10 Things you Should Remember While Writing Product Description

writing product description

There is a simple customer journey we all follow when we are looking to buy a specific product. We look at the product image, go through the product description, look at the pricing, and before we hit the buy button, we sometimes look at the feedback.

Product Image → Product Description→Price→Feedbacks→Buy Now

Now we know that the pricing is something subjective to each customer. But what we also know is that the product image and product descriptions play a huge role in turning an audience into the customer. Now we have already shared 10 creative product photography ideas at home, but now let’s learn about the product description.

In this article, we are sharing 10 simple steps to write a creative product description that makes your customer go wow. Do you like the sound of it? Then let’s get started with the steps.

How to write creative product description that sells?

1. Focus on your Target Audience

Good Product Description

With eCommerce on its boom, you can manage to reach each and everyone around the globe. But not everyone would be buying it. Hence, it’s best in your interest that you target only your audience.

Write a creative product description keeping just your customer in mind. Also, while writing the copy, it’s recommended you use, “you”.

Understand What is the interest of your audience? What is the thing that your customer is looking for? And how your product is the best way to solve their problem.

2. Keep Things Short

writing product description

There is no way your customer would be interested in reading long lengthy paragraphs describing the product. But they do want to know about your customer. Hence keep your description short.

Technically speaking, keep a line under 20 words. Also, break your paragraph within 3 sentences or less. Most importantly, don’t use words that are needed to be searched for meaning.

Follow the teachings of Leo Burnett, “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Bullets are amazing ways to keep the description short and simple.

3. Technicality is your Weapon

Next lesson on writing product description, never writes blunt sentences such as “Best Quality Product”. These sentences are used by every eCommerce, and won’t affect your customer. Instead, the best way to convert them would be by showing off all your technicality.

writng good product description
source – nike.com

As you shall see in the following example of Nike’s Jordan, rather than just saying what is” Best” about the product, they let the technical aspect of the shoe speak for itself.

4. Show off the Details

When you are writing the technicalities, don’t hold back yourself mentioning the details of your product. Not just an overview, but describing the insights of your product would really help.

Show off every single detail, from the raw material to how it feels to hold in hand. It also eliminates the fear of missing out on the opportunity when shopping online.

writing good product description
source – Elisabetta

As you shall see in the above example of Elizabetta they are describing how practical the bag is in their regular use. How would it feel over the shoulder and where are the places where you can keep your essentials.

5. Tell What’s in for Them

The last thing you want to do while writing a product description is not address your customer’s needs. Why would your customer buy your product, if you are not telling what your product can do for your customer?

So while writing your description make sure it’s about your buyer. Focus on the pain points that would make them purchase your product. Along with that, you shall also answer the common questions that can commonly be asked about your product. 

6. Follow a Tone

Whether you hire a team, or whether you write it yourself, keep the consistency of tone in your product description. You surely would be having more than a single product on your site. The working, usability, and type might be different for each one of them, but the way you describe must be the same.

If you present your brand as fun-loving, reflect that in your brand copy by using happy words. If you represent your site as masculine or countryside, you can use sassy words. 

All this is to make the content relatable. If your audience isn’t a type that would use or like modern slang, it would be best in interest that you don’t use them. 

7. Use Special Words

There are special trigger words that evoke a certain type of emotion in the human subconscious. And more or less these words play a very important role in the buying decision of your customer.

Hence, while writing your copy, you shall use them in order to appeal to them to buy. Some of these words are

  • Get
  • Free
  • Explore
  • Special
  • Authentic 
  • Easily
  • Unparalleled
  • Quick
  • Easy 
  • Luxury
  • Emerging
  • Highest
  • Compare
  • affordable 
  • Secrets

8. Tell a story and address the pain point

Other than just writing about your product and how it can help the customer, you can also start writing product descriptions in a form of storytelling. Most of the eCommerce uses the following type of description is to make the reader as their character. 

And the most common way to do that is to start your description by “Just Imagine, you are…” and then tell how the product would be used in their life. This is not the only way but can be a great way, to begin with, if you wish to indulge these types of creative product descriptions.

9. Be a Friend

creative product description

When you are describing your product on your eCommerce, your customer would have their guards on for obvious reasons. They don’t trust you. And well to make them comfortable you need to make them feel friendly.

Use common words as your customer would normally do. For eg: If you are selling riding jackets, and targeting bikers, you can use slang or sarcasm. On the other hand, if you are selling an expensive wine for high-class people, using proper grammar and words would be better.

10. Optimize for SEO

etsy seo

Lastly, you shall also focus on the SEO of your copy. The reason it is at the last is that your goal of writing a product description must and always be to convert your customer first and then to optimize that copy according to the SEO.

Both humans and crawlers are very important for you to make progress in your eCommerce journey but if you just focus on SEO chances are you may lose a lot of customers. Rather first focus on writing for your customer than optimizing it for SEO and search crawlers.

What Does a Good Product Description look like?

A good product description is the one where you make a person “want to buy” your product. The section of your product is an amazing place that you should use very precisely. It includes keeping it clean, direct, and easy to read.

Also, if you want to make your customer read the description so that they can buy from you, make the copy look appealing and easy for the start. The use of bullets is the common most interesting way to do so.

As one of the best copywriters, Eugene Schwartz said, “Copy is not written, Copy is Assembled.”

Hence make an effort to assemble the right product description template for your business model and enhance the way your customer sees your copy.

Importance of Product Description

good product description

Your niche might be different, but writing a product description can bring your conversion rate to new heights. Moreover, not just improving sales on your product page, you shall also use the following tips, places where you need your customer to take action. This can be a newsletter sign-up, getting a quote, or even a simple survey that you need.

Must remember

Writing product descriptions can be tricky sometimes, but by following the above-mentioned tips you can make a checklist for yourself. You shall also know that all the above-mentioned tips are basically copywriting basics that you can use for converting your audience to your customer.

Hence they have proven themselves to work for almost every kind of customer. Don’t forget to make use of them. Bookmark this article subscribe to PixlelPhant free newspaper and stay updated on eCommerce, Product Photo Editing, and much more.

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