow effects, color correction, and more.

An image retouching service is used to ensure that the eCommerce site's products look clean, attractive, and free of flaws. Product images play a huge role in customer experience and their buying experience.
That is why, when a customer visits an eCommerce, image retouching services ensure that all the products look clean, consistent, and attractive. This also helps customers view and compare the product more efficiently to make informed decisions.

For photo retouching, one of the most powerful and popular editing tools is used, i.e., Adobe Photoshop. Within Photoshop, various tools are used for retouching, such as healing brush, stamps, levels, color replacements, etc.

Photoshop tools like a Healing brush, stamping, etc., are used to retouch product images. They help remove scratches and dust particles from the image and ensure that it looks clean and free of flaws. Using tools, you can also replace a particular flawed section and replace it with another one.

Usually, product retouching services can cost up to $50-$120 per hour. But at PixelPhant, you only pay for the images you wish to get edited. Our pricing starts at just $0.80, depending on the additional service you choose.

On average, the product photo retouching services' turnaround time is less than 24 hours. At PixelPhant, one of the most preferred turnaround times by our clients is Next Morning Delivery. You send in your product photos in the evening while signing off your work for the day, and you'll receive them in the morning around 9-10 am when you return to work.

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