How to prepare lookbook for online fashion store

Oct 05, 2019 - Chetan Menaria

How to prepare lookbook for online fashion store

A Lookbook showcase the collection available at the online fashion store with the help of images. In simple words, a lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled together to present a clothing line. A lookbook is a combination of good models, clothing and accessories, beautiful location, great photography and fine editing.

Lookbooks are in trend these days. Lookbooks says so much more about the product and how it can be paired and styled to get a fashionable and trendy look. To demonstrate the ongoing fashion trends and styling tips, a lookbook is used. A lookbook is a better and interesting way of presentation of the products in order to gain the attention of the customers.


Designing a look book can be beneficial to a business in a lot of ways.

  • Lookbooks speaks way louder than the product, therefore attracting a lot of customers. In the fashion business, it is always better to showcase a look book rather than just a single product.
  • Lookbooks helps in inspiring shoppers. They give styling ideas to customers and each one of them gets to know which product is best suited for them.
  • They are more appealing.
  • They also help in promoting a particular product line. In the case of online fashion stores, look books have a strong promotional power.

Other than all of the above advantages, a lookbook also helps in the marketing the online fashion store which is the most crucial element. 

Despite having a lot of advantages, it sometimes gets difficult to design a lookbook. A lot of problems are being faced while preparation of a lookbook such as budgetary constraints, lack of creativity, unavailability of models and much more. To cope up with the difficulties in preparing a lookbook, here is a complete guide on how to prepare a look book for your online fashion store.


Planning a Stunning Online Store Lookbook

Planning is the very first step to every task irrespective of its nature. Before you start anything it is very important to plan in advance and decide how you want the things to be. Planning gives you a definite direction to work and also saves a lot of time and effort as you are not working without a direction.


Layout & Design for Online Store Lookbook

After making a workable plan, the next step is to prepare a design or a layout of the lookbook. A pre-decided design will help you select the models, locations and other essential elements of a lookbook. Design of a lookbook may be created in accordance with the relative customer group or the product line.


Choosing the Best Location for Online Store Lookbook

Location is one of the most important elements of a lookbook. Locations have the power to totally enhance or ruin the look of an image. Therefore, the location must be decided very carefully. You can choose an outdoor location as natural light is the best of photographs. If not possible, you can also opt for a well-lit indoor location.


Finding Talented & Beautiful Models for Online Store Lookbook

Models are the ones that flaunt the product in a very stylish way and hence, models must have an appealing and eye-catching look. Models do charge a lot and also they are very busy with their schedules. In the case of budgetary or time constraints, your friends or cousins can also substitute the role of a model.


Using Props for Online Store Lookbook

Props are small elements that can add a fun factor to your images and make them look more appealing. You can use different props in a lookbook to make it eye-catching

Hair and makeup

Makeup on Models for Online Store Lookbook

Hair and makeup may not be that important if you are seeing a person with naked eyes. But things look different on camera. You need to invest in a professional hair and makeup artist to make your models/friends or cousins look presentable in the camera.

Creative direction

Creative Direction for Online Store Lookbook

Creativity is the aspect that makes your product stand different from what others are selling in the competitive market. Use of creative direction is important in a lookbook. Creativity will take your lookbook to another level.


Showing Product Utility in Online Store Lookbook

With the help of the lookbook, you can engage the customers by showing the utility of the product and how it can be styled to give it a realistic touch. The utility of the product or the product line helps the customers in connecting with the online fashion store.

Highlight the product

Highlight the Product in Online Store Lookbook

While preparing a lookbook, it is to be taken care that the main highlight of the images are products and not the models, background or any other element because, it is the product at last, which needs to be sold.


Editing the Online Fashion Store Lookbook

The lookbook without editing is of no use. No matter how many efforts you put into taking photographs, there always remain some flaws that need to be edited. Therefore, editing is a must.

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An online fashion store is incomplete without a lookbook. A lookbook is one of the most significant and attractive elements when it comes to an online fashion store. It allows you to flaunt your product line in a creatively unique way. It also helps in expanding the market and increasing the customers. Shoppers can come across various styles available at online fashion store with the help of a lookbook. Each look from the lookbook depicts a different taste and different style which bring in versatility. Thus, it can be concluded that preparing a lookbook is never a waste of money, time and effort.

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