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PixelPhant product photo retouching service is a professional photo editing service helping eCommerces, photographers, and freelancers.

Get rid of stains, dust particles, scratches, and unwanted elements to make your product images stand out. Get started with a reliable photo retouching service now.

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product image retouching service

High-quality product photo retouching service

Enhance your customers' experience with a professional touch. PixelPhant's product photo retouching services help you turn your RAW images into clean, attractive, and eye-catching photos of your products.

Product Image Retouching for eCommerce

Clean and flawless images

Get your products cleaned without altering their texture and uniqueness. Receive images that are seamless and engage customers on their own.

Photo Retouching Services Online

Revisions till you love it

Not sure you love what you see? Reject and send them back. We'll prioritize your wish to get the best product photo Retouching service that you can trust.

high-end photo retouching services

Layered for professionals

Efficiency beyond just our service. We name every layer while retouching your products professionally, so you don't spend time finding what you want.

Professional product photo retouching services for eCommerce

We aim to ensure you get the best product photo Retouching services and support in one place. From freelancers to enterprises, PixelPhant understands the requirements and helps you manage all your images from one single dashboard.

Dust, scratches, and tiny threads removal

Engagement is in the details. That is why PixelPhantg eCommerce product photo Retouching is all about revising every fraction of your products—without altering their texture.

Be it a complete background removal service to add a new consistent background color or to remove stains, dirty spots, and lint from clothes.

We ensure that your product images are ready to upload and attract your customers in one look.

photo retouching services for photographers

Imperfections and props removal

Product photography often requires smart props to showcase your products. These may be the tapes for models or glue to hold your products steady.

These can also be the threads to hang or a mannequin that flaunts the shape. Now, these images are a work in progress. And PixelPhant is the best product photo editing company you can trust to fulfill your requirements.

Not only will you get rid of the props, but you won’t believe they were ever there in the first place.

professional image retouching services

Clothes de-wrinkling (Hard wrinkles removal)

Have you seen models with clean, flawless dresses that seem like a perfect fit for the dress? We make that happen.

PixelPhant image retouching experts remove the wrinkles that distract your customer from ensuring that your products reflect a good fit.

Display products the way your customer wants to see them. They way that helps them make better decisions without any confusion.

Clothes de-wrinkling Services

FAQs For Product Photo Retouching

Got questions about product photo retouching services? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, see our support center.

Retouching is a photo editing service that focuses on improving the overall presentation of the product. This is done by removing unwanted objects and adjusting image settings like temperature, saturation, exposure, alignment, rotation, and more.
The unwanted objects are dust, scratches, and bumps on the product. If it's a clothing product, along with everything discussed, threads, lids, and sometimes wrinkles are also removed.
Basic retouching service helps ensure that the product on the online store looks attractive and eye-catching by making it highly presentable.

Professional image retouching service is a top-rated and essential service, especially used by eCommerce and marketplaces. They use retouching services to ensure that the product looks clean and eye-catching when their customer looks at the product image online.

Depending on the product and product photography, there are various types of eCommerce photo editing services that one may need. Some basic photo retouching, clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin effect, shadow effects, color correction, and more.

An image retouching service is used to ensure that the eCommerce site's products look clean, attractive, and free of flaws. Product images play a huge role in customer experience and their buying experience.
That is why, when a customer visits an eCommerce, image retouching services ensure that all the products look clean, consistent, and attractive. This also helps customers view and compare the product more efficiently to make informed decisions.

For photo retouching, one of the most powerful and popular editing tools is used, i.e., Adobe Photoshop. Within Photoshop, various tools are used for retouching, such as healing brush, stamps, levels, color replacements, etc.

Photoshop tools like a Healing brush, stamping, etc., are used to retouch product images. They help remove scratches and dust particles from the image and ensure that it looks clean and free of flaws. Using tools, you can also replace a particular flawed section and replace it with another one.

Usually, product retouching services can cost up to $50-$120 per hour. But at PixelPhant, you only pay for the images you wish to get edited. Our pricing starts at just $0.80, depending on the additional service you choose.

On average, the product photo retouching services' turnaround time is less than 24 hours. At PixelPhant, one of the most preferred turnaround times by our clients is Next Morning Delivery. You send in your product photos in the evening while signing off your work for the day, and you'll receive them in the morning around 9-10 am when you return to work.

PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Retouching Services

Look more professional and appealing with Pixelphant’s professional eCommerce product photo retouching services starting at just $0.80

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