An Easy Guide To Stock Photography

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An Easy Guide To Stock Photography

Stock Photography is the bundling of images that users can use for official as well as unofficial purposes.

The most fun thing about stock photography is that a photographer can capture anything and everything.

It could be gadgets, landscapes, products, makeup, and more.

The public uses these photos for purposes.

What Is Stock Photography?

Stock Photography

For stock photography, a photographer captures the images of almost anything and submits them the stock websites online.

The most popular stock image websites are Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Unsplash.

Users can use these images without giving any credits as they are available to download by anyone and no one individual holds the right against them. 

However, a few websites allow people to download stock images for disengaged.

But, many images require money to download the images from their websites.

Such images are of high-quality, exclusive, and sometimes most relevant to the keyword searched.

People use stock photos for their websites, blogs, social media, and even to practice Photoshop techniques.


The advantage of stock photography is that the photographer can build a business out of stock photography.

If you’re a photographer, you can initially sell your best images for peanuts.

With time and experience as you build your portfolio, you can make more from each sale of your images.

Some photographers even manage to live off their royalties by selling photos to stock-image websites.

This enables them to keep clicking more and more photos and continue earning.

Stock images that reflect the economy, business-related activities, social behavior, nature, and landscapes are always in demand and earn well.

For businesses, using stock images for sites and blogs means they don’t need to hire a photographer to capture the images. 

They can simply go to a stock website, search and download the images they require within minutes.

The websites like GettyImages and Shutterstock charge a certain amount to the person downloading the images.

This amount goes to the photographer who has clicked the image after the stock image website has charged its commission.

Different websites have different commission policies. Also, the charges depend on the genre of the photography too.

The photos of the economy may be priced higher than the charges of lifestyle or candid photography.

This article will take you through everything you need to learn about stock photography.

From the scope of stock photography to equipment required to mistakes you should avoid, keep reading.

Things Required To Perform Stock Photography

1. Good camera

Stock Photography

The camera is obviously the primary tool of every photographer.

However, for stock photography, you’ll want to capture the best quality images that sell for the best price.

Stock Photography can be sold for anywhere between 50 cents to a few dollars. 

You should use a good digital camera brand as being a photographer should be your most important investment.

Use a good-quality camera to capture some amazing stock images.

2. Necessary camera equipment

It is important to have some useful camera equipment so that you can perform stock photography flawlessly.


Stock Photography

Use a tripod to avoid shaky images. You may want to use your hands directly but it can sometimes result in blurry and unattractive images.

A tripod saves you from taking multiple images to get that perfect, detailed, and stable shot you desire.

Tripod is also very vital for stock photography as a photographer needs to take too many images of multiple places, angles, and directions. 

Where not using a tripod could be tiresome, the use of it may save you time and effort.


Stock Photography

Using different lenses for different shots can help you capture several different images out of a single subject.

Lenses are very important in stock photography. If you’re to capture a faraway mountain landscape, you may want to use a huge, long lens.

For subjects in which you capture amazing close-ups, a wide-angle lens is more effective to capture the subject without compromising the space and the background.

A wide-angle lens is very useful when you’re photographing small items like jewelry, pocket products, or precious stones.

3. Lighting equipment

stock photography

Lighting is crucial for all kinds of photography. Without correct lighting, it’s nearly impossible to capture neat and professional images.

For stock photography, you must ensure that the viewers are ready to download your click at a single glance. 

Nobody wants to put a dull and unattractive image on their profile or website.

Make sure that you have excellent lighting equipment to help you capture captivating images that allure the eyes.

Ring lights, umbrella lights, flash, softboxes, all kinds of lighting equipment are helpful for breathtaking stock photography.

However, if you can’t afford all kinds of lights, you may also choose some affordable and fantastic photography light bulbs to help you accomplish the purpose.

These three are the most important assets you should take care of before you start stock photography.

Best Free Stock Photos Sites

Stock Photography

Along with the stock photography websites where the images are sold for money, there are also free stock photography websites.

I know what you are wondering. If you want to earn money or help create your business, why let your images be downloaded for free?

Well, it is because this helps you get feedback and suggestions. It exposes you to the audience so that they can see what you are doing.

At the same time, these free stock images work as your portfolio when you later start to reach out to stock websites for money.

Also, a platform such as Freepik or Unsplash is just like social media, only more professional.

Both these stock photography sites let you show off your skills and clicks.

But Instagram or FB might use your images for advertising circumstances, earning money where you got a no say on it.

How To Get Accepted By Stock Photography Websites?

Stock Photography

It is quite tricky when doing stock photography for stock agencies.

You can photograph anything as long as you have permission slips and model releases.

To start selling and earning on Shutterstock, you need to have a 70% success rate, the first time you upload photos.

If you don’t succeed to get these seven out of ten ratios, you can try again only after 30 days.

Their screening process is programmed to cull the wheat from the chaff and give you an idea of the quality you should be having in your images.

They will allow you to submit almost any subject, but they are vigilant regarding quality.

Similarly, this applies to different stock photography images. But, there are a few fixed things that’ll help you win every place.

Follow these ten things to make sure you succeed:

  • Master the noise in your photos
  • Check the sharpness
  • Submit multiple photos with different subjects
  • Be mindful of description and keywords
  • Leverage photo editing techniques
  • Beware of logos and faces without Model Release
  • Try submitting illustrations
  • Use all three necessary things mentioned above for stock photography
  • Submit your work to multiple stock photography sites
  • Keep trying and never give up

While you carry out these things, I’d also suggest you learn more about How To Sell Photos Online? for maximum success and profit.


Stock Photography is an excellent way to sell your photos in a bundle and earn loyalty.

Stock Photography allows the photographer to explore and experiment with the best shots.

Here, the subject is not determined by any other person. But, the photographer can choose the subject as per the demand.

However, getting the stock photography websites to accept your images could be a little daunting and tricky.

This stock photography article explains a few ways to help you have a better chance of succeeding.

If this article was helpful, do mention it in the comments, and I’d love to review them.

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