How to Use Visual Marketing to Drive eCommerce Sales

Visual Marketing Strategy

Did you know adding a video on your loading page can actually boost your conversion by 86%? Well, that’s the real impact of visual marketing which we are going to discuss in this article.

We understand that not every eCommerce can opt for the videos. Not just because you have cheaper alternatives, but there are also some better options that can help you to increase your eCommerce sales.

visual marketing

But before jump-start, let us see some more interesting statistics that will convince you to go for visual marketing campaigns to drive eCommerce sales that you never expected.

  • It has been seen that using visual marketing increases recall by 65%, hence an increase in returning customers and building a brand.
  • Visual content is shared more than any other form of content on the internet, hence giving you better reach
  • If you wish to make your audience take action, use visual marketing as it has resulted in an increase of follow-up by 323%.

The Above stats from Jeff bullas, shows how important it can be for you to use visuals in order to drive eCommerce sales to your store.

But what all are the options with you? Well here are the 7 types of visual marketing that you can actually start using to drive eCommerce sales.

Types of Visual Marketing to Drive Ecommerce Sales


Visual Marketing drive eCommerce sales

The very first and easy visual that you can use to drive eCommerce sales is the image itself. But there are some things that must be taken care of.

  • Make sure the image is of high quality
  • There should not be any visual flaws such as glare, scratches, dust spots, etc.
  • The color of the product should be identical to the actual product that the customer would be receiving.
  • Make sure there is consistency in every product image that you are posting, in order to make it easy to compare and look professional.

You can always outsource product photo editing to the experts in order to get the best results. In addition to this, you can even add graphics to an image to show the working and functionality of the image. 


visual marketing

Infographic has a better success rate of 41.5%. These are long graphical forms of visual marketing that you can use to show the features. Firstly, they are very easy to understand as the data in the infographics are depicted as direct and visually appealing.

If you want to see various ideas and inspiration of the infographics, you can start by looking at Visually and Pinterest.

Moreover, if you want to start creating infographics but have none to very less graphical knowledge, you can start creating infographics in tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, or Visme.

360 Images

In addition to creating infographics or sharing simple and high-quality images, you can even go for the 360 images. This is among the new eCommerce trends where users can actually see each and every angle of the product from 360 degrees.

As you might have guessed, customers will interact more hence would have a higher chance of purchasing the product hence it will drive eCommerce sales. We highly recommend you reading Amazing Tips for affordable 360° product photography.


eCommerce Product Videos

We have already discussed the impact of video in the introduction and there is no denying that the videos have a real and effective impact. But if you are just starting out your eCommerce and can’t actually produce a video there are simple hacks for you.

  • Record the video of your product from your phone itself, in “How to use” format. A decent smartphone with a good camera will work for you. Later you can edit professionally for making the most out of it.
  • If you can find a video of the product on youtube, you can even embed it on your site. Do not somehow download and use it, rather just copy the embedded code.
  • In case both the above points are not applicable, go to stock video sites such as Pexels, Pixabay, or mixkit to find the most relatable video for your eCommerce. Obviously, you may not get the exact video of your product. Hence look for the videos that are most relatable to your products.

Social Media

B2B Social Media Video Marketing

Using social media for your visual marketing campaign to drive eCommerce sales is a very powerful method for you. Especially if you are just starting out and aren’t getting SEO ranking, social media can be a great tool for you to build your brand.

Moreover, with new features like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram store, social media platforms are turning out to be a profitable investment for many budding eCommerce.

In addition, social media is a great way to interact with your audience and know their reaction towards your products without any intermediate. You can also use social media for user-generated content which can be really impactful in bringing new customers and increasing eCommerce sales.


In addition to the images and 360-degree images, there is another great medium of visual marketing which is Gifs. These are small motion images on the loop which repeat themselves again and again.

In the trending eCommerce world, entrepreneurs are using Gifs to showcase their products in a more trendy way.


visual marketing drive eCommerce sales

AR or Augmented Reality is still a trend that has some time to catch up, but some of the big players like IKEA and Nike are already using it. And well most certainly this is where the future of visual marketing is headed with all the pace.

Certainly, if your financial support, investing in a good AR solution shall be a good investment for your eCommerce.

Next Big Thing!

There is no denying that as we move ahead in time, new and new visual marketing types and techniques will be introduced. But in order to actually drive eCommerce sales you need to put the likes and of your customer on anything else.

Before investing, ask yourself, how would this method help the customer to know more about the product. If the answer is positive in the favour of the customer, it will be a good investment.

Rather if you wish to start today Video, gifs, and 360 images will be the most appropriate format of visual marketing according to us. But you can give a try to each and every type of visual marketing mentioned above and see which works best for you.

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