How to Sell on Wish Marketplace – Complete Seller’s Guide

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How to Sell on Wish Marketplace – Complete Seller’s Guide

Today it feels like every retailer wishes to sell online and build a global audience. If you are having the same wish, maybe it’s the best time for you to sell on Wish marketplace.

In the following article, PixelPhant has broken down each and every single aspect of selling on the wish marketplace. It includes

  • Benefits of Selling on Wish marketplace
  • Cost to Sell on Wish marketplace
  • How to sell on Wish Marketplace?
  • How to generate traffic to your store?
  • How do you get paid on Wish?
  • Things you must remember when you sell on Wish Marketplace.

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But before we learn How to sell on Wish marketplace and grow your sales, here’s a little brief about the platform.

Brief about Wish Marketplace

Sell on Wish Marketplace
Sell on Wish Marketplace

Wish is a mobile-first marketplace that was started in 2010 and has managed to attract a global audience towards its product. Its app has almost 300 million users around the globe, along with the 1million+ registered merchants selling on the platform happily.

At present, Wish has over 200 million items listed on it, through which it generates roughly 2.4 million orders daily.

With such big data backing, it has been ranked as the number 1 shopping app in about 42 nations. In addition, you may also remember that it is just the start and is the best time to register yourself on the Wish marketplace and grow your sales.

Benefits of Selling on Wish Marketplace

No Flat Fees

One of the most attractive benefits to selling on the Wish marketplace is that it doesn’t cost you any flat fees, or any unnecessary fees to sell on the platform. Rather, you would only have to pay a small percentage of the sale that you make on the platform.

Mobile First Marketplace is not an eCommerce, but a mCommerce platform. The mobile-first approach makes the marketplace more accessible and easy to use for both sellers and buyers. This allows you to attract a high converting audience to your product, without a need to invest in creating an app for yourself.


Wish has a clear separate approach when it comes to helping the sellers to make a sale. It allows product targeting functionality, through which you can target an audience based on preferences, age, and gender.


Wish ensures that the new sellers connecting with the platform get an equal opportunity to generate sales as soon as possible. Hence, it provides a benefit of free impression to all the newly uploaded inventories to generate sales as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost to sell on Wish?

Sell On Wish Marketplace

It costs you 15% of the total price of the product combined with the shipping cost. Wish marketplace is one of the most seller-friendly platforms, as you would only and only have to pay when a sale is made on the platform.

  • Zero registration fees
  • Zero annual maintenance fees
  • Zero support fees

On the Wish platform, you would be charged a 15% sales commission calculated by combining the listed price and shipping rate.

For example, if you listed a product for $80 and its shipping cost is $20 making the overall cost to $100, it would cost you $15 and you would generate $85 on that particular product.

It is very important to pre-determine and calculates the overall profit before listing the product as it would ensure that you stay profitable on every single sale.

How to sell on wish marketplace?

Sell On Wish Marketplace

Following are the 10 steps that would help you register yourself as a merchant on Wish, and start selling your product online.

Step1: Go to the Wish Merchant registration page.

Step2: Here you would be asked to put in your store name. Try to come up with something unique and memorable to make sure your customer remembers you.

Step3: Put in your email address and the country your store is based in.

Step4: At this point, you would be asked to fill in the contact details, hence fill in the required information correctly as it would help you further in the confirmation process.

Step5: Finally click on the “Create your Store”.

Step6: Open your email and verify your account using the email address you signed up for.

Step7: Complete the setup by filling in the additional information needed to create your store.

Step8: After filling in, select the relevant categories in which you would be uploading the products.

Step9: Fill in the payment information, through which you would receive your payments from selling on the Wish marketplace.

Step10: Finally you would be taken to the terms and condition page. Accept then and your products will go live once they are approved.

What can you sell on Wish marketplace?

Sell On Wish Marketplace

Things you can sell on Wish Marketplace are:

  • Fashion 
  • Baby & Kids related items
  • Tops
  • Gadgets & Watches
  • Home Decor
  • Accessories
  • Makeup & Beauty
  • Wallets & Bags
  • Phone Upgrades
  • Bottoms and many others

With all the above points that we discussed, we are sure you have learned how to sell on Wish marketplace. But in order to make a sale, you would need traffic on your store.

Here are a few tips that you can use to generate traffic on your Wish online store.

How to Generate More Traffic to Your Store?

Selling on Wish Marketplace

In order to make a sale, you need to generate traffic of potential customers to your store. Having registered and listing your product would be the first step to sell your products online. But generating traffic is the most critical step to be a successful seller on any platform.

Here are the few tips that you can use to generate traffic on your Wish online store.

  • Do thorough competitive research, including the description, heading, and pricing of the products that they are selling.
  • Create a strategic plan to market your pricing product right to attract customers and generate traffic at the same time.
  • Focus on your SEO practices, that is including the most search keyword (related to your product) in your Product title description, Alt tag, etc. This would help you rank higher in the traffic and get you more traffic.
  • Make sure you are using High-quality product images to ensure you attract more and more customers towards the product.
  • Create a user-friendly experience by using multiple images of a product, right full details, and cost-efficient shipping.

How do you get paid on Wish?

Wish pays you twice a month for the order that has been confirmed in that period of time.
You would have to go to your Merchant Dashboard, Go to the overview under the Payment section and click on the Withdraw fund.
Here you would be asked to fill in the information regarding the amount you would like to withdraw from your current balance and payment account to which it would be transferred.
Note that, any order that is canceled before it is marked shipped on the merchant dashboard would not be paid. Also, any order that is refunded by you, the merchant ( that is you) is not paid

Sell On Wish Marketplace

What can you not Sell on Wish marketplace?

Things you can’t sell on Wish marketplace
• Child car seats
• Alcohol
• Firearms
• Nudity
• Tobacco
• Plant seeds
• Drugs
• Switchblades
• Digital goods
• Gift cards
• Chemicals
• Counterfeit products

Sell On Wish Marketplace

Things to remember When you sell on

While we have already discussed how to sell on Wish marketplace and how to grow your sales when you sell on Wish marketplace, here are a few extra things that you must remember when you are a merchant on the platform.

  • You can sell new or refurbished products on Wish. The platform allows you to list branded refurbished products on the platform but note that this policy applies only and only for electronic goods.
  • If you are selling a branded product, you would need to be an authorized seller of the brand. If you are listing a branded product to sell on Wish Marketplace, Wish would require additional verification to protect the brand and customer loyalty.
  • Lastly, if you are dealing with high exclusive products that are costly, maybe Wish might not be fit for you. It is a marketplace which offers, high-end products at a lower cost and people happy with this deal are the core audience of the

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