10 Best Photo Management Software For Photographers & Ecommerce

photo management software

If you’re a professional photographer or an eCommerce, I know it’s hard to keep track of and manage those thousands of images. But you don’t need to worry, all you need is one of the best photo management software to take care of the hustle.

In this article, I will be telling you about the 10 best image management systems to ease your workflow and allow you to focus on being more creative instead of juggling with photo management.

10 Best Photo Management Software

1. Adobe Lightroom Classic

Photo Management Software

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a cult favorite for professionals. It is compatible with Windows 10 and macOS Catalina and it also offers a free trial for 7 days for you to test the operations.

It’s a perfect photo management software for photographers because of its excellent search options and the features like Smart Collections. You can easily place images in Smart Collections and use presets to files while importing them. It ensures a better photo editing workflow and saves you from importing suspected duplicate files.

However, if you do not follow this import process then viewing images on the storage device can’t be done. But once you do this, Adobe Lightroom amazingly powerful and efficient way of managing your photos and editing them.

2. Adobe Bridge

Photo Management Software

Adobe Bridge is similar to Adobe Lightroom Class but just a little less complex. It comes with multiple organizational tools, allows a lot of layouts and views, and has direct folder browsing.

You can easily sync assets and design styles across all your devices using Creative Cloud Libraries. Adobe Bridge is not just an image management software, it is a complete system to work on a wide range of photos, from InDesign documents to 3D textures, and almost every other file format.

This image management system also includes options for adding headers and footers, applying watermarks, and displaying grids and margins too.

3. QuMagie NAS photo management software

Photo Management Software

QuMagie NAS photo management software is among the most trendy, powerful, and useful image management systems. It is known and loved for its AI facial recognition, Geography tagging, and smart subject recognition.

It’s the next-gen, all-in-one photo station to store and auto-manage your images on your QNap NAS. With an amazing seamless user interface, integrated AI photo organizer, quickly customizable folder covers, built-in timeline scrolls, and a powerful search tool, it deserves to be the top 3 for this list.

4. Google Photos

Photo Management Software

We are all familiar with Google Photos and you just can’t go wrong with it. And I’d say it’s the best photo management software you can ever get. It’s free. It doesn’t force you to use it as your primary editor.

With Google Photos, You simply manage your photos without any liabilities or restrictions. All your photos are saved on the cloud, you can use easy filters like date and face recognition to find your photos, share them with a click, create as many folders as you need.

Processing batches and creating drafts and metadata are two of the most popular and desired features that professionals prefer first.

If you’re a professional with thousands of images, then you can always buy more space to manage more photos and huge files.

5. Magix Photo Manager

Image Management System

This image management software is loved by photographers because of its user-friendly interface and some cool features like finding images using face recognition, with names, events, location, and even memories.

Its basic editing features related to exposure, focus, and colors are very efficient that allow you to optimize your images professionally. It takes automatic backup so that you never lose your data and the AI ensures to delete duplicate photos to save space.

6. CyberLink Photo Director

Photo Management Software

This is an excellent photo management system for beginners and medium-sized eCommerce enterprises. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac PCs and is very easy to use.

If you’re not up for something as expensive as an Adobe image management system, then CyberLink photo director is the best choice for you.

For beginners, there are more than 40 presets that you can use and its easy image sorting options helps you save a lot of time. You can use the regular sorting options based on tags or ratings or use its special face recognition option,

The face recognition feature in this image management software is very accurate and effective and sorts the images perfectly as you need. 

You can easily fetch images from scanners, flash drives, and cameras without having to leave the interface. You get a decent 50GB of Cloud storage and you can directly import to Facebook, Flickr, or any HDD.

The only drawback here could be the inability of supporting PDF, PSD, and GIF files. However, the usual JPG, TIFF, PNG, and RAW files are supported.

7. Smart Pix Manager

Photo Management Software

Smart Pix Manager is another great image management software that offers multiple features to organize photos at a very reasonable pricing plan. Along with organizing photos, you can also use it to sort videos and music files.

You can easily import photos using flash drives and a camera. It supports 22 file formats and you can also batch edit images to save your time.

However, it poses a few limitations like you can not connect your photos directly with social media platforms.

8. Movavi photo manager

Photo Management Software

Movavi is an effective photo management software for photographers as it supports all major file types and allows you to edit all our images. You can perform some of the most useful edits like cropping and resizing, sharpening, flipping, and straightening horizons.

Similar to other image management software in this article, it also scans all the duplicate files and deletes them, and enables you to sort images using facial recognition, tags, and places.

9. Corel PaintShop Pro

Photo Management Software

Corel PaintShop Pro is a cheap photo management software that is not just a great photo organizer but also a very powerful editor. It separates your photos based on dates, events, location, categories, and rating.

This image management system has one of the best photo editing tools like content-aware fill that eliminates unwanted objects from the image and fills the idle space naturally. You can use pencils and paintbrushes to remove blemishes, correct skin imperfections in your portraits, and keep your images flawless.

Corel releases upgrades every year, so if you don’t upgrade regularly, you might miss on the features.

10. ACDSee

Photo Management Software

ACDSee is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-manage image management software. It allows you to sort your images by rating, location, keyword, date, color labels, and category which makes it even more user-friendly.

It smartly finds and deletes duplicate images and supports 86 file formats including PSD, JPG, TIFF, RAW.

It makes your post-production activities a breeze by allowing you to batch edit your files. This image management software also offers efficient editing tools like red-eye removal, cropping, resizing, and color correction.


Why use an image management system?

An image management system is extremely useful for professional photographers, photo studios, and eCommerce business owners who have thousands of photos that need to be stored efficiently.

These images must be stored in a way that it is easy to find them whenever required and it should not be a hassle to locate them from the bundle of thousands of images.

How do you manage thousands of images with photo management software?

1. Choose your best photo management software
2. Create precise file naming systems and transparent folders
3. Use metadata for easy sorting and understandability
4. Implement a tagging software
5. Make sure to save your images on the cloud
6. Maintain a storage hardware
7. Keep deleting duplicate files

Bonus Read

Using image management software are highly efficient and useful to help you save your time and effort in managing hundreds and thousands of images.

The top photo management software mentioned in this article are best for every professional photographer, photo studio, and eCommerce business.

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