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Tools that'll leave your eCommerce Photo Editing activities on autopilot.

Multiple File Variants

Request multiple file formats for different uses or platforms like
Amazon, ASOS, Zalando, Next, Etsy etc. Get customized
background colors, aspect ratios, sizes, resolutions, file formats
like PSD, JPG, Web optimized JPG, Transparent PNG, Well layered

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Multiple Users

Create, review and access all the orders in a single place for better
collaboration and management.
Check who sent which order at which time, how many files are
there in the process, approve or reject orders, eliminate duplicate
orders or files.

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Unlimited Revisions

PixelPhant uses two levels of the quality control system to check
each file thoroughly. Still not satisfied?
Reject and send the order for revision for our team to fix and
send the files back to you. We take notes of the revisions to
make sure the same error is never repeated.

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One Place File Management

Select your primary storage during onboarding to access
your files through Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive. Get all
files sorted by orders in months, and years.

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Customized Turnaround time

Choose from multiple turnaround times according
to your needs. Select from 12 hours, 24 hours, 48
hours, 72 hours, and Urgent turnaround time (1-4 hours).

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Progress Tracking

Tracks the progress of each file that is updated in your order
every few minutes through a one-click progress tracking

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Exclusive Add-ons To Save Your Time

Experience exclusive services by PixelPhant Enterprise that makes using post-production and product image editing services less complex and more efficient.

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Product Photo Renaming

PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Editing Service can save your time by renaming your files precisely with your custom naming convention that is SEO-ready which makes it effortless to find & manage your files.

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Uploading Images to Site

Add us to your site, create, and draft products. We’ll find the respective products and upload images directly. You can then review and publish the product as needed.

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Monthly Postpaid Billing

Send innumerable files and get a consolidated invoice at the end of the month for easy accounting and payment convenience. Single consolidated invoice for all the orders for the entire team.

PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Editing Services

Make your images look more appealing and professional with Pixelphant’s Best eCommerce Photo Editing Services

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Shadow Adding

Add shadows that look more original and help your subject stand out. Bring depth to your images and grow sales. Natural, Reflective, Artificial or Drop Shadow service on-demand.

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Dust & Scratches Removal

Catch the customers’ attention with clean and polished product images. Remove scratches professionally while covering every detail and corner of your products.

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Color Correction

Reduce returns by making your product images look just like your original product color. Get white balance, exposure, color intensity, and more fixed by PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Editing Service.

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Background Removal

Remove or use different backgrounds for different platforms like Amazon, Social Media, & your website. Choose the color that relates best with your brand and products themes.

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Ghost Mannequin

Join neck, join sleeves, remove wires and supporting props, and remove any distraction to let your customers focus on the product with Invisible Mannequin service.

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Basic Skin Retouching

Make your models look more put-together without compromising their natural beauty. PixelPhant’s retouching experts know better how to make your fashion images more appealing.

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High-end Skin Retouching

Perfect every detail From wrinkles to blemishes to dark spots, and texture. PixelPhant's high-end retouching service can help you perfect every unwanted imperfection.

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De-wrinkling of Clothes

Get rid of wrinkles and threads left unseen during the product shoot. Make your product look more attractive and crisp with the best de-wrinkling/wrinkle removal service.

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Background Cleanup

Our eCommerce Photo Editing Service can help you keep the background clean by removing dust and scratches. Expand the backdrop to fill up the empty space to the aspect ratio.

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Stray Hairs Removal

Stray hairs give a messy look! Get rid of any stray, fairs on the face, or fly-away hairs to remove the distractions and make the model look more professional and appealing.

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Clipping Path/Mask

We create a point-by-point, hand-drawn clipping path for future use. Save this precise clipping path or mask for further editing like background change, manipulation, etc.

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