How to remove background from product photos?

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How to remove background from product photos?

There is hardly any debate on the importance of background removal services and tools for eCommerce. They are reliable, efficient, and most importantly, improve the customer experience.

In this quick guide, I am sharing how to remove background from product photos and present them on your site.

And by the end, you’ll know exactly what tools you need, how to use them, and the best option to remove bg from your images.

So, without taking any more time, let’s jump right into it.

How to remove background from product photos?

Depending on your goals, there are two ways to remove background from product photos.

1. Free AI tools – Best for social media & promotional work.

2. Outsourcing – Best for eCommerce, social media, and bulk images that require special attention.

Both of these ways are great and can be used vice-versa. But for the best results, we suggest you stick with their purposes; or at least try both of them before you make a final judgment.

Free AI Tools To Remove Background From Product Photos

Remove bg is possibly one of the most popular tools that brand managers and social media marketers use online. It has a simple drag-and-drop feature on its home page that you can use to remove background from product photos.

The only drawback here is the limitations of the tool. It only allows you to download up to a 0.25-megapixel image. For regular purposes like creating a social media posts, banners, or logos, it’s great. 

But when you remove the background from product photos, the quality is so low that the image starts to stretch. We can see that details start to get blurry and it can’t be used for selling your products online.


When it comes to the size of an image; Removal AI is the best Remove bg alternative. While it is relatively new and still growing, it is a free AI that helps you remove the background of your product photos for free.

But still, it’s not up to the quality standards of an eCommerce site. Firstly, since the AI used is still new, it sometimes can’t be as perfect as a professional image retoucher.

In addition to that, compared to Remove BG the whole process is very time-consuming and uneasy. If you are looking to remove background from product photos for social media, this is a good tool, but it might take several attempts to get the desired results.

Outsourcing Background Removal For Product Photos


PixelPhant is a leading background removal service for eCommerce that provides all kinds of services including the professional background removal service.

If you have multiple files it can be really hard to remove the background one by one. In addition to that, you are also compromising on the quality of the image that you are uploading.

PixelPhant background removal service makes sure that every file you send is edited by real professionals and ensures that the quality is never compromised.

In addition to removing the background, PixelPhant also provides basic retouching to your products to remove any dust, scratches, or reflection (additional retouching not done in the above image).

Bonus Read

And with that, we conclude this simple guide on how to remove background from product photos. What’s the conclusion? As you can see in all the above examples, the difference is clearly visible. With current AI tools like Remove Bg and Removal AI, it’s hard to get consistent high-quality results. That is why choosing a professional background removal service like PixelPhant seems to be a great option for photographers, eCommerce, and photo studios.

If you are looking for a solution that can help you enhance your product images, improve your customer experience and ensure consistent quality, you must try PixelPhant today. Get a free trial of the best product image editing service by clicking on the link below 👇.

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