What Is Brand Photography & Why Is It Important?

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What Is Brand Photography & Why Is It Important?

When people hear branding, they associate it with logos, tag lines, or signature colors. But let me tell you, branding is more than that.

There are millions of eCommerce websites in the world. How many of these websites can you name? I bet not even 1% of them.

It is because many eCommerce websites fail before they can flourish. And, one of the most common factor for their failure is branding.

Branding of your business consists of various elements along with a few mentioned above, like brand photography.

‘Now, what is brand photography and why is brand photography important?’ I hear you shout. Let me explain to you, and first, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography

Brand photography is a bundle of professional photographs that represents your business and helps your buyers visualise your ethics, purpose, and need.

Brand photography helps you create a visual identity with the use of tones, props, settings, colors, etc.

Brand photography can include the photos of your products, your process, your space, your team, yourself, and all the other elements that make your business different from the rest.

For example, when you get your face photographed for the LinkedIn profile or you website’s ‘About Us’ page, that’s the part of brand photography.

However, this is just a crumb of the pie. Brand photography needs more than that.

You need more of your brand related photos that can be presented all over your website, social networks, and other places to market your brand to your potential audience.

You must make sure that your brand photography is fresh, well-crafted, and eye-catching so that you can showcase your brand in the best ways possible in the market and win the eCommerce competition.

What Are The Benefits Of Brand Photography?

Brand Photography

Brand photography is clearly a new niche in the eCommerce industry. In the initial dayd, the working of eCommerce  was only limited to selling and home delivery.

But with the growing eCommerce competition, the online businesses have adopted brand photography for their success and better customer engagement.

Brand photography has a lot of fruitful benefits for an online store such as:

1. Improves brand recognition

Starting an online clothing brand

Better brand recognition is priceless to your business. It gets you loyal customers with the sense of belonging, trust, and credibility.

You’ll want your target customers to recognize you whenever they see you in an ad or on social media and associate them immediately with your brand photos. Brad photography allows you to achieve just that.

Brand photography makes you look different and unique in your niche by making your imagery and visuals unique which is very important for brand recognition.

2. Adds authenticity

The most wonderful thing about brand photography is that it gives you the ability to show your customers what it looks and feels like to work with your brand.

Brand photography truly nurtures your brand story and showcases who you genuinely are. It goes beyond clicking a portrait and emphasises YOU in the visual.

What is more connecting than seeing a business owner on their own part? Brand photography incorporates candid moments such as meeting with customers, communicating with team members, or your creative process.

3. Raises your conversions

Sales Funnel Strategy to Increase Your Conversion Rate

One of the best benefits of brand photography is that it allows you to raise your prices. (Who doesn’t want that?!)

Building a powerful, authentic brand and displaying a professional image tells your audience that you are a leader in your niche, and when you are a professional you can definitely charge professional pricing.

Additionally, when you are proud of the recognizable, visual presentation of your online store you can feel confident to price your products better.

Knowing your worth and making your audience aware of it is priceless!

4. Displays professionalism

Brand Photography

High resolution brand photography is a must, but you also need to showcase a cohesive image across all marketing channels.

Make sure of the things that can make your branding seamless! This means your ads, social media platforms, website, print materials, press kits, and any other marketing you do, should all go hand in hand and interrelated.

You wouldn’t want to use three different logos for your brand, and you shouldn’t use too many styles of photography. Adopt something that identifies your brand and stick with it to build recognition through it.

Brand photography communicates professionalism and a good brand is all about how authentic, recognizable, high in quality, and ethical it is. But most of all the brand photography represents a cohesive image and message.

5. Competes not on price, but quality

Brand Photography

Wouldn’t you feel relieved if you were not to compete to offer the lowest price for your product or service? I bet it’s a bliss!

Fortunately, brand photography happens to do just that because strategic, consistent, and cohesive branding leads to strong brand equity.

“Brand equity refers to the added value brought to your business’s products or services that allows you to charge higher for your brand than what similar, unbranded products demand.”-Entrepreneur.com

This now allows you to focus on attracting customers that value exceptional service and high-quality, (yes they exist!)

Such customers don’t want to deal with the problems that come with something cheap, and they love the feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

That’s the reason why some buyers will pay thousands of dollars for a Gucci bag. Gucci has done an astounding job of establishing a very recognizable and desirable brand image, they compete not on price, but quality.

6. Inspires your audience

why online fashion startups fail

Brand photography gives you the ability to inspire your audience. The photography you use for your social, as well as marketing channels, must be professional, but it also should create an image for your potential customers to aspire to.

Your customers are choosing you to add value to their life or business. And if you fail to provide something that solves a problem, then you are failing to make their life more beautiful and enjoyable.

Make it easy for your shoppers to fall in love with your brand by leveraging exquisitely styled brand photography, and prove to them how your brand can help them live better and luxuriously.

Final Words

Branding is an essential part of every business. It allows you to attract more customers, establish a professional brand, and set a strong foot in the market.

What’s important in branding is that it must involve something that puts your business out there, talks about it, and represent its values, nature, and purpose. 

Brand photography does just that.

Brand photography cohesively represents your business and communicates your values on your behalf. Plus, it also ensures a number of benefits explained prior to this article.

It is important that your brand photography looks professional, high-quality, and you do the image editing well to make it more attractive, captivating, and convincing.

If this article was helpful then do let me know in the comments and I’d love to see them.

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