9 Product Photography Composition & Angles 2024

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9 Product Photography Composition & Angles 2024

Product photography composition makes a grand difference in eCommerce photography. It affects how products are presented, hence directly affecting the customer experience.

Composition in photography means arranging a product within a frame. We have already shared 24 composition techniques in photography.

For your eCommerce, we’ve curated 9 practical product photography compositions and angles that you can use immediately.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look.

9 Product Photography Composition & Angles 2024


louis vuitton using isolate product photography composition
Source: Louis Vuitton

E-commerces want to make their product the center of attention. This is especially true during the conversion stages, where customers compare and make final purchasing decisions.

Isolation is a product photography composition technique where only one product is presented.

No props, leading lines, textured backgrounds, or models appear in this image. Only the product that is being bought is featured.

This is a great way to communicate what your customers are buying.

The use of props can raise questions, like if they are included in the purchase. However, if you isolate the product, customers can engage with the product without any confusion.

Centre & Symmetry

Burberry using center composition
Source: Burberry

Keeping a product Center and Symmetry is another common product photography composition practice.

It gives enough negative space around the product, as well as shows pleasant symmetry that human’ eyes are used to.

You must note here that Center and Symmetry are not always preferred.

If you want to feature a product placed vertically on the surface, avoid the center.

Rather reduce bottom margin to add more negative space on the top.

Nike not using center composition
Source: Nike

Nike earlier used to place shoes in the center of the image. But now, they keep them slightly lower.

This perspective is way better to create a sense of the product that is being placed on the table.

In other situations where you want a product to be well framed, you can use the Center & Symmetry composition style.

Balancing Elements

Whenever you feature two products or a pair, Balancing Elements can be your ideal product photography composition style.

Call it an extension of symmetry composition where both the products are placed identically right next to one another.

JD sports using balancing elemts in photography
Source: JD Sports & Unsplash

For example, in the above image the shoes are featured as if they are a mirror image of one another.

Similarly, if you look at the spoon and fork, they are balancing one another.

While they might not be the same, the image itself creates a sense of equilibrium on both sides of the image.

Rule Of Odds

Rule Of Odds Product photography composition guide

Rule of Odds is a product photography composition style where you showcase a group of products in a single image.

It is ideal for groups, particularly with an odd number of products such as three, five, and seven.

Using an odd number of products in an image is considered more engaging.

Why? Instead of grouping the products in pairs, our brain views each product separately in style.

This requires more attention, hence making the product image much more engaging.

Furthermore, you can use this bias to prioritize your main products while featuring the secondary ones in the same image.

Pattern and texture

Montblanc Pen photograhy Showcase details
Source: Montblanc

Pattern and texture are product photography composition techniques used to showcase the details of a product.

As the value of the product increases, the importance of showcasing details increases as well.

For photographers, it is important that the craftsmanship of the product is clearly visible in the image.

We recently shared a guide on luxury product photography and explored the importance of detail there as well.

For capturing details, take your camera close to the product, use a tripod as well remote shutter to ensure stability in the shot.

The idea is to capture crisp details without going out of focus.

Familiarity Of Scale

Familiarity Of Scale Product photography composition
Source: Safari

Often, the goal of product photography is to relay information. For that, Familiarity Of Scale is a perfect photo composition technique.

Here, along with the product, a familiar object is placed to tell the actual size of the product.

Think of a diamond ring. It can be very difficult to convey the actual size of the diamond with no mannequin or model being used.

Similarly, if you look at bag product photography of Safari, they feature day-to-day products to show what one can fill in the bag.

Using familiar products in the image, adds context to the scene. They make images engaging, but more importantly, informative.

Eye-level Angle

Tiffany Product photography Eye level angle
Source: Tiffany & Co

Eye level is a photography angle that must be considered during product photography composition. 

Where all the photography composition techniques affect the product visually, photography angles help in conveying information psychologically.

Eye-level angle photography is used to create a natural perspective for the viewer. It depicts the product the way it is; conveying its right size and shape.

It is used for products of all categories, but most importantly in fashion. A customer can easily look at the product and understand its shape and size.


Washing machins using product photography high level angle
Source: Amazon

High-angle product photography composition is used to convey ease and superiority.

If a brand wants to convey that its product is easy to use, using high-angle photography is well recommended.

Why? Because it makes the shopper view the product from top down. Hence giving superiority to the shopper.

One will often see brands using high-angle product photography for washing machines. This is to convey how easy to use the following product is.

While it may not be best suited to convey information related to size and shape, it conveys the brand’s message quite effectively.

Low Angle

Refrigerator using product photography high level angle
Source: Amazon

Low-angle product photography composition is used to convey luxury. Think of top-of-the-line products that a brand is selling.

In order to make the product feel aspirational, brands use low-angle product photography style.

Products like luxury cars or even refrigerators, for that matter, use low-angle product photography.

Here, the product is shot from a slightly low angle. This creates a grand perspective of the product

Similar to High Angle, it is not suited for conveying the size and shape of the product.

But, it is great for brands to feature their product as high-end and aspirational.


Learning about product photography composition is essential. It shares how photographers can improve the eCommerce customer experience.

That being said, it is important to practice these techniques and find the best muse. You can use different compositions and angles together to further improve the overall output.

So, keep exploring what works best for you and stay consistent with it.

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