What Is Color Matching Service And Why Is It Best For Your Business?

Color Matching Services Online

Color Matching Service and the Color Changing Service are the most important services for every online business selling products.

Since your online store deals with multiple products, it becomes quite difficult to capture the products in all their color variants.

Also, it’s almost impossible for your camera to capture the true colors of your products.

Why? Given the lighting setup and the angles, it’s quite not possible to capture everything the way it looks in real life.

What is a Color Matching Service?

color matching service

For eCommerce, color matching is the product photo editing service. In Color Matching Service, a product image is provided to the eCommerce product photo editing service by the online business owner.

Generally, the image given does not match the color of the product as it is in the real life. This could be due to the lighting or angles that played a role in manipulating the colors.

The online business then provides the correct color code that matches exactly with the product in real life. This color code is then used to correct and match the color of the product.

This method needs to be very precise and should be done by experienced professionals to get the best results.

What is a Color Changing Service?

color matching service

Similar to the color matching service, a color code is provided. However, this color code is not given in the concept of matching the color with the original color.

For color changing service, a single product image is given. To this image, all the different color variants of that product are used.

For example, if you’re selling a handbag in 4 different colors, you are not required to capture the images individually for each variant.

You may just capture the product image of just one color and provide the other 3 color codes to the color-changing service. The experts here can change the color of the product as per the given color code.

Benefits of using Color Changing and Color Matching Service

There are a number of Color Matching Services benefits that can help your online store to improve sales and grow.

1. Reduces Returns

color matching

The product returns are a severe problem for every eCommerce. It does not only adds up to the loss with a sale but a lot more.

It involves additional costs for pick-up, return-shipping, and the top of all, loss in the goodwill and sometimes, a huge, long bad review from the customer:(

It’s been recorded by Invespcro that the online stores face 30% returns against only 8.8% returns in physical shops. More than 25% of returns occur because the product doesn’t look the same when received.

Most of the time, the number one reason for order returns is due to receiving a product that doesn’t match the image on the website. It is important that your product photos look genuinely similar to the real product in order to reduce return rates.

Color correction and color matching services can help you achieve the purpose of reducing returns.

Since this service is all about matching the exact colors with that of products’, it helps the customers to know what they will be receiving. When you deliver the product just as the customer has imagined, it kills the chances of the product return.

2. Better-looking Products

color correction

Color matching service makes your product images look better. Look at your product images and ask yourself – Will I stop scrolling through my phone if I see this product image and click on it? Think again.

If your answer is no, then you seriously need the product photo editing service.

The color correction and color matching service enhance the look of the product by reducing too much noise, dullness, and harsh shadowy effects. This uplifts the overall look of the product image giving it a more natural appearance.

Use these services for clothing, accessories, and other products.

When your products look better, the customers are more inclined to buy them as compared to the products that look unattractive in your online store. Your product images must not convey that they have been clicked just for the sake of it. Treat your product images just as you’d treat your product.

After all, your product images are the ones that will be catching the eyes of your customers and not the products themselves.

3. Saves Time

color matching

There are thousands of tasks you might be occupied with while running an online store. From marketing to inventory management to sales to support to funding to accounting and to much much more.

In this hustle, the product photo editing and the color matching service take away a little stress to let you focus on other creative works.

You do not need to sit or hire an individual to edit every single image. There must be hundreds of images of thousands of products.

Honestly, it is almost impossible for a single person to edit them all, at least not within the given timeline. Also, the products keep changing, the new arrivals are new all the time, and you must keep up with trends.

Hence, for such an endless flow of product images, a trained group of professionals who can work on bulk images and deliver them within a timeframe is a boon for your business.

This saves you a lot of time from focusing on the quality of product photos, their renaming, the creation of a Clipping path for future reference, and making sure that your images look utterly desirable.

4. Single Product, Multiple Colors

color matching

Along with the color matching service, the color-changing service is another very efficient service for your eCommerce.

As explained above in the definition, you need not capture the same product having different color variants.

With the color-changing service, you can simply send the image to the Product photo Editing service and provide them with the different color codes according to which the color of the product needs to be changed.

Since you get multiple colors by only submitting a single product image, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort in clicking multiple product images of the same kind.

5. Sets Right Expectations of the Customers

color matching

What customers see, they expect it to be delivered. They are stubborn about what they want to buy, and unfortunately for online store owners, they have a lot of choices.

With the correct colors of your product images, you can set the right expectations for your customers and retain your customers. The color matching service allows you to show the true colors of your products. With this, you deliver what you’re promising on your website.

You offer your customers an amazing buying experience, and you leave your customers satisfied with the product that they waited for.

6. Improves Conversion

color matching

Good-quality product images are bound to engage every customer that visits your website. By showing the product images that acutely represent your products, the customers end up happy with the delivery.

This in return encourages them to give you positive feedback on your website. You can fetch a number of customers with reviews alone.

In addition to this, happy customers are likely to refer your brand to their friends and family. This leads to a good flow of fresh customers.

Lastly, by delivering the customers what they had expected, it becomes easier for your business to retain those customers.

There are a number of benefits of color matching services. These benefits might seem small but adds up to a great value. This affects your time, your revenue, your goodwill, and ultimately your growth.

Why choose PixelPhant color matching & color changing service?

PixelPhant is an eCommerce Product Image Editing Service that is helping online businesses to look professional and engage more customers for more than 6 years.

The experts here are trained to edit thousands of images within a few hours and provide you with professional-looking images that align with your brand.

PixelPhant’s color matching service ensures that your products offer a real-life experience to your customers and your customers receive what is shown to them.

Our professionals are dedicated, quick, and expert in correcting, matching, and changing colors as needed and bring your product images to life.

You get bulk images edited within 24 hours with minimum pricing. In addition, if you’re an enterprise, PixelPhant has got additional benefits for you.

With PixelPhant Enterprise, you leave all your post-production activities on auto-pilot. From all kinds of editing and color matching services to getting your files renamed, uploaded, and saved in desired file type and ratio, and more…

Get the best experience with PixelPhant Color correction, Color-changing, and Color matching Service.

Bonus Read

Color matching service is an essential product image editing service for eCommerce businesses selling hundreds and thousands of products. Such services are helpful in engaging and converting more customers through highly captivating product images.

Remember, you can not engage customers with dull and unattractive images. The images must look professional to reflect the professionalism in your brand.

The images must look captivating to tempt the customers to explore your product further rather than abandoning it.

The images must look just as the product looks in real life to deliver customers what they expected.

And most importantly, the images must look the best to boost conversions and increase sales.

If you wish to learn more about eCommerce, eCommerce product photo editing, Product Photo Retouching, Clipping path, and more, subscribe to the PixelPhant newsletter below.

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