12 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your eCommerce Store

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12 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your eCommerce Store

12 days of joy, smiles, and sales. A perfect Christmas gift for online retailers and eCommerce around the world. It is a no-news when we say people tend to buy more during the holiday seasons.

But did you know more than 60% of people in the USA prefer to buy holiday gifts online? This means it is just the best time to ideate, strategize and prepare your Christmas marketing ideas.

Moreover, in the true spirit of Christmas, here are 12 Christmas marketing ideas for your eCommerce store that you can rely on to gain sales and engagement.

Let’s not wait and get started with this read.

12 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your eCommerce Store

1. Bundle Products as a Gift

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas marketing ideas without any gifts are not festive enough, to be honest. We all have been in a position where choosing a gift for someone can really be confusing and time-consuming.

In this situation having Christmas gift guides, bundle products seems a great way to improve customers’ experience. As an eCommerce, you can group multiple products together. This way customers can choose one or two bundles and get done with Christmas shopping in no time.

You can also bundle complementing products on your site, which makes the deal a little more sweet and can easily catch the eye of your targeted customers. How to know which products to group together?

Look into your analytics and find frequently bought together products of previous years. If you are running a new eCommerce store with not enough data to rely on, giants like Amazon and Etsy are the great place to find what people are actively purchasing.

Once you go through these 12 Christmas marketing ideas for eCommerce, you can learn more about Product bundling in one of our previous guides.

2. Revamp your Presence

Christmas marketing ideas

In simple words, remind people that it’s Christmas. Every Christmas marketing idea discussed here or on the internet will be more efficient when your presence matches the festive vibes.

Some ways that you can do this are by updating your theme, adding new cover images, updating your product images, creating new landing pages, creating Christmas-centric posts for social media, updating email templates, and more.

Everything depends on the way you want your customers to remember you. If you are already running an online store, look for a marketing theme that aligns with your brand. If you are new, well it’s your time.

Create a brand that people remember and visit again and again. This makes purchasing more personal, hence giving you the trust of your customers that even other brands are lagging.

Either way, as we are discussing Christmas marketing ideas, make sure your eCommerce is following a unique marketing theme. Sure it will be red and green, but what element of your own can you add in to be unique?

Start scratching heads, and penning down ways your marketing theme can stand out.

Sell more with professionally edited product images.

3. Flash Sales and FOMO

Christmas marketing ideas

Flash sales are among the many ways your eCommerce can reach a new audience in a short span of time. Sales like this create a serious fear of missing out among the audience, gives rise to word of mouth, and hence result’s in quantitive sales.

As we are discussing 12 Christmas marketing ideas for eCommerce, it seems really a great way to attract new customers, and build a buzz around the brand.

Focus on creating a flash sale that people will love to participate in. The more hype you are able to create, the more engagement will grow (even when the season shifts).

Moreover, you also can create flash sales that are exclusive to premium members or loyal customers. This is a great way you can reward your loyal customers while reaching new customers at the same time.

4. Go Santa on Remarketing

Christmas marketing idea

When it’s the holiday season, every person that visits your site is your potential customer. Hence remarketing will play a huge role in helping you gain more sales during Christmas.

It is your time to captivate the audience visiting your store and turn them into your customers.

People are actively looking for deals on their favorite products. Hence exploring stores that can give them the best offers.

In order to stand out and remind them of your products and offers, you need to make sure your brand is in front of their eye most of the time.

Before getting started with the following Christmas marketing idea make sure you limit and optimize the spending according to the price of the product that you are offering. Calculating ad-spent can be tricky here, so make sure you give enough time while planning your paid strategy.

5. Highlight your Offers

Christmas Marketing Ideas

What’s next is common knowledge but not commonly being used. If you are running an offer to attract new customers, you will have to make sure the news reaches your target customers.

The use of social media, ads, push notifications, email marketing is very common. Do not hold back when it’s time for you to gain new eyeballs.

Let your offers reach people that are ready to purchase their Christmas gifts early and keep reminding them of your offer. Christmas marketing ideas are all about presenting your brand in front of your potential customers.

These small steps will result in a huge difference.

6. Christmas Cards for Returning Customers

Christmas Marketing Ideas

The real profit comes from returning customers. The cost of converting a returning customer is less, they already know and trust your brand, and on average they have higher cart value compared to a new customer.

After learning all this, it will be fair to add a Christmas marketing idea for eCommerce returning customers.

Reach out to them directly (through email, SMS, or WhatsApp) and share their Christmas card, which they can use on your site to avail themselves of a special offer.

While you can run ads too, but simply reaching out to them with a special award will result in better conversion and build engagement between you and your customers.

Remember to stay consistent with your marketing brand. Share your offer and remind them of their last purchase. These simple steps will build long-lasting connections, hence helping you grow your eCommerce store consistently.

7. Grow for a Cause

Christmas marketing ideas

While we are discussing 12 Christmas marketing ideas, we must remember that it is also about giving back and helping people in need.

Well just like you, many people wish to help people in need but don’t know-how. Here you can help both your customers as well as the society to make Christmas feel happy.

Partner with a charity or run a profit-sharing campaign on your store. This way whenever people make a purchase they will be able to help someone through you.

This simple act of kindness also gains a lot of engagement giving a substantial amount of traction between you and your customer.

People often prefer sites that are aware of society and ready to take a step. Be that brand grow while helping the less privileged at the same time.

8. Highlight Persona Specific Products

Christmas marketing ideas

No matter what kind of products you sell on your online store, it is public knowledge that you surely have more than just one buyer’s persona. If not, then make sure you create your buyer personas before even getting started with these Christmas marketing ideas.

Once you know who your customers are, it’s time to cater to them individually. If you are running an eCommerce store for more than a year, and have seen substantial growth, look into your analytics.

If a product on your site is bought more by a particular group of audience, it would be wise to market it to that group of audience in order to gain attention and sale at the same time.

Highlight persona-specific products based on gender, age group, location, etc. making it easy for customers to buy a product from you.

9. Giveaways that Engage

Christmas marketing ideas

While Giveaways are among the best Christmas marketing ideas, but now we need to take one step ahead. In order to grow the buzz even further, you will need to make sure all participants are sharing the news of the giveaway with their followers.

Sure Instagram is on the top of the list to run an eCommerce. Here you can utilize the story function in order to accept the entires of your audience. Create a fun, Christmas story template that your audience can fill in and share within their Instagram story.

As people are actively looking for offers and ways to connect with brands, sharing a single story won’t be hard if the template is made well. Moreover, this will give your brand reach which might not even be able paid ads can bring you.

10. Micro-Influencers will make it huge

Christmas marketing ideas

Influencer marketing has become one of the best investments for many online retailers. Not only does it allows your brand and product to be presented by a familiar face, but also helps you reduce your creative work.

In addition, it is highly recommended that instead of working with just one big influencer, work with multiple micro-influencers. This will spread your reach across the various audiences and uncover a new group of audiences.

Micro-influencers regularly interact with their followers, giving your Christmas marketing idea a strategic advantage. Here are 15 Influencer Marketing Tools every marketer should use.

11. Pop-ups that help

email marketing

Let’s be honest here and say it clearly. Pop-ups are annoying. Well most of them are and they hurt customer experience more than anything. But at the same time, they are tools that if used right can turn into a treasure map.

Which are the best pop up for eCommerce? Exit intent pops. These are the pop-up that shows up when a user intent exit from your site. This allows you to regain the attention of a customer who is trying to leave with an offer they can’t refuse.

Be the online store that knows what Christmas really means to their customer. Showcase this in your Christmas marketing ideas and use pop-ups that align with your vision.

Do not overdo it, and make sure you use this amazing tool the right way.

12. Free Shipping and more to Share with Friends

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Last in this list of 12 Christmas marketing ideas for eCommerce is the strategic use of free shipping. While free shipping in itself is a treat for customers, but lately it has become the norm.

It is very hard to stand out and stay memorable on those metrics. In order to do so, you can use after-sales marketing techniques to keep your customer engagement with your brand.

A simple cashback pamphlet within the packaging or a gift card is all takes to regain the attention and lower them to make another purchase.

You can also create a card that motivates your new customer to share the gift card with their friend on Christmas. Use the technique right and it can be great Christmas marketing ideas for your eCommerce.

Final Count Down

These 12 Christmas marketing ideas for eCommerce are shared to ensure that while the world enjoys the fun of shopping, you enjoy the sales coming in. Be it through social media or through referral, all will rely on the way you present your eCommerce and products on your site.

Use the following Christmas marketing ideas, and do share your thoughts with PixelPhant.

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