8 Fashion Photography Composition Tips for Stunning Images

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8 Fashion Photography Composition Tips for Stunning Images

Learning how to frame your model in fashion photography can catapult your output as a photographer.

It takes you less time to find the perfect shot and deliver professional results every single time.

But to learn how to frame, you need to know numerous fashion photography compositions. They are basic frameworks to guide you but flexible to be molded as per your will.

Earlier, we talked about 24 composition techniques in photography. But let’s filter them.

Here are the most popular fashion photography composition tips that you can use for your images.

8 Fashion Photography Composition Tips for Stunning Images

Use the Rule of Thirds

Use the Rule of Thirds for Fashion photography composition

Rule of Thirds is the most popular photography composition technique.

Divide your frame into nine equal sections using two horizontal and two vertical guidelines. The points of intersection where these two lines cross one another are Power Points.

These are the points which draw maximum attention from viewers.

This composition gives good results. Hence the popularity. But when it comes to fashion photography composition, there are two points to keep in mind.

1. Incorporate Guidelines as well

In Rule of Thirds, we learn to place important subjects on the intersection points. But you can place your subject along the guidelines as well. Such as the dress or eyes of the model.

2. Overcome accurate positioning

Guidelines accurately divide our frame. But you don’t always have to adhere to points and guidelines. The idea behind them is to move the subject off the center. You can simply place important areas of your subject closer to these points instead of forcing them to align strictly with the Rules of Thirds.

Look out for Leading Lines

Look out for Leading Lines in photography composition

Leading lines in fashion photography compositions are visual elements within a frame that draw our entire focus towards one focal point—that is, our subject.

These are incorporated naturally, like a straight road, pathway, side-bench, rays of sunlight etc.

Even a long flowing dress can lead eyes towards the model.

Look out for such lines around your environment that you can incorporate within fashion photography.

Create Framing

Create Framing in fashion photography

Framing in fashion photography composition means using secondary elements to create a frame around your main subject.

This technique is used to draw the entire focus of the viewer towards a particular area. Also, it adds depth and dimension to your image.

To create a frame, look out for doors, windows, and general architecture around the scene. You can also use trees forming a canopy to create a frame or reflection of your subject within a mirror.

Framing is widely popular in fashion photography composition. It’s wise to look out for natural elements, otherwise you can incorporate props in your scene as well.

Find Symmetry

Find Symmetry in fashion photography composition

Symmetry by definition means something that can be divided in equal half to look like a mirror image of one another.

While it may not be an exact mirror image in photography, Symmetrical composition fairly means having similar elements on both sides.

Capturing symmetry can help you create pleasant images. But on the other hand, if you intentionally break the symmetry, it can create drama and moody images.

As a photographer, look out for such opportunities where you can either follow a symmetry or go ahead with an asymmetrical approach.

Balance you subjects

Balance you subjects fashion photography

Balancing in fashion photography composition is mostly used when you are working with two subjects.

In order to ensure they both stand out as a pair and individually, balancing them within frame is very important.

If one subject is too close, the other shall be far enough. In case one model features dark clothing, the other one can feature bright colored clothing.

You can also incorporate symmetry and balance together. Where subjects are aligned with one another at equal distance or are asymmetrical.

The idea is to create a scene where two models balance one another in a scene.

Use Contrast

Balance you subjects fashion Composition

Contrast is a strike difference in your image. It can be presented in the form of colors, lighting, texture, and more.

Contrast is often used in fashion photography composition to either add drama or make the main subject stand out.

This can be as simple as using a dark background for bright color clothing. Also, the use of light is very common to create contrast.

Rule of Space

Rule of Space in Photography

As per Rule of Space, you should leave more negative space towards the direction your model is moving towards.

That is, if your model is walking from left to right—you shall frame your model on the left side while leaving negative space on the right.

The rule can also be applied when the model is looking in a particular direction. For the scene, it adds more context for the viewer.

This helps in creating a storytelling composition that can be used in fashion photography time and again.

Experiment with Angles

Experiment with Angles in Photography

Photography angles are also an important element of fashion photography composition. It’s how you frame your subjects and ensure they present a specific mood or message.

We have talked about various product photography angles in detail. In addition to these, there are three distinct fashion photography angles that one must learn about.

  • High-Level: The subject is shot from a height. This creates a viewpoint that makes viewers superior to the subject. It can be used to showcase vulnerability.
  • Eye-level: At an angle where the viewer can see the scene as it is. It helps building connections and seeing what the overall scene describes.
  • Low-Level: This angle presents the subject as superior. It can be used to evoke the feeling of aspiration and luxury within the viewer.

Other than high, you can also walk around your subject to find a new perspective. Oftentimes, this will help your fashion image stand out and create a unique presentation of your subject.


Fashion photography compositions allow you to experiment and find new viewpoints. They are rigid rules, rather guidelines that play with.

The best way to master these composition techniques is through intentionally trying them out. Look out for opportunities to try these styles and make your shot stand out.

Once you become aware of your output, you can start incorporating two styles into one shot. Hence mastering fashion photography composition.

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