10 Best Photography Studio Management Software In 2023

photography studio management software

A photography business involves a vast area of various operations. When we think of the word photography, we tend to associate it with a photographer with his/her professional cameras and several studio equipments.

But, the photography business is not just limited to that. Maintaining client relationships, running feedback surveys, setting up automated emails, handling projects, taking care of finances, invoicing operations, and bookings are all crucial parts of the photography business that require Photography Studio Management Software.

Photography Studio Management Software

Photography Studio Management Software helps integrate all the work elements and the other workflow so the business can run smoothly.

In this article, we’ve chosen the ten best Photography Studio Management Software that will allow you to manage all the tasks in one place. So, let’s look at what those are.

10 Best Photography Studio Management Software In 2023

Photography Studio Management Software aims to provide photography business owners with a place to log in and meet all of their business needs in an integrated system.

Our best picks are as follows

1. ShootQ

ShootQ Photography Studio Management Software


– Good for large businesses– Appointment Scheduling
– Client Management– Event Management
– Order Management– Proposal Management
– Billing & Invoicing– Contract Management
– Marketing Management– Project Management


– Complex Setup 

ShootQ is worthy of being number 1 in the list of the best Photography Studio Management Software. The cloud-based business management software helps manage new leads, sales, appointments, and more. It works amazingly for large-scale photography business owners as it covers almost every function a business has and can store large amounts of data as it is cloud-based.

It’s another great feature is that it is highly customizable. This means you can customize the surveys, delegate the work to the employees as per your understanding, modify workflow, automated email settings, and other documentation.

The software’s collaboration with Quickbooks makes managing company finances more accessible and effective. ShootQ is a complete ‘all things at one place kind of software.

2. Tave

Tave Photography Studio Management Software


– Easy to use– Billing & Invoicing
– Client Management– Contract Management
– Order Management– Project Management


– Complex Setup 

Tave is a well-oiled system that offers phenomenal integration in the workflow. With excellent customization capabilities, it automates emails, contracts, and invoices.

This photography studio management software also offers robust marketing tools, customizable client interfaces, and scalable features designed to upgrade your brand with thoughtfulness and creativity.

Tave deserves its top place in the top 3 in the Best Photography Studio Management Software list with its smart integration, creative work design, customizable attributes, and smooth and easy-to-use features.

3. Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja Photography Studio Management Software


– Powerful management of the workflow– Performance Metrics
– Billing & Invoicing– Financial Management
– Project Management– CRM
– Purchasing– Good customer support


– Unable to update all workflows at once

The best feature of the following best CRM for photographers is that you can keep your financial forecast and compare it year by year. Its fabulous integration with Quickbooks makes it best for keeping financial records. This helps you to know your performance and financial health and reveals whether your work methods are effective.

Creating workflows in Studio Ninja is easy, which saves time and improves efficiency. You can sign contracts and pay invoices in real time, making it one reason to implement it in your business.

The software also integrates with other valuable services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Xero. You can track your photography business affairs on the go because of its mobile application that is easy to use.

4. Iris

Iris photography studio management


– Online booking management– Good Customer support
– Exclusive location handling– Automated and integrated workflow


– No payment plan set up with invoices

Iris saves time and has a nice visual appearance that is very easy for photographers to use. It is an excellent feature to admire as most photography studio management software does not have a nice look and feel.

As soon as you log in, the dashboard will show you what your business is doing today, tomorrow, and in the upcoming weeks at a glance.

There’s also a weather widget to get an idea of the weather if you shoot at locations. Its central point of sale is that it has a location scouting feature that allows you to create a sort of database of the locations where you shoot and keep that data housed within the system.

You can upload images, pin the location, and share the location with the clients for easy collaboration.

5. Light Blue

light blue photography studio management software


– Fully featured marketing– Easy to use
– Appointment Scheduling– Marketing Management
– Client Management– Project Management
– Event Management– Order Management


– None

Light Blue is an ‘old school’ kind of photography studio management software that is unlike any web page or application, making it easier to understand. The software allows you to manage contacts, shoots, calendars, invoicing, payments, and even inventory!

It is best known for its marketing features that help your business grow healthily and fast.

6. Pixifi

Pixifi Photography Studio Management Software


– Appointment Scheduling– Project Management
– Client Management– Marketing Management
– Event Management– Contract Management
– Order Management– Billing & Invoicing
– Proposal Management– Proposal Management


– Hard to set up

Pixifi is another ‘have it all’ software that allows you to perform all the tasks in one place. This photography studio management software is compatible with all devices and OS from Android to iOS.

It is a web-based software that helps you to track clients, leads, projects, events, and contracts. The critical factor for its popularity is its fully automated booking system that lets customers choose available dates, book, sign contracts, and make payments without effort from the photographer’s end.

7. Shootzilla

Shootzilla photography studio management software


– Easy to setup– Order Management
– Appointment Scheduling– Project Management
– Client Management– Enables to transfer of Spreadsheets to Shootzilla


– No invoicing option
– Scarce marketing features

Shootzilla is a photography studio management software that keeps your business under control. As it integrates all your clients, workflow, documents, and emails in one system, which is also customizable, it takes away the burden of remembering the details.

The software provides many templates for quick and easy selection and fun features like color-coding and assigning icons to your work to-do list.

8. 17Hats

17 hats Photography Studio Management Software


– Allows usage by multiple users– Invoice reminders
– Wonderful bookkeeping– Have payment platforms


– None

17Hats provides a complete host of bookkeeping solutions that make it easier for you to handle finances flawlessly.

The software works best for small business owners and offers you simplified methods of scheduling, billing, and appointments.

This photography studio management software allows you up to date with automated contracts, invoices, and other documentation.

9. Honeybook

Honeybook Photography Studio Management Software


– Task reminders for leads and clients– Automated emails based on workflow assignments
– User-friendly


– Poor team collaboration
– Unable to export client data

Honeybook proves to be a great photography studio management software for small business owners. It is a cloud-based software that makes it easier to store data.

It gives a seamless client experience along with the photographer’s experience as its tools give inspiration and ideas to sell well.

The software integrates with valuable tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, Zapier, and Calendly.

10. Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio Photography Studio Management Software


– Offers online galleries
– Tax compliance
– HR-related work features


– None

Sprout Studio is a photography studio management software that allows you to automate emails, follow-ups, and reminders. This makes it easy for photographers to stay in check with the workflow.

The software is suitable for accounting, too, due to its easy invoicing and collaboration with different online payment methods such as PayPal and Square. You can see the financial health of your business in the form of analytics and charts based on the information you keep with it. Sprout Studio is known for its online sales gallery and album proofing.


Photography studio management software is essential for every person who starts a photography business that wants a controlled and organized business. Photographers often struggle to manage client scheduling, contracting, location hunting, and other employee and business-related work elements.

Photography studio management software makes it easier for photographers to lessen the burden of management and marketing by arranging every single piece of work in an integrated system.

The list we’ve mentioned in this article consists of one of the best photography studio management software that will work great even if you have a large or small photography business.

Any software mentioned in the bottom five doesn’t conclude its performance, but each has its uniqueness. The pros and cons are based on the users’ reviews on Capterra.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you and will enable you to pick the best photography studio management software for your business. If you are looking for the best eCommerce Product Image retouching services? Team PixelPhant is here to serve your need for any product image retouching, skin retouching, Image Background Removal, Clipping path, Image color correction, shadow editing, or fashion model editing, 24/7.

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