NuOrder Image Specifications | Brands Guide

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NuOrder Image Specifications | Brands Guide

NuOrder by Lightspeed is a b2b platform that connects fashion brands and retailers on one platform.

Their goal is to make it easy for brands to sell wholesale fashion products and for retailers to have the best experience in managing their business.

To accomplish this, brands follow a set of NuOrder Image specifications & Image renaming guidelines.

PixelPhant is a leading fashion photo editing service, fulfilling the retouching requirements of numerous NuOrder brands.

Here’s what we are compiling in this article:

NuOrder Image Specifications

best NuOrder Image Specification

Image specifications

Sell more with professionally edited product images.

Number of Images

As per NuOrder, brands can upload 100 images per product. Meaning, enough opportunity to present all sides of your products to your retailers.

They also share how your product images will be displayed.

  • First image: It will be your Hero image, that will be featured in gallery, product details, Linesheet, PDFs, Thumbnail, working orders etc. 
  • Second image: This image will be on the product details page, line sheets, and when users hover over the products in the gallery section.
  • Third Image: The third image and beyond will appear only on the product detail page.

In our experience brands have been using a minimum of four images per product. This is to ensure retailers can see the front side, profile, back side, and close up.

File Format

Brands on NuOrder can upload images in JPG and PNG format.

Due to being smaller in size, brands prefer to use JPG file format more to upload their product images. 

Image Size

NuOrder specifies brands to use a minimum image size of 500x500px. But to ensure high-quality zoom capabilities the longest side of the image should be minimum 2000px.

In our experience, most brands tend to go ahead with 1500x1500px for images on NuOrder.


DPI in photos stands for Dots Per Inch. The higher your image DPI number is, the more detailed your image becomes.

Most brands follow NuOrder Image Specification of 72 DPI. It ensures good quality image presentation, while ensuring balanced image size.


In NuOrder Image Specifications, there is no specific image background color. But to ensure a consistent product presentation, brands follow one color code across products and images.

Some of the most common product image background colors are:

  • Pure White: #FFFFFF
  • White Smoke: #F5F5F5
  • Platinum: #E7E7E7

Colour Mode

During editing or retouching, NuOrder image specifications require brands to use RGB color space to save images. This is to ensure the product colors are accurately presented on for retailers and create a trustworthy experience.


Image compression means reducing the file size without affecting the quality of the image. 

As per NuOrder image specifications brands are recommended to have 60-80% image quality. The ideal range for image size is 500kb – 1.5mb.

Most brands go ahead with mostly 80% image quality. It ensures that most details are retained while getting the best image size for NuOrder product images.

NuOrder Image Naming

NuOrder Image Naming

In order to upload bulk images and link them automatically with products, NuOrder specifies how to name your product images.

The format for NuOrder image renaming is:


  • Style Number: It is the unique number of your product that you specify in your Product Data Template.
  • Color: The specific color of the product that matches within the data template.
  • Order: It is the placement of the image. For example, the first image will be 1, second will be 2, third will be 3 and so on.

It is important that you use the exact style number and color name that matches your data template. Case sensitivity is not important.

Also, if you’d like to update your NuOrder image naming convention, you can do that by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Imagery & Media > Image Settings.

We also offer image renaming and upload services to brands in order to deliver a full suite of image post-production services.


At PixelPhant, we are dedicated to delivering complete image post-production services to leading fashion brands.

This involves providing one-stop, quick, and reliable solutions for brands.

In your PixelPhant dashboard, Create NuOrder image specifications once—along with all the other editing specifications for different platforms.

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