Fashion Photography Mistakes: How to be Awesome by Avoiding them?

August 24, 2019 in Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Mistakes: How to be Awesome by Avoiding them?

Photographers create magic with skill, but the majority of them make mistakes. Most of the newcomers have done, exactly the same. Fortunate are those who have spent years shooting digital and are aware of these fashion photography mistakes, each beginner makes.

These fashion photography mistakes can be easily avoided by efforts and mining.

Below are the 11 fashion photography mistakes that all photographers make. Try avoiding them in order to improve your images.

1. The Missed Focus

Fashion Photography Mistake - Utilizing Accurate Focus

If you are mistaken in the autofocus part and letting your camera to select your focus point, it is highly possible that you are focussing on the wrong part of your image frame. It happens when you are using a shallow depth of field.

This mistake is the one which either can’t be fixed or impossible to solve. A simple trick to be sure that you are utilizing the accurate focus is to use your camera’s spot autofocus mode to select your focus point.

2. Capturing Photos on a Low Battery

The majority of the photographers, mainly in their initial days of photography, capture the pictures with the cameras of low charge. Furthermore, they come to know that charge in the battery is low, enabling them to shoot further.

Therefore, photographers should use memory cards with a considerably large storage capacity for capturing and storing pictures.

3. The Covered or Blown Exposure

Fashion Photography Mistake - Avoid Over Exposure Effect

When shooting in raw gives you many spaces to set exposure after processing. For a matter of fact, if the exposure is too dark, the shadows will be gritty and discolored while processing.

In fact, if the exposure is too light, the highlights will be pushed out and the details will not be visible. You can opt for a camera spot, metering function, over parts of the image.

4. Cropping Things at the Edges of the Frame

Fashion Photography Mistake - Cropping Issue

It is the main thing that newbies do. It can be anything like someone’s hand or top of the head. Cropping can take place in architecture and landscapes also.

It is all based on the learning process and on the thing that you get all the things included in one frame only.

Therefore be careful not to cut part of feet when you are clicking pictures.

5. Forgetting Your Stand

There should be no quivering, in the HDR sequence. There is an HDR software, that performs image placement, but too much movement can disturb the image alignment.

A simple solution to avoid this mistake, if you don’t have a tripod, is that you can even use the HDR mode of the camera. Besides being sure about the longest shutter speed, to keep the image sharp.

6. Confusion in Composition

Fashion Photography Mistake - Set Right Composition

There is the rule of thirds, which will manage and arrange the elements in your frame on the basis of human perception. Using the grid overlay, you can crop the portraits in processing.

Resolving the issue, of how to arrange parts of the camera’s frame, can be time-consuming. If you are not aware of the process, on which you are working, then you are directly creating the breakfast for a dog. The composition which will lead the viewer totally mesmerized.

7. Failure of File Backup

It is one of the biggest dangers of digital photography caused by the failure in technology. If you have only one copy of your images, and the stored file of images fail, then you will lose all your images. It will lead to clients disappointment.

So it is very essential to have a second copy of the pictures stored somewhere. Cloud storage and external hard devices can be used to keep the backups. These are increasingly affordable nowadays.

8. Turning the Camera Vertically

One thing that has been noticed with the new photographers that they use their camera for the landscape mode. It is not necessary to do this always, yet some of the objects will benefit more from that orientation.

At the time of clicking the pictures, try to turn the camera in a portrait mode that is in the vertical form and see whether you are getting a better image or not.

9. Over-processing

Fashion Photography Mistake - Over-processed Image

When playing with HDR, this is a common mistake that people do. Overcooked images of HDR flow on the internet, every second and badly affect the reputation and is the prime cause of the bad condition of HDR.

HDR is a technique, not a typical style. It never says to generate the grunge, and painterly look images all the time.

10. Flattening of Image

Fashion Photography Mistake - Flattening Image

Retain contrast for best practice. Every HDR image holds a lot of data, that can be easily extracted. Also, the darkest image can be brightened up to expose the smallest details. Every detail shown on the image is a mirror of a good picture!

It is a bad practice to flatten the images by reducing the contrast between the bright, and dark areas.

11. Black Clouds

Fashion Photography - Black Cloud Mistake

Yet another common mistake is to allow the clouds to get black in landscape photography. These are really in bad weather, but the puffy clouds in the whole blue sky are white only.

It is a good option to not to touch them.


Have fun with your camera, to actually have fun at work. Still, in the view to hear more, Go ahead and correct your mistakes now!

Overcoming the above fashion photography mistakes will help you to see yourself in better business. Avoid them fast and grow up faster! In This blog, We have discussed the details about fashion photography mistakes.

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